Yesterday I introduced the Sacred Selling System and am looking for people who are interested in road-testing it.  Whilst it’s a new programme it is underpinned by the exact same system I was teaching when I started out in business 15 years ago.  Back when online social media was in its infancy, you could have a super successful business without a web presence, and webinars hadn’t been invented!

The key to a business which sustains & nourishes us

The one key difference between my business now and my business back in 2004 is the spiritual and transformational aspect of being in business.  I believe this is the key to feeling deeply fulfilled, experiencing true success, and having a business that sustains and nourishes us.  When I started out I hadn’t embarked on my own transformational journey and everything was based on tangible results: do this, get that.

I remember being really frustrated working with clients who’d had an amazing time working with me – their confidence had grown and they were getting opportunities and making more money in their business.  However, they weren’t implementing the specific marketing strategies I’d taught them.  Instead the increased business came from elsewhere – either from things they’d been doing before we started working together or contracts that came in from out of the blue.  I therefore felt I’d failed because I thought it was my strategies and tactics that got results – not confidence or what I considered as airy fairy stuff!

I was totally focussed on cause and effect.  Do this, get that.

Today I recogninse that there is a whole spiritual and energetic realm at play that creates havoc with cause and effect.  A phenomenon that’s not easy to put into words – but results in behaviours like:

  • slamming on the brakes just when things are starting to go well
  • procrastinating and not taking action on the things that will move our business forward
  • not nourishing ourselves
  • experiencing set-backs from others making us feel that life just seems to thwart us at every turn.

The Bigger Picture

In order to shift these behaviours and have a different experience of being in business, we have to see the bigger picture – and that’s where the spiritual side comes in.

And there’s one crucial thing I’ve done over and over – at every step of my journey – that I’ve discounted because it’s so obvious – it’s one of those “doesn’t everyone do that”?  And no they don’t – nor did I when I was floundering in the wilderness.

It’s a key part of the Sacred Selling System but I hadn’t realised just how consistent I’ve been with it over the years – indeed all my life.

What am I referring to?

ACTION of course.  As I’ve always joked: pizza doesn’t cook itself.

Aligned Action

Throughout my life I’ve always taken action.  I’d have an idea and act on it – sometimes very quickly.  Then there were times when I’d been mulling about things for what felt like forever without taking a single step.  During those times I would get very frustrated shouting at myself:

“Come on Melina, you can’t stay in this place of inertia forever – do something”

It didn’t make any difference – I still felt stuck.

But even as I look back on those times of waiting, I was taking action:

  • I was noticing my behaviours
  • I took  action in other areas
  • I was walking and counting steps
  • I was journaling
  • I was sharing my journey with my email community and a supportive mentoring group

Looking back this more contemplative action was essential to where I am now.

And there was something else:


I always acted on trust – another key element of the Sacred Selling System.

When we totally trust – we know when it’s time to rest and time to act – we don’t need to ask whether it’s the right thing to do, or agonise over how to do it – nor get frustrated if it’s not happening – we’re at one with life – basking in Divine Flow.

The good news is trust is a part of us – we inherently trust.

However our trust has been papered over by things like:

  • social conditioning
  • by the false belief that there’s a “right” way and a “wrong” way to do things
  • by the idea that there’s a “missing piece”
  • being let down by others
  • fear

When we peel back layer upon layer of all these things we return to that place of deep trust that’s always been a part of us.

This feeling of trust is a game changer – because when we trust there’s no room for fear, or doubt – or any of those mental gremlins that tell us we’re not good enough.

From there we take aligned action.

The Sacred Selling System not only gives you the framework from which to take aligned action – it support you in peeling back the layers of distrust.

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