Selling transformation is an energetic process and it’s essential that all your marketing and sales processes and systems are aligned with who you are at your core.  Misalignment results in no sales (which is why blueprints and step by step systems often fail to generate results).

Melina has an innate ability to connect with the essence of who you are and help you create sales and marketing systems and strategies that are aligned with your heart and soul. During this 45 minute consultation she’ll help you identify how aligned your current sales and marketing systems are with your soul’s longing.

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Before working with Melina I felt strongly that there was a disconnect between my business model and how I was showing up but it was something that was very difficult for me to really understand and get to the bottom of myself. I just knew that something crucial in my business no longer fit. 

Enter Melina…!

Melina was able to reflect back to me, almost effortlessly, the essential component that was missing. She showed me how my business didn’t adequately bring my energy and personality across. For various reasons, the piece that had been missing was ME!!! I know that sounds silly but we aren’t born knowing these things. For someone like me who is at heart quite introverted and shy, Melina’s ability to frame this in a way that felt both possible and safe after so many years of being in business was deeply healing in and of itself.

Whereas my perception of the dreaded ‘visibility’ had previously been black and white, at Melina’s prompting, I am now learning through new experiences that being visible doesn’t have to be invasive or leave one feeling exposed. It can be as perfectly natural as me just being me…being myself…and that giving myself permission to show up exactly as I am, is miraculously, a very radiant and magnetic thing.

The confidence and ease this has enabled me to find is astounding. I am now regularly getting asked to speak at events, I’m booked to be a guest on several podcasts in the near future, I am involved in several new collaborations and most surprising of all, there are so many new people and prospective clients I’ve met who have been so excited to not just meet me but are also interested in consulting with me as a high level expert in my field.

Melina was able to help me see the area of my business where things were just not aligned. I am so grateful to her for fearlessly calling it out because needless to say, the impact this has had on my business and life has been life-changing.

If you’ve been considering working with Melina but have been unsure about whether to take the leap, my advice to you would be to not hesitate. Just do it. Just say yes and step in. I have worked with some of the top coaches in the biz, and to be honest, what Melina has been able to unlock for me far surpasses them all. She’s one to watch. Melina, you are so much more powerful than you know xoxox 

Caroline Diana Bobart