Wehee!  You’ve landed  one of my favourite pages.

 I just LOVE events.

 Or adventures as I like to call them because they are so much more than an event!

 They make my heart sing and fill my soul with joy.

 And I have three amazing adventures for you:

One day, in person at a beautiful venue in the UK that involves lots of fun.

Magic unfold on these awesome days no matter where you’re starting from.

A deep transformational journey leading to True Freedom.


This is the ultimate in bespoke – a one-to-one adventure lasting 3 – 6 months depending on fast you want to travel.

This adventure is totally virtual so it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.

I am biased but this truly is La crème de la crème – a step into magic.

It’s a safe supportive adventure so you experience who you truly are and what it feels like to step outside your comfort zone with excitement and delight instead of fear and trepidation.

Choice really is the flavour of the day with this Magical Mystery Retreat.  Choose between private or group and 3 or 5 days.  You even get to choose how far you want to travel.

This adventure is totally about magic, adventure and possibility and stepping into uncharted territory.

To go where no man has gone before!

Every adventure is crafted specifically for you.

Designed to move you beyond your blocks, your limitations and into True Freedom.

In the past I used to create events – and I created them as most people do.

I would decide what I wanted to create, book the venue, write the sales copy then promote it.

I held lots of successful events which people loved.

However underneath the surface, something always felt “off” – that there was something that didn’t quite gel.

At the time I put it down to my “not good enough” story.

But, thanks to the incredible journey I’ve been on into True Freedom, I’ve realised that the “not good enough” story was a red herring.

That the events felt off because what I was creating wasn’t what my heart and soul craved.

Moulding the way I created them into a box of “this is how you do events” was limiting me.

I wanted to craft the event specifically for the people in the room.

To begin with a blank canvass and only start creating once I knew specifically what was needed for attendees to experience the True Freedom they craved.

The ultimate in bespoke.

But not based on what people say they want.

Because so many of of us haven’t a clue about what we Truly Want because we’re busy living our lives based on the conditioning we’ve inherited – the shoulds, the “this is how you must do it if you want success” formulas, the blueprints, the checklists and how to’s.

Other people’s shoulds – not our own.

And that’s the real reason you’re not experiencing the success you crave – or you have this sense that something is missing or “off”.

To get to what our heart and soul truly longs for we have to move beyond the surface layers.

We must get to the essence of who we truly are (on 2 different levels).

Go beyond what the mind constantly witters on about.

This is what each one of these adventures is designed for.

All of them are bespoke magical journeys crafted to take you one step (or a huge leap) closer to living the life you truly want – the one that fills your heart and soul with deep joy and true fulfilment.

If you’re looking for radical and massive transformation explore whether the Freedom Adventure or the Magical Mystery Freedom Adventure is right for you.

If you’d prefer to dip your toes in the water and check me out a little first, then a Magical Day in Wonderland is a great place to start.

The choice is yours!

Prices range from £297 to £10,000.

If you long for adventure, freedom, excitement, inspiration, and expansion and want to find out more, fill in the form below and we’ll explore together which is the best fit for you.

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