When it comes to selling – Sacred Selling or otherwise, we can never really know whether something is going to be a hit until we start to promote it.  We can do all the market research we want and ask lots of people for their opinion but unless they’re in the market for our services it isn’t very meaningful. And if they’re never going to buy what we’re offering, then their opinion really doesn’t matter (harsh but true).

As a Transformational Leader it’s easy to spot loads of people who need our help.  We can see they are suffering, and we want to help them.  We know we can help them – if only they’d sign up to work with us.

However, whilst they might need our help and really benefit from working with us, if they don’t want it, they will never buy.  It doesn’t matter if they need it.

Our job as Transformational Leaders is not to work with people who need our help – it’s to work with people who WANT it.

For example, I need to lose some weight.  It’s been creeping up since Christmas and my clothes are getting tight.  However right now I don’t want to lose weight – and until I want to, I won’t do anything about it.

You can offer me any kind of diet plan, miracle workout, healthy eating and I’ll smile sweetly and walk on by.

The difference is subtle but HUGE.  Only people who want our help will buy from us and do the work.

People who need it but don’t want it are “Yeah but …” people

You know the ones – they say they want help then don’t sign up when given an opportunity.  They complain about what’s going wrong in their life but don’t take a single step to make improvements.  Although remember we’ve all been a “yeah but” person at various times in our life and I mean no disrespect.

However we don’t want them as clients as there’s nothing more frustrating for a Transformational Leader then clients who don’t get results because they don’t do the work.  It’s disheartening and soul destroying.

So how do you identify those people who want what you’re offering?

Be abundant with your offerings

Share from your heart and see what resonates with people.  Different ways of expressing something will get very different responses.

Sacred Sales appeals to a different demographic than Cold to Sold

Drop a Dress Size will sound amazing to some people whereas Lose 7lbs in 7 days will appeal to others

Pay attention to what feedback you get and respond accordingly

Invite people to take the next step to working with you

Whenever you share any piece of content ask yourself “what do I want the person engaging with this piece of content to do”. It could be to sign up for your weekly newsletter, an eBook, a free call.  You might want to ask people to share it with their friends.  For example, right now I am promoting my Sacred Sales Audit so every blog post includes a link and an invitation to sign up for that.

Don’t assume people will know what to do – or that they’ll be so interested in what you have to offer they’ll reach out.  It can and does happen but not often.  The easier you make it the more people will be able to take you up on whatever it is you’re offering.

Imagine having a beautiful shop window filled with gorgeous things that people want.  Then having the door tucked away round the back and no sign telling people where it is.  People will just walk away.

Give people enough information

If you’re offering a free call – tell them what they’ll get in the free call – and how they’d benefit by signing up (check out how I do this with my Sacred Sales Audit if you want something to model). Include a link to your online calendar so people can book a time.

If you sell one-off sessions add the prices to your website alongside the booking link. Think about the questions they might have and make sure you address them in your copy.

Pay attention to what you like as a buyer

As a business owner I look at how other companies do business. Whenever I find something I love I integrate it into my own business.  For example, we have a one bedroom annexe which we let out on Airbnb.  When we set it all I thought about all the things I loved about the villas I’d stayed in.  I incorporated everything I could and made the annexe a place I’d choose to visit (we’re regularly operate at a 70% occupancy)

When it comes to my coaching, I think about all the things I love when I’m being coached.  I have a client coming for a Sacred Sales Retreat next week and I’m thinking of the ways I can make it truly special for her.  I remember what made me feel special when I’ve done VIP retreats – and how I can improve on that.  I’m super excited about what I’m creating

Build the plane as you’re flying it

Don’t worry about having everything figured out from the very beginning.  Your business is constantly evolving and growing – so do what you can today.  Other things can wait.  I will make the retreat as magical as I can.  Through doing so I will discover what I could do to make it even better.  I will also do things which won’t work – and I’ll learn from these.  I ran a retreat once and shared a song that particularly resonated with me.  The participants thought it was weird and I realised that whilst it had a great deal of meaning for me it didn’t have timeless appeal.  I don’t play it anymore.

There you have it – 5 steps for finding people who want to work with you.  These are not exhaustive but they are the ones I focus on – and are very supportive when it comes to selling transformation.

Do comment below and let me know what you think.