Total Transformation

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A Magical Adventure That Will Totally Transform Your Life In The Most Amazing Way

Yay!  I’m so thrilled you found your way here.

It tells me that deep down your heart and soul crave freedom and adventure.

Freedom to do what you want, when you want, without being restricted by time, money , or circumstances.

A deep felt desire to love your life so much that it feels like one big adventure.

And even if that feels like a long way off, somewhere deep inside, you know that “happily ever after” really does exist.

That your dreams really can come true.  Not where you want to be

That the deep, deep fulfillment your heart and soul crave is not only totally possible – it’s meant for you.

You know that feeling you have occasionally?

The one that wells up inside of you and lights you up so much that you feel great simply because you’re alive?


When you’re in that space it doesn’t matter what is going on around you because you feel on top of the world.

Life is amazing.

You’re vibrant, you feel so alive, you shine love and light on yourself and everyone around you.

For a few moments – maybe even several hours or days – everything is absolutely perfect.

Yet does it seem that no matter how high you climb, that feeling doesn’t seem to last very long?

Despite the wonderful ups there’s always a down on the other side.

You see I know that living a life you totally love, full of compassion, joy, excitement, adventure, freedom, fun… each and every day can be your reality.

I know because I am now living it – and just a few years ago I wasn’t – far from it.

I lived in a world of frustration, disappointment, hurt, sadness, anger, and not feeling good enough.

I thought if I changed myself and my circumstances then my life would change.

I worked very hard on my own personal and spiritual growth and whilst on the surface everything looked great, inside I still felt like I was letting myself down – that I was capable of so much more.

But deep within I knew that the joy and fulfilment I craved was possible and somehow I knew I wouldn’t discover it on the path I was currently on.

And so I deviated from the norm and discovered that:

The reason I wasn’t experiencing  the freedom and deep fulfilment and joy I craved was because I’d been searching in a place it could never be found (EVER)!

The diamond necklace featuring in the 1997 film "Titanic"

“Heart of the Ocean” – the diamond necklace featuring in the 1997 film “Titanic”

A bit like the film Titanic – the version with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.  Right at the start of the film there’s a salvage crew searching for a very valuable diamond necklace belonging to the heroine Rose.

They believed it had sunk with the ship and were desperate to find it and make their fortune.

However they never found the necklace and eventually gave up and called off the search.

Moments later we see Rose take it out of her pocket, then throw it in the ocean.

It was impossible for the crew to find the necklace because it wasn’t where they were searching!

Instead it had been right under their noses out of sight.

It’s the same for us.

We seek freedom and fulfillment in a place where it’s not!

You see freedom is NOT what everyone thinks it is.

Freedom has NOTHING to do with:freedom is a state of mind 474 px

how much free time we have, or

how much money we have.

That’s actually an illusion we all believe to be true.

It’s not the truth.

Freedom is a feeling.

It’s a state of mind.

It’s a way of being.

          And to really get this you have to experience it for yourself.

Because as you know we live in a world that teaches us that having lots of time and plenty of money = freedom and fulfillment.

From a very young age we’re taught to work hard, dream big, that we can do anything we want if we’re committed and work hard enough for it.

We praise success and achievements.

We’re inspired by people who hit their goals.

We’re even more inspired if they’ve had to work really hard for them and overcome countless obstacles.

If we feel bad about our own lives, we belittle our own feelings of frustration and unhappiness because we look around and see that there are so many people worse off than us.

Instead of being compassionate about how we’re feeling we admonish ourselves with words like:  “Pull yourself together, what have you got to complain about?”

We often compare ourselves with others and find ourselves lacking in some way (then berate ouselves for comparisonitus).

We set ourselves goals and are thrilled when we achieve them, disappointed when we don’t.

We feel good when things are going well, bad when we’re faced with a set-back.

We ignore the hundreds of good things people say about us and focus on that one hurtful comment.

But that’s life right?

When we fall down we pick ourself up, dust ourself off and keep going – onwards and upwards!

We draw on everything we’ve learnt to get us through the difficult patches.Going Around in Circles

But when we actually STOP and look down at our life (as though from outer space) we see the relentless pattern playing out over and over:

Life is finally starting to go well, then we’re hit with a setback.

              Joy followed by despair.

                             Hope followed by disappointment.

                                        Excitement followed by fear.

And it keeps happening over and over.

In the famous words of Macbeth:

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more.

It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.”

If you’ve read this far I am fairly certain you are already familiar with your own patterns.

I’m guessing you’ve been working very hard to stop them from playing out.

Hands and butterflysHappy that the disappointments and frustrations are getting less, and you’re moving forward.

Content that you have already transformed your life in so many ways.

And then ….

You find yourself back at that familiar place of “fed-up-ness”.

Questioning whether it’s all worth it.

Really worth all this stress and struggle?

Isn’t it supposed to be getting better?

Surely you should have figured it out by now?

Haven’t you worked on yourself enough?

Where’s the treasure everyone else seems to be experiencing?masquerade-hare

What do all those “really successful” people have that you don’t?

“Why not me?” you might ask yourself.

And so you become a little more resigned.

Thinking “What’s the point?”

But of course you don’t stay there.

You once again dig yourself out of this hole.

What’s the alternative?

Isn’t life a spiral with the downs being a necessary part of the journey?

I used to think like that too:

Lying awake at night beating myself up because I wasn’t doing what I knew I shouStruggling to find clientsld be doing

Struggling to find clients because I wasn’t taking consistent action (even though I was actually really good at generating leads and enrolling clients)

Feeling bitterly disappointed after talking to a prospect – thinking everything was going so well and they were a dead cert – only to have them say “sounds great but it’s not for me”. Or worse, I would give them way more leeway than normal and agree to let them “think about it” only to have them vanish off the face of the earth. Then of course I would beat myself up even more shouting “Come on Melina – you should have known better, you teach this stuff!”

Feeling like I didn’t belong everywhere I went – trying desperately to fit in yet always feeling left out.

Feeling ashamed when a promotion bombed.

Feeling totally unsupported by everyone around me

(even though I knew that wasn’t actually the truth).


Melina Abbott “UK’s leading sales expert!”


And here’s the thing, I wasn’t starting out in business and still waiting for that magic moment of success.

I already had a 6 figure business and a LOT of success teaching people how to find high paying clients and increase their income.

I had great testimonials and delighted clients.

I was even nominated for a business growth award based on my results:

I went from £13,512 to £111,533 in just 2 years.


  • I filled a group coaching programme generating £44,485 in sales in just 8 working days
  • In one week I did £25,792 in sales
  • I invested well over £120,000 in my own growth and development
  • I experimented with lots of different price points for various programmes – the lowest I charged was £97, the highest, £16,000
  • I travelled by private helicopter to get to an event on time (that was a completely magical “out of the blue” experience and a great story I’ll share with you sometime)
  • I stayed at luxury 5 star resorts many times
  • I took lots of time off to spend time with my two gorgeous children
  • I ran high end luxurious retreats in magical places
  • We had wonderful family holidays overseas in beautiful villas

We moved into our dream home.


People looked at what I’d created and wanted what I had.

And yes there were many, many times on that journey when everything was amazing.

Times when I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

I remember saying to myself at one point:

“You mean I get to stay in beautiful places, coach amazing people and get paid really really well for it”.

I had some awesome experiences and times when I truly felt like I’d gone to heaven.

But the joy was always short-lived – either something would happen or I would slam on the brakes and it was back to feeling like I was letting myself down.

And I’d done so much personal development that I felt that I “shouldn’t be here”.

Truth was I felt totally trapped. Feeling trapped

I’d stepped up so massively so there was no way I could turn my back on my business and get a job – I could never see myself earning the income I needed.

The only job I could envisage having was as a waitress – so ever practical I ran the numbers.

Work 37 hours on minimum wage and make £266.40 a week.

Or continue coaching where people paid me between £150 and £250 an hour.

Mmm let me think about that one ….

But I was exhausted.

Exhausted with the constant see-sawing of emotions – up and down, depending on what was happening around me.

Feeling amazing when things went well.Break Free

Rubbish when they went belly up.

Over and over.

It didn’t matter:

          how “successful” I was

                       how much money I made

                                   how amazing other people believed me to be

If I wasn’t feeling great and that my life had some purpose – my success really counted for nothing.

In the words of Robin Williams:

Robin Williams

Intuitively I knew that nothing would change unless I could totally banish my “not enough” story and break free of the patterns that kept playing out in my life.  And that the path I had been on up until that point was not going to give me what I craved deep down.

I knew it wasn’t about changing myself.

You see that’s what everyone else teaches.

They teach us that if we can change the way we think, feel and behave then our lives will improve.

If we focus on what we want and where we’re headed, and do the inner and outer work then we will get to where we want to go.

Change your thoughts – change your life

And for many people it seems to work.

In fact I truly believed it would work for me and for my clients when I was teaching sales and business growth.

Yet after 10 years of growing myself and my business I still felt like I was not living up to my true potential.

If achieving success didn’t really make a difference in how I felt about my life, what would?

And so with the help of awesome mentors and teachers I started to question and challenge EVERYTHING I believed to be true about myself, about God, about the universe about reality and about life itself.

And I discovered that:

Constantly trying to change fix and improve my life was the very thing which was keeping me trapped.

A luxurious empowering trap!

A never ending cycle of change, fix and improve.


Life can always be “better”.

We can always “have more”.

We can always “be more”.

We can always “do more”.

Always. Always. Always.

After all, how much is “enough”?

Soaring EagleI came to experience at a very deep and profound level that the only way to escape the trap was to see life from an entirely different perspective.

To experience life radically differently (and I mean radically).

To witness what it really means to be human – how all our fears, concerns, anxieties, self-doubts, dreams, desires, hopes and wishes – are all illusions.

And not just to understand this at an intellectual level.

Understanding is wonderful but it doesn’t transform your life.

Transformation happens only when your experience of the world changes.

That’s the journey I’ve taken and the path I’m inviting you to follow.Melina Abbott

Now my “not enough” story rarely plays out.

Things I was afraid of have simply fallen away.

I no longer want to curl up in a ball and have the world stop and my troubles miraculously vanish.

That feeling of resignation, of “what’s the point?” has completely gone.

I own the value I bring to the world – and I’m not just acting as if that were true – I stand in that place. People feel it.

And yet sharing this experience is still so very difficult to put into words.


Because as you read you’re trying to fit what I’m saying into the framework you already know.

And what I am teaching is completely outside of that framework.

We have to step outside of our known reality to experience it.

I remember being at an event a little while ago and watching a speaker on stage.

She was amazing – the whole audience loved her. She was brilliant, authentic and spoke with such integrity – everyone wanted to learn from her. I was in awe of who she was and what she’d accomplished.

But as she walked off the stage I watched her face. I saw the doubt and fear:

Was what she said good enough?

Did people like it?

What did they think of her?

The exact same feelings I had experienced over and over.

To the rest of the world she had “made it” and was living her dream.

Yet underneath she was no different to you or I, a little child desperately wanting love and acknowledgement – unable to see for herself the impact she was making – constantly seeking reassurance – either from other people or her business results – that she was doing a good job.

Her innermost fears hiding behind a mask of success and accomplishments.

In that moment I realised that for so many people no matter what they achieve, what they accomplish, how successful they are, their patterns still play out resulting in inner turmoil.

It’s part of being human.

And the ONLY way to stop the patterns dead in their tracks is to Experience the Truth of who YOU really are.

And that means going on a journey.

An extraordinary, amazing, wonderful, magical journey.

I should warn you though that it could be the most challenging journey you’ll ever undertake.

Or it could be the most fun you’ve ever had.

A bit like an Indiana Jones’ adventure – but for your mind, heart and soul.

And once you’ve traversed the choppy terrain you’ll notice an extraordinary difference:

No more self-doubt,No More

No more worries about what might or might not happen,

No more concerns about what other people think,

No stern words about procrastinating or wasting time

No more “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts”,

No fears about the future,

No more blame,

No more shame,

No more agonising over decisions for days on end,

No more comparing yourself with others and finding yourself lacking.

Instead you’ll experience life with

the joy and wonder of a child

and the wisdom of a sage.

I know you might well be thinking “yeah right”!

After all we’ve heard so many stories from people who say “my life was awful, then I did this and now it’s amazing, and you can do it too”Listen to your heart

Who do you believe?

Who can you trust?

And the only way to answer that question is to look within.

And listen to your heart.

There’s a reason you’ve read this far.

If you’re meant to join me on this path you will hear the Truth in what I say.

And feel a bubble of excitement about what’s possible for you.

And now all you have to do, is decide if you’d like to traverse this particular path full of magic and adventure.

But before you do be warned:terra incognito

      • It’s not for the faint hearted.
      • It will take courage
      • You will be required to question everything you’ve believed until now
      • Childhood wounds may surface to be totally healed
      • There will be times when you’ll wonder what on earth you’re doing!
      • Other people might look at you like you have 6 heads

This transformation is however the greatest gift you’ll ever receive.

When you say yes to this adventure here’s what’s possible:

      • Witnessing magic and miracles everywhere you turn
      • Falling head over heels in love with your life
      • Experiencing deep joy and fulfilment
      • Having that “great to be alive”  feeling as your default way of being
      • Seeing your “not enough” story disappear completely
      • Noticing that those repeating patterns have vanished forever
      • Experiencing other people treating you better (yep it’s truly amazing)!

You will finally experience the freedom, adventure and deep fulfilment you crave


Then register for:

Total Transformation tif to jpg

A magical journey that will re-align the cells in your body and open you up to magic, miracles and freedom.

Yes, I am aware it’s a big bold promise but I have witnessed too many miracles on my own journey and that of others to be shy about what’s possible for you.

Magical moments, amazing shifts and extraordinary opportunities show up when you say YES to Freedom and Adventure and ignore that voice of logic and reason which says “What? Are you crazy?”

Magic isn’t linear – nor does it follow a set path – it occurs in moments.

And there’s no limit to how many magical moments you can experience.

We start on June 5th 2017

The magical journey takes place over 7 weeks.

You’ll be part of a small group (I envisage less than 10)

We connect online

No travel required

It’s interactive
Your mind will be blown.
Your eyes will shine with excitement.
You will learn a lot.
You will be stretched.
You will leave your comfort zone (but feel so safe and supported you may not even notice).

Everything you experience is carefully choreographed to gift you the freedom, adventure and deep fulfilment you crave (with some unexpected magic thrown in of course).

Little boy and the magic bookYou will learn:

      • The truth about living your life from a place of freedom and deep, deep fulfillment (I promise you this is nothing like you’ve learnt before)
      • Why, no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put in, you still aren’t experiencing the life you desire
      • How to trust every single decision you make and know with absolute certainty it’s the right one
      • How setting intentions and working towards goals often leads to heart-ache – (even though for a while it does feel like you’ve hit the jackpot and gone to heaven).
      • How to open up and receive what your heart and soul truly desire – not what you think you desire
      • How to stop repeating patterns from showing up forever
      • And so much more …

Above all, you will experience a deep and profound shift.

And learn to trust at a deep deep level:

                             Trusting yourself

                                               Trusting life,

                                                                 Trusting the Divine

The vicious voices which tell you you’re wrong, you’re stupid, you’re bad, you’re selfish, you’re lazy, you’re not good enough, you’re crazy, you’re…. whatever you say to yourself when you’re beating yourself up and being hard on yourself – will begin to lessen and ultimately disappear completely.Flying stories

You will begin to love yourself in a way you never have before – and it won’t feel fake. You will look in the mirror and see yourself as amazing.


Believe me I’ve stood in your shoes.

I was so hard on myself – even when I was making a massive difference in people’s lives.

But I always said yes when something spoke to my heart (even when it wasn’t convenient).

Guided by my inner wisdom that just knew.

This isn’t a step by step – do this and your life will be better programme (there are a tonne of them already).

This is a radical shift in consciousness.

Total Transformation includes:

7 Weeks of Mind-Blowing Content

There will be 2 lots of content delivered each week.

I like to think of content as adventures – because that is what this experience is all about.

They will arrive in your in-box at 9am UK time on a Tuesday and a Friday.  You will receive your first adventure on Tuesday 6th June.

The adventures will take many different forms:

  • Webinar type videos with slides
  • Training videosExplore, dream discover
  • Audio training material
  • Fun questionnaires to answer
  • Music to listen to
  • Movies to watch
  • Books to read
  • Physical adventures to experience in your local area
  • Links to supportive material online

Each adventure is carefully choreographed to radically shift your perspective on life.

They will be fun!

They will be challenging!

They will be magical.

You’ll need to allow between 2 and 4 hours a week for each adventure but they can each be undertaken at a time of your choosing.

Your Questions Answered Every Week:

Over the course of our adventure together questions will come up, which I’ll answer.

Q & A will take 2 different formats:

Facebook Lives – if you love live interaction then each week I will show up live to take your questions in real time.  Join me and get your questions answered and share your aha’s and any shifts you have made.

Audio Q & A – if you can’t join me live (or don’t want to) submit your question via an online form and I will record an audio sharing my answer.

Connection with your fellow adventurers

Connection is vital:

Connection with yourself, connection with the divine, connection with others.

Whether you love interacting with others or you prefer to sit on the sidelines, being connected with others on a similar journey is hugely supportive.

So you’ll have the opportunity to join a secret Facebook group where you can connect with fellow adventurers in a safe, loving, and compassionate environment.

Participate fully, lurk in the background or oscillate between the two.

When you fall we’ll catch you.

When you soar we’ll fly right alongside you.

I’ve included everything I can think of to make this the most unique, magical experience so you receive what your heart and soul crave.

If anything is missing – I’ll add it as a bonus during your 7 week adventure.

I am 100% committed to your transformation because it lights me up when others experience the deep joy and fulfilment that I am living each and every day.

And I’m excited about what’s possible when more people live this way.

What would life be like if lots of people exerienced life without fear, without judgement, and without pain?

How awesome would that be?

What ripples would be created in the world?

Who knows what may happen?

I don’t but I am so excited just thinking about it.

And it starts with YOU!

You being the change you want to see in the world.

Investment £999

Or spread the cost over 3 easy payments of £349 taken 21 days apart

Can’t wait.

Much love,


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