When it comes to selling, one of the things you need to focus on is having a compelling offer. 


What is it you are selling?  How badly do people want it?  Are you presenting it in a way that’s compelling to them?  Does the energy of your offering and your business align with how your clients think and feel?


There are soooooo many variables when it comes to your offering and “putting it out there”.  What can work like a charm in one market sector can fail miserably in another. 


We often beat ourselves up, or think we’re doing something wrong when we don’t get the sales we want, yet it doesn’t mean the offer’s wrong, or we’re presenting it badly – it might simply mean it doesn’t resonate with the people we’re connecting with.  If that’s the case there’s always a different pond to fish in.

Alternatively, it could be the market is perfect but the offer is slightly off-kilter, and a few tweaks could make all the difference.


The only way to know how compelling an offer is to put it out there and ask people to purchase.

You can do this by creating a beautiful webpage with all the details and then sharing it on social media.

Depending on what you’re offering, and how much of a following you already have this can work really well.

It means you don’t have to spend hours speaking to people individually, you can get your message out to a much wider audience and make a bigger impact.

You can also do a video training or webinar and share your offering that way.


With either of these methods, you must know your audience really well, know exactly what they want, how they want it and what will put them off – reassuring them why it won’t happen with you.  You need to know what makes them hesitate and what they’re afraid of, again reassuring them that you’ve got their back.


Internet marketers who generate hundreds of thousands selling in this way test everything to the Nth degree; they have a team of people who track every headline change, every colour change, every copy change.  They test the audience, they test when to present the offer, when to present the price and what follow-up sequence works best.

They are techy geeks who LOVE the whole process.  It’s fun for them.

Most spiritual entrepreneurs I meet do not want to spend hours in front of a computer testing techy stuff.  Instead, we much prefer connecting with people in a deep, meaningful way. 


The internet is wonderful – it allows us to connect with people all over the world.  And it’s also easy to lose the meaningful connection we crave. 

We read stuff online and it feels superficial and fake.

We promote our offerings online and it goes into a vortex of blackness with no response.

On the other hand, when we share what we’re up to, our hopes, our dreams, our challenges people love it.

We get followers, likes, loads of lovely comments.

But no sales.


The GREAT news is there’s a simple way to leverage this deep connection you have with people and turn it into cash in the bank. 

It’s a step-by-step process that I cover in Sacred Selling Foundations

We integrate the science that the internet marketers use in our own business on a much smaller sale – and in a non-techy way.

When I started out in business I was really lucky.  I was trained by an international business development organisation who taught me the step-by-step process I have been using for over 17 years in business.

I was able to take on my first client within eight weeks; whilst working full time and bringing up a family (my son was two at the time).  I was paid £950 for a mentoring programme that included just eight hours of my time.  Up until then I had to work 80 hours in paid employment to generate the same income.

I was brand new, just starting out with no track record, no community and no website.  

Within four months I had given up my job and was working full time in my business. 


The process I used back in 2004 is the exact same process I still use today. 

Of course, I review and refine it every time I launch anything new – but the foundations are always the same.

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