To have an abundant life, and a business that fills you with joy each and every day,

it’s essential that you, and your business, are aligned.

When you’re aligned:

  • Business feels joyful and effortless.
  • You have plenty of time to do all the things you love.
  • Opportunities abound.
  • You have all the money you need to thrive.
  • You attract new clients with ease and adore working with them.
  • Your business goes from strength to strength.
  • You have loving and nurturing relationships that light you up.
  • You love your environment and are doing everything you’ve always wanted.
  • You finally feel like you’ve “made it” and are living life to the full

When you’re mis-aligned:

  • It feels like pushing boulders uphill.
  • You’re surrounded by people who don’t appreciate you.
  • Life feels full of stress, struggle & frustration.
  • You long for your business to be a success but seem to get thwarted by one set-back after another.
  • You try hard to follow your heart and your dreams but those around keep putting you down.
  • You keep attracting flaky clients (or no clients at all).
  • Never enough money.
  • Never enough time.
  • And all the while there’s that relentless voice in your head that keeps saying:  “you’re not good enough”;  “who do you think you are”; “you’re not cut out for this!”

Is this you?


  • You’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur and you love serving clients.
  • You’ve been in business for a while and you love it but … it feels like something’s missing, or not quite right but you’re not sure what.
  • You have this nagging feeling that there’s more for you – that as great as your life looks you’re not as happy as you make out.
  • You’re working really, really hard, doing all the right things, but …. you’re still not where you want to be
  • You have great success then for some unknown reason you slam on the brakes
  • You’re feeling lost but don’t know which way to turn
  • You feel you’re holding yourself back
  • You feel trapped
  • You’ve fallen out of love with your life and can’t seem to get motivated about anything
  • You long for the day you can start working less.
  • You often doubt yourself and are afraid of making the wrong decision
  • You know your prices need to be higher but you don’t feel you can increase them
  • You long to do something different but are afraid in case you mess everything up



If you answered yes to one or more, you’re in the right place.


Is it time to re-ignite your passion for your business and do the things that light you up?

Align is an in-depth 1-2-1 adventure where we go deep and tune into your heart’s desires.  Not the desires that come from your head: more money; a bigger house; holidays abroad; more free time; financial freedom….

These are the external trappings of success – dreams instilled into us by society.  Often when we achieve them we’re left feeling empty, wondering “is this it?”, surely there’s more to life than this.

When I speak of alignment I’m talking about a deep inner joy that radiates from your core.  You shine so brightly that people are naturally drawn towards you.  You love your life and work and others want to work with you because they just know you have something amazing to offer.  They feel it.

You naturally create a business that fuels you and nourishes you – it’s a delight to be in each and every day.   You feel on fire and on purpose.  Your dream clients are drawn to work with you and your business flourishes.

However, alignment isn’t a one-time thing.

We tend to think that once we’re aligned, then everything will magically fall into place and we’ll live happily ever after.  But alignment is something that comes and goes.

Imagine a circle of chairs set for a gathering of divine souls.  At the beginning of the gathering the chairs are beautifully aligned, perfectly symmetrical.  After an hour or two of sitting and connecting those chairs have moved – maybe a little, maybe a lot.  They need to be re-arranged to be in a perfectly aligned circle.

It’s the same for us and business.  As we evolve and grow personally and spiritually – our business needs to evolve to keep up.  When it doesn’t we feel flat and get bored.

As we stretch, our business needs to stretch – we desire challenge to thrive.  If we’re not consciously creating a business that allows for this growth and expansion life will demand it of us.  We’ll experience breakdowns forcing us to take a step back to re-assess and re-align.


Align is an in-depth 28 day experience

to help you fall in love with your business all over again

We kick-start our journey with a 3 hour deep-dive on-line session to tune into what you truly want:

Are you looking for something completely new, or simply need a different way of doing things.

Do you need a new offering which will revitalise you and get  your clients excited?

Is there something you long to do – and know it’s the next step – but it terrifies you?

Is it time to expand and push the boundaries of what’s possible?

Or is time to step back and focus on YOU – not your business.

We’ll spend 3 hours focussed on you and and what you truly want, tuning into your inner longings and deep-seated desires.

We’ll explore what you want, where you’re headed and how you want the next phase of your life and business to unfold.

Once you have clarity we’ll delve into what will support you on your journey, grounding what unfolds with practical next steps.

Without grounding we’ll have a wonderful conversation but in 6 months time nothing will have shifted.  Grounding with the practical is essential.

14 days later we’ll meet again

We’ll delve into what’s unfolding, what’s shifting, what needs tweaking.

At the end of our journey we’ll meet again to explore what’s next.

Are you ready to fly, do you need further help, what do you need to support you?

Throughout we’ll stay connected in a private Sacred Space.  Whether we touch base daily or every few days we’ll be connected and you’ll be 100% supported on your adventure.

At every step I’ll be there walking alongside you shining a light on what’s underneath to ensure you experience deep transformation.

This is a deep-dive, magical adventure.

This is what Caroline said after completing Align

Worked with some of the top coaches, and what Melina has been able to unlock for me far surpasses them all.

Before working with Melina I felt strongly that there was a disconnect between my business model and how I was showing up but it was something that was very difficult for me to really understand and get to the bottom of myself. I just knew that something crucial in my business no longer fit. 

Enter Melina…!


Melina was able to reflect back to me, almost effortlessly, the essential component that was missing.

She showed me how my business didn’t adequately bring my energy and personality across. For various reasons, the piece that had been missing was ME!!! I know that sounds silly but we aren’t born knowing these things. For someone like me who is at heart quite introverted and shy, Melina’s ability to frame this in a way that felt both possible and safe after so many years of being in business was deeply healing in and of itself.

Whereas my perception of the dreaded ‘visibility’ had previously been black and white, at Melina’s prompting, I am now learning through new experiences that being visible doesn’t have to be invasive or leave one feeling exposed. It can be as perfectly natural as me just being me…being myself…and that giving myself permission to show up exactly as I am, is miraculously, a very radiant and magnetic thing.

The confidence and ease this has enabled me to find is astounding.

I am now regularly getting asked to speak at events, I’m booked to be a guest on several podcasts in the near future, I am involved in several new collaborations and most surprising of all, there are so many new people and prospective clients I’ve met who have been so excited to not just meet me but are also interested in consulting with me as a high level expert in my field.

Melina was able to help me see the area of my business where things were just not aligned.

I am so grateful to her for fearlessly calling it out because needless to say, the impact this has had on my business and life has been life-changing.

If you’ve been considering working with Melina but have been unsure about whether to take the leap, my advice to you would be to not hesitate. Just do it. Just say yes and step in. I have worked with some of the top coaches in the biz, and to be honest, what Melina has been able to unlock for me far surpasses them all. She’s one to watch. Melina, you are so much more powerful than you know xoxox 

Caroline Diana Bobart

When it comes to sales and growing my business, I have been on a roller coaster of a journey.   I’ve been in business since 2004, starting out as a Marketing Coach – back in the day when coaching was in its infancy.  With the backing of an International Business Development Organisation, I set off – still working full time and bringing up a 2-year-old. Within 8 weeks (taking days off and working Saturdays) I enrolled my first client. That gave me the courage to quit my job. I’d done it – I was so excited to do something I loved and be there for my little boy.  I ticked over for several years – I loved what I did, I worked hard and got clients but the big success I dreamed of was elusive.  At the same time, I also began my own transformational journey.  5 years in I recognised I was playing small, so I invested in several high level mentoring programmes.  My business took off – within 2 years I went from £13,512 to £44,763 to £111,533.

I’d made it!

Yet I still felt unfulfilled, my “not enough” story still played out, I felt like a fraud, I kept slamming on the brakes and half the time I wanted to curl up on the sofa and have the world stop.

I’d worked so hard, achieved my dreams yet it didn’t give me what I craved.  How could I continue to teach people how to sell and make more money when it hadn’t given me what I longed for? I stopped teaching sales, I retired all my online programmes and stopped marketing. I went on a journey of discovery. It was a time of frustration, beauty, messiness, adventure, bliss, angst, excitement, hopelessness, joy and every other emotion all rolled into one! But in that time of exploring, allowing and accepting I came home to me.  I guess you could say I had a spiritual awakening – one that took 3 years!



During that time I discovered a unique blend of sales and marketing that integrated practical, numbers based, masculine sales systems and processes, with the more intuitive, intangible, feminine realm of spiritual transformation.


Sacred Selling and Align were born.

To find out whether Align is right for you, or to sign up, schedule an Exploration Call.