Compartmentalising. Could it be Sabotage in Disguise?

compartmentaliseCompartmentalising.  Could it be Sabotage in Disguise?


Have you ever noticed that when you say “yes” to up-levelling an area of your life – another area comes crashing down?

Or you decide to go after a long-held desire and something comes along which sabotages it?

I have seen this play out time and time again with clients.

At face value it looks like they are unrelated.

After all your car breaking down has no bearing on the coaching programme you just said yes to!

But actually it has EVERYTHING to do with it.

When you say yes to a long held desire it sets something in motion.

Something exciting.

Something magical.

You’ve said yes to something you’ve wanted for so long.

The adventure’s about to start – and you’ve just taken your first step on the journey.

Then BAM, the part of you whose job it is to keep you safe steps in.

Adventure means danger – it means uncertainty – it means change.

Can’t have that!

Better create a diversion.

And the best diversion is something totally unrelated to your long held desire.

Because that way it doesn’t look like fear or resistance.

Cars break down – it’s just a coincidence.

It means you don’t have to own up to what is actually going on for you.

You think your desire is still strong.

You’re still committed to the path.

Once you’ve dealt with this pesky unexpected disaster then you’ll get back on track.

It’s so sneaky – of course it’s not resistance – it’s out of your hands!

In fact we’ve become so great at compartmentalising the different areas of our lives we don’t appreciate how connected everything is.

And actually if you dig deeper into the calamity that’s just occurred – and more importantly how you react to it – you’ll find a central thread that runs throughout every area of your life.

The thread is different for everyone.

When it comes to transformation there is no “one size fits all” because we are each unique.

For example – I don’t have calamities when I step up.

Usually I see something I want to do – I say yes – I invest – I’m in. I might have a few wobbles depending on the level of investment but generally the whole process is quite smooth and I don’t have to jump through hoops.

However what I never acknowledged until now was the internal battle that raged or the difficult conversations I had to have with other people before, during or after I said yes to growth.

I moved through a LOT – but it was always internal or emotional.

No drama. Just voices in my head.

I would tell my friends “I don’t do drama”.

Although that isn’t actually true – I have plenty of stories that are definitely full of drama.

But I don’t see them that way – to me they’re like a movie unfolding – and they’re exciting “ooh what’s happening here” (although at 2am after 7 hours in A&E the “ooh” feeling has definitely gone and I don’t care what the learning is – I just want my bed).

It doesn’t matter what form the calamity takes – be it internal or external – for transformation to occur something has to shift.

And it has to shift a LOT – over time. It’s a journey you’re on.

Not a destination that you’ll arrive at some day.

And you are going to have to jump through hoops – whether they’re external calamities or internal bashings you beat yourself up with.

Whatever you want – be it freedom, abundance, adventure, miracles, love ….
It’s there for you right now – yours to welcome in with open arms.

But if you’re not experiencing it yet chances are it’s because you’re imposing conditions on what it should look like.

People want freedom – but freedom to them is having a business which generates passive income.

They want adventure – but only exciting adventures – no dark pits full of snakes that they have to traverse.

They want abundance – but abundance has to be a certain level of income each month.

They want a miracle – but the miracle has to be x.

What is actually preventing people from experiencing the freedom, the abundance, the magic, the miracles, the love … are the conditions they’re imposing.

As I’ve dropped each and every condition and expectation about what my life “should” look like – and see it for the amazing magical miracle it is – wow my life is totally awesome. I love it and feel so blessed.

But it’s taken a lot to get to this magical place – you might remember that it wasn’t that long ago that I was in the pit of despair. And although anything could happen, I doubt I’ll ever be back in that pit again. Something so deep has shifted over the past 18 months that now everything is different (even though my external world looks exactly the same).

If you want freedom – it’s awaiting you.

If you want adventure – adventures abound right around the corner.

If you want magic – there’s magic at your fingertips.

If you want miracles – open your eyes wide – they’re everywhere.

If you want abundance – it’s yours to receive right now.

If you want love – open your heart – love will flow

But if you feel stuck – that what I’ve just described seems like a million miles away – reach out for help.

I’d love to support you in having a truly magical life. Simply send an email to and we can arrange a time to talk to get you back on the path of adventure.

Lawn-mowers, divine timing and energetic alignment

Fab new lawnmowerLawn-mowers, divine timing and energetic alignment

I never thought I’d be so excited about a ride on lawn-mower.

But we’re getting one delivered this afternoon and I’m soooo excited (I know my husband thinks I’m nuts too).

However I wanted to share the story about this lawn-mower because there are many golden nuggets within it.

For the past 17 years, I’ve lived in the country in houses with large gardens. It would take a couple of hours or so to mow the grass.

Surprisingly it was one of the things I really enjoyed doing because it had such a big impact. After it was mowed the garden looked amazing (and I felt great)

But when we moved into our new home nearly three years ago the garden was even bigger – and it took 4 hours to mow with my push along mower – and even for me that was too much! It didn’t feel so great when I finished – and certainly not what I wanted to spend my weekends doing.

So we enrolled some help – our landlord’s son who would mow it when he was available (he had a super duper ride on mower and it would take less than an hour).

Best £10 ever spent.

Unfortunately he was away at boarding school so could only do it in the school holidays.

Although occasionally when it got really long our landlord would take pity on us and do it himself!

Many times it got done at the moment I decided I would have to bit the bullet and do it myself.

All was well.

However this year I got the impression that mowing our lawn was not really on the cards. And truthfully I wanted the grass cut more frequently and I wanted more control over when it got done.

Time to get a ride-one lawn-mower.

Now every year I’ve searched for a second hand mower but nothing has stood out to make me want to go take a look.

Until Tuesday.

I look online and one was available just 2 miles away, which looked great and was a brilliant price (although it was on eBay – an online auction site and depending on how much interest there was the price could increase considerably).

We went to see it and it was just as good “in the flesh” as it was described online.

Better still they would deliver it.

We bid on it – were the only bidders so we did get it at a great price.

And it’s arriving this afternoon. I’m so excited!

Now you are probably wondering why on earth I am writing to you about a new lawn-mower!

Kind of different to everything else I have been writing about recently!

But you see everything is related to everything else. If you want to have a thriving business and live an amazing life you have to look at your entire life and business as a whole.

Not treat everything as separate as we have a tendency to do – you know you how you focus on one or two things and other things slip. So maybe your business is thriving but you’re never at home, or you’re spending time with the family but your business is suffering. Rarely do people thrive in all areas of their life.

Although thriving at all times is our natural state of being – we’ve just gotten stuck on achieving to please everyone else which is why we suffer so much.

And everything interconnects – including my lawn-mower story. It is entirely relevant to business and what I’ve been sharing recently.

And it is all to do energetic alignment and with divine timing.

You see ever since we moved I’ve wanted a ride-on lawn mower.

But there were other things I wanted more and whilst I was happy to “manage” I could rely on other people to do it when they had time.

Through all the inner work I’ve been doing things “managing” and “putting up with” things are no longer an option.

I know that because of the ease with which we purchased the mower. Within 72 hours of having the thought “we need a ride-one mower” we’ll be mowing our lawn with it.

Because of all the inner work I’ve been doing all the outer “stuff” is getting resolved without me doing anything.

Sure I did have to go online and search for a mower, go and see it and bid on it. But I didn’t have to spend weeks and weeks looking and getting frustrated because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.
Now my lawn-mower story might seem like something small but it’s actually huge.
It’s an indication of the huge energetic shifts I have made over the past 18 months.

Things that no longer serve me are slipping away (this is just one example of many).

I didn’t have to create a vision board, visualise myself mowing the lawn, recite any affirmations. It simply showed up at the perfect time.

You see everything that happens to us in business or in our personal life shows us exactly where we’re at energetically and spiritually.

Nothing that ever happens to us is random – it might not make sense but it’s never random.

I’ve spent hours, days and weeks searching online for all kinds of things. And yet when I am energetically aligned what I am looking for shows up in minutes.

And I have dozens of examples to draw upon.

If it feels like you’re wading through treacle or trying to push a boulder uphill.


It’s an indication that you’re out of alignment.

And here’s the thing about divine timing and energetic alignment. It’s not something you “find” once and that’s it you’re done.

It’s something you feel into, moment by moment.

One day you might be on fire – you are so aligned everything just falls into place.

And other days you’re pushing that boulder again.

Always when that happens – stop. Go deep within and look at what’s off. Once you get back in alignment everything will flow again.

You might need to get some help – more often than not we’re so “in it” we can’t “see it”.

And if you’d like my help let me know – I’d love to support you with this.

Much love,


So what’s your new direction then?

So what’s your new direction then?

Earlier this week I got asked:

“So what’s your new direction?”

It made me smile because I keep thinking I’ve explained what I’m up to and then I get feedback like this which makes me realise I haven’t.

So anyway this is what I wrote:

“ People have a desire for x (usually a mixture of several things).  They think that in order to be / have x they need to do y.  And so they are busy trying to get to x trusting that when they do their lives will be perfect.  Except it’s a trap.  They either never reach x – or if they do they notice it doesn’t actually give them what they were craving and whilst they might have more money / more time – they’re still not happy/satisfied.

And I help you see the mechanism of how this all works so you naturally get to y (and if x happens it’s a bonus).

Not sure if that makes sense – it’s easier to deal with the specifics of what someone wants and then dig deeper to look at what is really going on.”

His response was:

“Sounds like the 3 principles/innate health to me…”

I’ve not come across innate health but I had to agree it was very similar to the 3 principals (and most other spiritual teachings out there).

But what I’m teaching is not the same as any of them.

But whether you’re familiar with the 3 principals or not, it doesn’t matter.

What was of interest to me and what I want to share today was how I reacted to this conversation.

You see my reaction was a very familiar one and I knew it was key to where I’m at on this stage of my journey.

I noticed that as soon as he said “sounds like …. ” my whole body went “ugh” and I immediately went into –“ agh I better not come at it from this angle there’s already a ton of people teaching it”.

Which happens every time I try to put into words what I’m doing.

I either go into:

“well I can’t do that – because that’s already taken – better go back to the drawing board”

Or I want to argue and say

“it’s not that – it looks a bit like that but it’s not” (and then I get all tied up in knots trying to explain it).

As soon as someone says “oh it’s like …” then all my hackles go up.

So I got really curious as to why I am so triggered and why I feel the need to do something totally unique.

Why isn’t it enough for me to have a slightly different slant on something which is already well known?

Because, there’s 2 things at play:

  1. Truth with a capital T (also known as awakening / enlightenment)
  2. “Your” experience of life.

At one level I know that I am totally unique and that people will be drawn to work with me because of my particular flavour of teaching (a bit like ice-cream – for me I like to try every flavour I possibly can but when it comes down to it my all-time favourite is chocolate).

From a Truth perspective I know I am part of the whole – that I am “meant” to “share my gifts” and “shine” in the world.  I have a “soul purpose”.  And yes, from time to time I wander off the path and lose my way but I keep coming back to the Truth.

And then there’s my experience of life, the experience of being Melina (yep that wonderful character we all know and love).

And Melina has a pattern running that says “I’m not needed / wanted”.

Who she is, is not wanted in the world.

So she has to run around working really, really, really hard to come up with something unique – and do something really special to justify her being in the world – to “prove” that she is both needed and wanted.


selling shed-loads for other coaches.

transforming someone’s life in a single coaching session

helping someone take their business from $0 to $40k in 4 months

teaching something totally brand new which no-one’s ever heard of  before, and everyone goes “wow that’s amazing” why haven’t I heard of this before?”

Because when she does amazing things people love her – it’s proof that she is needed and wanted.

But not only is all the doing exhausting – it’s relentless because no amount of “doing” will compensate for a way of being which is “not wanted”.

It’s always just a matter of time before something happens or someone says something and the “I’m not needed / wanted” pattern gets triggered again.

As in my Skype conversation – “it sounds like …”

Bam – “Melina’s not needed”.

The mechanism plays out.

Each and every one of us has a mechanism that plays out.  It’s a different flavour for each of us (like ice-cream).

The vast majority of people are not even aware that there is a pattern at all.

Some, usually on a spiritual or personal growth journey will be aware of their patterns and will have taken steps to heal them.

However very few people are aware of how deep the patterns run and how many different permutations there are of it.

And the work I actually do with clients is to shine a light on these deep seated patterns, uproot them so you experience for yourself who you truly are and from there your life is totally transformed.

Wanna Talk?

Wanna Talk?

It feels like such a long time since I posted.

And this week I realised that the reason I hadn’t been in touch was because I was trying to “get all my ducks in a row” – great marketing copy, new branding, new website, new radio show, etc – and when all that was done then I could email you and say “Ta Da. Sign up here and transform your life” (ok so I wouldn’t have worded it like that – but you get the idea!).Melina

I also remembered that when I first started my business I didn’t worry about getting a website up and running and having all my packages and programmes figured out.

I simply got out there and spoke to people.

I had some really unique strategies for business owners to help them grow their business which I knew would rock their world.

And when I shared them people loved them – they felt inspired and re-energised about their business and came away with a strategy that would give them a 33% increase in profits.

I was happy to speak to anyone who wanted more clients – regardless of whether they wanted to hire me or not.

I gave away loads of free consultations with no expectation of anything in return.

Within 8 weeks, I’d taken on my first client, handed in my notice at work and my business grew from there.

And it’s funny because I now find myself in a similar position with what is essentially a new business yet I had “forgotten” what worked first time round!

Of course it is a bit different because I no longer have a full time job, I have lots of business experience, a foundation to build upon, wonderful people like you in my community, and happy clients whose lives have been transformed as a result of working with me.

Plus I’m still going to be coaching and taking people to the next level.

It’s just that that level is no longer business growth.

Instead I’m going to be working in the realms of consciousness.

And let’s face it who wants a Consciousness Coach (even if you know what one is)!

Then again when I started my business 12 years ago no-one wanted a Sales and Marketing Mentor either.

But after speaking to a client yesterday it became crystal clear that I need to connect 1-2-1 with people – and offer a free coaching session. It’s something I haven’t offered for 2 years – so I’m pretty excited to be doing it now and in this way.

You see my client yesterday came to me with a specific problem that she wanted some help with. Now most coaches and mentors will look at the specific problem and help you come up with a solution to address it.

It’s what I used to do.

But I no longer work in that way. Instead I take a bird’s eye view of everything and look at it from a very different vantage point. I provide a different seeing – connected to a person’s life as a whole – rather than that one aspect of it.

Within 15 minutes of speaking to me my client felt totally different – in fact you could say the problem simply dissolved. It was truly wonderful to witness – especially as this was a pattern which had been rearing its ugly head in various different guises many times before. She then went on and sold the first place in her all singing all dancing programme to someone she thought would never buy.

When you walk this path magic happens and problems disappear (and it has nothing to do with the law of attraction, clearing subconscious beliefs, healing past traumas, or pretty much everything else you may have come across before).

However it does require an opening to a very different way of looking at your life – and a readiness to explore this path. It’s not for most people (and this is not a scarcity tactic – it’s the simple truth).

It’s my role to be available to those adventurers who are ready to explore – not try to convince anyone what an amazing path it is.

And I’m curious to find out who they are which is why I’m opening my doors and giving away my expertise for free.

If you’re one of these adventurers I’d love to talk and help you dissolve a particular issue or challenge.

It could be:

  • something that’s not going the way you wanted or expected
  • a feeling of being lost and not knowing which way to turn
  • your current circumstances (or other people) are holding you back and stopping you from creating the life you truly want
  • you’ve become cynical at the rags to riches stories that are all over the internet and you sense there’s a different path
  • you’re exhausted – but you’re responsible for everyone else so can’t take time to re-energise
  • you’ve fallen out of love with your business and nothing inspires you anymore
  • you’re still not where you want to be in your business – despite doing all the “right” things
  • you’re fed up of handling “stuff” that drains you and stops you getting on with what you really want to do
  • you feel that no-one gets who you truly are

Or it could be something else.

But if you’re up for magic I’m available to serve.

Simply click on the link below and book a time in my calendar (yep no application process or questions to answer – just a direct line to me):

Here’s to magical adventures.

Much love,




resplendent quetzal 2Transformation

Where to begin?

Why am I even here?

Haven’t I figured this out by now?

Ten years

Ten years, a battlefield, as I grapple with this thing called life

– Lows

– Highs

– Hurt

– Disappointment


The sullen teenage, who doesn’t want to be here

The frightened child, terrified of getting it wrong

The wise woman, grounded and serene

The lost little girl, who simply hasn’t a clue

All the while searching

Desperately trying to figure it all out

Figure out why I’m here

So then I can take my “rightful” place on earth

I stop

I listen

I feel

I see

I taste

I touch

I see the absurdity of it all

The unnecessary hardship

It’s time

Time to let it all float away

Time to soar

Time to fly

Life’s not about figuring it out

Or even seeing the big picture

It’s about living

Living Now

And allowing chapter 3 to unfold

If you want more clients

If you want more clients

If you’ve been reading my latest emails you’ll know that I am moving away from teaching people how to get more clients and make more money in their business.

What I’ve noticed is that many people want their business to be really successful so they can earn more money and have more time to do the things they long to do. Whether that’s a nicer home, more holidays, more family time, more days off, more ….

And when their business is successful then everything will be wonderful – and they can start to live the life they truly want.

But the life they truly want always seems to be in the future – as a picture in their mind.

10 years ago I heard an expression.

  You can have anything you want ….

                                    …. as long as you give up your pictures about the way they should look

It took me many years to truly grasp what this meant.

At one level it doesn’t make sense at all and yet when you live from that place it makes total sense.

And that’s the direction my business is taking.David Norris Quote

Coaching people to have what they truly want.

Which means looking at everything in life:

Business, family, relationships, health, lifestyle

Everything’s connected. When something plays out in your business it’s also playing out in your relationships, your family, your health – everywhere.

Once I really truly experienced this and lived it – I could no longer focus on just business growth – because I want the end result for my clients (the thing that they think growing their business will give them).

If you want a cottage in the country or to spend 6 months of the year living abroad – I want to explore all the options of you having that now – because it’s totally possible – even if the odds are stacked against you – you don’t have to wait until your income is x. But you do have to be open to all the options (and a little bit of magic).

Although I should warn you it will almost certainly get a bit bumpy along the way.

So whilst what I will be teaching and sharing will have a massive impact on your business (such as amazing opportunities coming out of the blue) I’m no longer going to be teaching specific strategies on how to get new clients.

But I do want to recommend two people who are absolutely brilliant at it (especially as getting clients is the lifeblood of any business):

Bernadette Doyle and Karen Skidmore

Bernadette has been my mentor for 10 years – I started following her when I left my job and worked in my business full time. I was a founder member of her Step by Step programme (when it was known as the Marketing Mastermind Group) and then joined her high level mentoring programme -during which my income tripled.

Over the years she has mentored me and hired me to be her head coach. A big chunk of what I have implemented and taught about getting new clients is thanks to her. Her teachings are fantastic and if you aren’t already following her I highly recommend you do so:

And the other person I recommend is Karen Skidmore. Karen started her business in the same year as me but our paths only crossed a few years ago when she became a coaching client – I loved working with her and was really impressed with what she had created for herself and the awesome results her clients were getting.

She created her business to work around her and her young family (although they’ve grown up a lot in the last 11 years). She is brilliant at marketing and keeps it real, making it super simple to implement. I love her style of teaching because it’s so practical and down to earth.

Find out more here:


Much love,



A New Direction

A New Directionone way, or another

If you read my earlier blog posts, you’ll know that several weeks ago I announced that my business was moving in a new direction – that I’d decided to drop all my online programmes and move away from teaching people how to get more clients and make more money in their business.

It was a dramatic thing to do –and had many people wondering where I was headed and what I was up to.

Looking back I can see I was “throwing down the gauntlet”, announcing my intention to the world and the energy behind it was “this is it, let the battle begin”.

Of course I was aware of none of that at the time.

I just knew I could no longer continue with what I had been doing for the last 11 years.

I promised to let you know the new direction my business was taking.

But here we are nearly at the end of January and …. nothing.

Every day an internal battle raged in my head which sounded a bit like this:

“you must write a blog post to tell people where you’re headed”

Followed by:

“but I don’t know what to say, I’m not ready yet”

On and on it went….

Until I got clear on what’s so.

The truth is I’ll never be ready. And more often than not I never know what I’m going to say – until I say it.

But what I’ve also come to realise is that until I lay my stake in the ground, I have a completely blank canvas – I could go in any direction – which feels very exciting.

But as soon as I try to drill down and get specific I contract – my whole body goes “ugh”. I feel squished and limited.

And as I’ve been digging deeper I can see that the “ugh” is masking a deep, deep fear of making a mistake and getting it wrong.

In the past I would have pushed through – “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”.

But a lifetime of working so very hard trying to “get it right” had left me depleted and burnt out – to the point where I’d pretty much cocooned myself from the outside world – only connecting with my support network, and close friends who “got me” – and were neither going to judge me, nor coach me.

I didn’t dare share what I was really feeling and experiencing to anyone else because “I shouldn’t be feeling like this”.

I have an amazing life, I’m fit and healthy, I have time to myself, I live in a beautiful home, have a wonderful husband, gorgeous children, fantastic friends and a great business.

There was no reason for me to feel anything other than happy and content.

No reason at all for my inner world to have felt like a living hell.

But it did.

And I’d been waiting until I “felt better” before I wrote to you. So I could say:

“Great, I’m sorted now”, I’ve popped out the other end, I’ve figured it all out and now I can help you too.”

But truth is, I’m not going to suddenly “figure it out”, I’m on an ongoing journey, a journey of daily insights and ahas.

And where I’ve had the biggest impact is when I open up and share everything – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Because that’s what makes it real.

You see we all have expectations and pictures about how life should be – how business should be.

And when reality doesn’t match those pictures, we beat ourselves up – we feel “wrong”, “stupid”, “not good enough”, “unworthy” ….

And we keep trying to change our external world in order to feel better about ourselves.

…. when my business is making x, then everything will be ok

…. when I hire an assistant then I’ll take time off

…. when <prospective client> says yes, then I’ll buy that new …

What we are really saying is when everything outside of me is just the way I want it then I’ll be happy and content.

And for the past few weeks what my actions have been saying is “when the negative voices in my head shut up – then I can get on and start marketing my new business”.

As I’m writing I’m laughing – laughing at the nonsense of it all.

But it didn’t feel like nonsense as I’ve been going through it – it felt very real, and I was terrified I might end up stuck there forever.

Instead of having compassion for the massive strides I was taking, I was beating myself up – for not going fast enough. “Come on, Melina you’ve been doing this for long enough – you should have figured it out by now.”

But life isn’t about figuring it out – it’s about experiencing – about feeling.

Feeling the ups and the downs.

Feeling the highs and the lows.

The higher the ups, the lower the downs.

It’s what makes us human.

And it’s only when we can fully experience life, going through the ups and downs without judgement – not wanting to change ourselves or our circumstances – will we ever be feel free.

And that’s the direction my business is headed – to facilitate the deep transformation required so you feel totally free and at peace – regardless of what’s happening in the outside world.

On one level it’s totally awesome because you don’t need to “do” anything – there are no strategies, there’s nothing to change or fix.

An on another level it’s the hardest, most challenging journey in the world – aswell as the most rewarding.

So if you’re game and want to dip your toe in the water, stay tuned as I share more and more over the coming weeks and months.

And if it’s not your thing in my next one or two emails I will be sending you some resources to help you get more clients – I know that’s what you came to for originally and I want to honour that.

Much love,



Time for Letting Go

Time For Letting Go

Two weeks ago I decided I was moving totally away from internet marketing and no longer offering any online products and programmes.

Yep, just when everyone is launching new online programmes and wanting to get passive income streams up and running, I am moving in a different direction.

And yes, I do sometimes wonder if I’m crazy.

However what I noticed is that two weeks on I have not done anything about it.  And as my intention was to do a closing down sale in December, if I’m going to do it I need to get moving.

But when I tried to come up with a plan/job list all I managed to write was “lots”.   Helpful?  Not!

It wasn’t that I don’t know what to do – I’ve done many very successful sales and promotions (one brought in £2,619, another $11,400 – both launched over a few days and with just 3 emails).

But with this closing down sale, here we are the 8th December and I’m no further forward.

Time to dig a little deeper.

Now whilst it’s true that I don’t have the techy support I used to have, that’s not the reason.

No, the reason is I’m scared.

It’s a big deal saying goodbye to something everyone else is moving towards.

What if I’m wrong?

What if no-one wants to join me on a Magical Mystery Adventure next year?

What if everyone really does need to know what results they will get before signing up to work with me, and all I can really promise is a magical journey.

Admittedly, the end game is ultimate freedom but I can’t guarantee that – because that depends on so much more than me.

All I can do is create the magical environment, and hold an incredibly powerful space for someone to be vulnerable as I take their hand on their own unique and deep transformation.

My journey has taken me in all kinds of directions and there’s no one thing that has got me where I am today.

And all I know is that right now

I’ve never felt so much freedom,

My relationship with my husband is better than it’s ever been (and we’ve had some really rough patches)

I spend a lot more time with my children,

I take my puppy for a walk in the gorgeous Shropshire countryside every day,

I have time to relax and be with friends

and I get to take plenty of time to do things I love (like yoga and swimming, and reading novels).

I feel truly blessed but I also know what it’s taken to get me here – and it hasn’t always been easy.

But whilst I know I am on the right path, and the adventures I have planned for clients next year will be the most magical ever, letting go of the old is proving more challenging than I thought.

But then no-one said following your dreams would be easy.

And whilst I could simply move on, I know that if I let my old programmes just fizzle out then I am not honouring them or the transformation they have given clients.

It would be like leaving university without a graduation ceremony – and I had the most magical graduation ceremony so that’s a definite no.

So even though I’m not ready, I am going to be having a closing down sale – starting today.
I’m not going to be following traditional marketing rules– there will be no false scarcity, “last chance”, “once it’s gone, it’s gone” campaigns.

Nor am I going to work behind the scenes getting everything ready then do a big 3 day sale.

I am simply going to share what I have to offer throughout the rest of December and you can choose whether to buy or not – and know whatever you decide is perfect.

I’m keeping it simple – and everything will be priced at a fraction of what the original programme cost.

It will take me a few days to get everything ready but I do have one programme ready now with the right price. If you want more customers it’s perfect.

You can find out more here:

It will be available until the end of December.

Much love,



Mummy you lied

Mummy You Lied

I’m truly sorry, I wasn’t telling the truth when I wrote my blog post yesterday (or as my 8 year old daughter would say “Mummy you lied” – she simply doesn’t accept honest mistakes, to her they’re lies– gotta love kids).

I wasn’t aware I wasn’t telling the truth, I spoke from my heart and I believed I was telling the truth.

But something didn’t sit right, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I gained clarity this morning (whilst swimming – it’s amazing how much clarity I get swimming – even my eyesight is better underwater).

The truth is, I’m not scared – either of letting go, or of the future.

I have total faith that everything will unfold as it’s meant to – whatever that looks like.

From a practical point of view, I am launching just one programme next year and I have 6 places available.

I trust there are 6 people who want to work with me and have the money to do so (and I’m excited to find out who they will be).

I’m also not attached to it happening, I will play full out for it to happen (what I have planned is soooooo exciting) but if it doesn’t pan out, I know something else will, which will be equally magical and amazing, if not more so.

You see feeling scared is an old belief – it isn’t actually true for me today (I just thought it was because it was such an old familiar pattern).

That doesn’t mean I won’t get butterflies doing something new, but as Gay Hendricks says “fear is just excitement without the breath”.

And I LOVE being excited. I think it’s my favourite emotion. Excitement makes my eyes shine in a way nothing else does.

So if it wasn’t fear, why was I procrastinating with my Closing Down Sale?

Because, truth be told, I didn’t want to do it.

Energetically I’d moved on – I just wanted to promote my new Emerald Explorer Programme. 2 awesome people had already said yes and are manifesting the money to do it, so I knew I was on track.

But I was still in this dance between the old and the new.

I remembered a similar experience when I first started in business 11 years ago.

I did the training in September (Power Sales – still love that title), and got my first client in November. Once I’d got my first client, that was it – I was ready to give up my full time job but I wanted a bit of extra security as I got my business off the ground – so I negotiated working part time for a few months. Great idea, but energetically I was gone – all I wanted to do was my new business.

And my Closing Down Sale felt the same. I felt that I “should” do one –it makes perfect sense. It’s a strategy I’ve recommended a lot to clients and I’ve also used it myself – my closing down sale took place whilst on a camping trip with my children – it was such fun and generated £2619.

My logic told me that December is the perfect time, let go of everything which has served me well and start over with fresh energy in the New Year.

But my heart wanted to prepare for Christmas, make Christmas cake, buy presents, wrap presents, decorate the house, drink sherry, eat mince pies. I love Christmas and I love everything that is a part of it – including the preparation. Some people say Christmas is too commercialised (and they’re probably right) but I love taking my time and choosing gifts I feel will be well received. I love the delight on my children’s faces as they get what they asked for. And yes there are times I go a bit over the top – 6 Nerf guns was probably a few too many but I will always remember the excitement on my son’s face as he opened them all.

So as you can probably guess preparing for Christmas is important to me – and I don’t like to start until December. Mmm – 3.5 weeks to get everything done.

So to add something extra on my plate like a closing down sale, is not the smartest idea in the world when what I really want is to take December off.

And it’s not unusual for me to create work at this time – last year I decided to write a daily email (yep including Christmas day, although I did pre-schedule that one J)

And most people don’t have the luxury of taking December off – so why should I? My conditioning has always been “can’t do that – gotta work full time and fit everything else in in the evenings and weekends”

But my desires are there for a reason – and I’m starting to say yes to them.

And I love the idea of time off in December

And to me Closing Down Sale = masses of work:

Re-writing the sales pages to reflect the discounted prices and remove any references to live calls.

Writing a new sales page for 24 individual Master Classes (full of great content which most people haven’t seen)

Sorting out all the backend so that everything flows.

It could get really complicated (and I need help because me and web pages don’t get along).

BUT it doesn’t have to be complicated.

What if I could do both – take the time I need to prepare for Christmas (so everything is ready BEFORE Christmas Eve – now there’s a novel thought) AND do a Closing Down Sale.

Now that’s exciting!

Exciting enough for me to put my heart and soul into it.

And I’ve just had an email from my dear friend John, who used to be my online business manager, and he can do all the techy stuff for me over the weekend.

I truly am blessed.


  • My awesome programmes get in the hands of the people who need them at really brilliant prices,
  • I get the excitement of making sales whilst doing the things I love (mmm I’d forgotten how exciting that was – maybe I am going to have to create something new online – in alignment with magic and mystery)
  • I model imperfect action and inspire others to stay true to themselves and say yes to their dreams


Sound good to you?

So very soon my Closing Down Sale will be live.

I’m excited – hope you are too.

Here’s to excitement.

Much love,


A Magical Journey

A Magical Journey

My goodness it feels like I got on a Bullet Train last week and it’s just started to slow down as it heads towards the station.

I would love to tell you it’s been fun – but that would be lying.  Bullet train

However it has been the most extraordinary experience.

Even at that moment when I wanted it all to stop, I still knew I was safe and that this too would pass (and my wonderful husband reflected that back to me).

I’m not even going to try to share my experiences as there is waaaay too much for one email.

And truthfully, what I am experiencing now is the result of a journey of transformation I embarked upon 10 years ago. There’s a gazillion puzzle pieces that are all falling into place right now, but they’d only make sense if I shared the whole story.

And that’d take a looooooooooooong time :-)

But what I do want to share is the consistent message that I’m getting loud and clear which is to re-connect to who I truly am.

It’s really beautiful to watch it unfold.

And at times it’s scary.

Whilst I have a huge amount of trust and know at a deep level that I am on the right path and this is what I’m meant to be doing – it’s a massive step into the unknown.

I am truly stepping into unchartered and uncharted territory.

From a business point of view it may make no sense.

Many people will think I’m crazy.

But when I look back at my life – including all my successes in business – I never did anything because it made sense.

I did it because there was this part of me that lit up and sparkled and went “ooh that sounds fun”, or “ooh not done that before”, or “wouldn’t it be amazing if …”

And although the thoughts were different each time, the feeling was always the same.

A feeling of excitement, curiosity, adventure, magic and trust.

And no fear – the fear only came later as I started implementing:

What if I’m wrong?

What will people think?

What if it doesn’t work?

Oh s**t what have I done?

As I moved through my fears I discovered that my courage inspired people.

People loved the big bold actions I took because it motivated them to step forward.

They felt the energy behind the words I shared.

They thought “if Melina can do it, I can too”.

I discovered it’s not what I do, it’s the magic and the sparkle that infuses what I do that inspires and empowers others.

Whenever I did anything “sensible” it was a flop.

Doesn’t mean doing sensible stuff is bad.

Or that you have to do wild and wacky things to get results.

But for me I don’t shine unless it includes a little wild and wacky-ness.

Something different, something bold. It’s part of who I am.

It’s when I show up as the best version of me.

It’s when I write the best emails.

It’s when I create magical experiences for people.

So if I don’t get that sparkly “ooh” feeling about something – it’s not right for me.

Doesn’t mean it’s not right – it’s just not right for me.

Can you build a sustainable business that goes against 80% of everything that’s currently taught about marketing and sales?

Who knows! But I’m excited to find out. It definitely gives me that sparkly “ooh” feeling.

And I know that if it doesn’t work out something else will show up along the way.

Now before you go away and think I’m a crazed wacko and I’m going to fail miserably, I have actually spent 11 years, following rules doing “what works” in business.

I’ve mastered lead generation and selling high ticket programmes; I’ve had 6 figure years, and 5 figure months and launches; I’ve had a successful membership programme; I’ve sold hundreds of digital products; I’ve worked with the best mentors (who’ve hired me to sell their coaching programmes); I’ve spoken on many stages; some small, some large; I’ve done webinars; I’ve put systems in place; I’ve hired support; I’ve let go of my money story.

I’ve learnt what works for me and what doesn’t.

I’ve done all the “groundwork” so I can now “break” the rules with confidence and congruence, stepping into the unknown with faith, fully supported on a practical level with a deep knowing that whatever happens all is well.

It’s now time to step it up a gear.

And I’m excited about the future and how I can fully support you on your magical journey.

So over the coming weeks I will be sharing more about what that looks like and what to do if you want to be a part of it. And if you don’t but you still want marketing and business building advice I’m going to be recommending some awesome business building and marketing experts.

And I’ve got some great “letting go” offers of my own.

So stay tuned.

And thank you.

Thank you for being you and for joining me so far as our magical paths intertwine.

Much love,