How are you?  I am loving the sunshine and warmer weather – I can swim for an hour and not feel chilled all morning.

And ….. drum roll please 😊

On Saturday I swam a mile which I was very proud of as it’s been several years since I’ve swam any distance.  I’m excited to do more and have my eye on an organised swim of Lake Coniston in the Lake District which is just over 5 miles.  That sounds very exciting, so I have that on my radar for next year.  No idea if I can do it but I feel I’m ready for another swim challenge – especially as I learn so much about business in the process.

You can read about my previous escapades here:

Swimming Escapades

The past few weeks – no doubt spurred on by the incredible lead generation challenge I ran in May – I have been connecting with people a lot more.  We often talk about needing to be more visible but if we break that down at the heart of visibility is connection.

💜 We connect with followers on social media.

💜 We connect with journalists and editors to get PR coverage.

💜 We connect with readers – or viewers –when we’re in the media.

💜 We connect with podcast hosts to be a guest on a podcast.

💜 We connect with listeners when the podcast is aired.

💜 We connect with readers when we write a blog or send a newsletter.

💜 We connect with potential clients when we have a discovery call.

How much easier “being visible” is when we re-frame it as connecting.

Next time you go to post on social media, or write a blog, or connect with a potential partner focus on connection first.

Who are you connecting with?  Is it a specific person?  A group of people with common values?  A part of yourself.

What is it you want to share with them?

Then imagine they are sitting across a table from you, and you are having a conversation with a good friend.

Or that you are writing a letter to a loved one (and yes that is how I write all my letters and blog posts).

Whenever my mind wanders and I think of someone who might see it from a different perspective, I get tied up in knots.  My writing stops flowing, and I feel the need to explain, justify, to be all things to all people – which is of course impossible.

Feelings of “not good enough” surface because I think of that one person who I think will disapprove – instead of the 10 people I know will love it.

Practice really helps with this, as well as being willing to stay with the feelings of discomfort as they arise.

It can be a bit of a rollercoaster, but it gets easier when you stay with it.

Trusting this definitely helped me all the times I got caught up in knots writing newsletters and editing them to death in an attempt to make it palatable for everyone.

Of course, when I sat down to write to you this morning, that wasn’t what I planned to share – I was going to tell you about Align – which is one of the ways of you can work with me – but I shall save that for another day.

However, before I go I do want to tell you about a live talk show I am appearing on, on Monday, and I’d LOVE you to join me.

It’s called Beyond Influence, hosted by the fabulous Cordelia Henry founder of Pearlescence a community of purpose driven Sisterpreneurs who believe in the power of authentic relationships to help them build a profitable business that makes a radical difference in the world.

It’s at 4pm UK time on Monday 12th June over in her Facebook group Sisterhood 4 Influence & Impact.   I’ll be sharing some golden nuggets about Sacred Selling and my own journey of entrepreneurship and would love you to be there.

If you can’t join live it is being recorded so do join the group if you’d like to watch it later.

I’m very excited, it’s been a while since I’ve been a guest on a show – and this month I’m recording 3!

The Beyond Influence Show is the first one – and it’s being broadcast live – hope you’ll be able to join me.

Much love,