One of the things I’ve noticed is that after I’ve done a challenge – particularly if it’s one where I’ve had the support of a group – once the challenge is over I do less than I did before.

It’s like the energy it took to complete the challenge was so intense my body said “enough, I’m on strike”.

I’ve done two 30-day blogging challenges now – and I’ve noticed it happening both times.

It’s not that I’ve not written anything since.  I wrote the sales page for a brand new programme – the Sacred Selling System.  I’ve written emails and FB posts about it – and I’ve been creating lots of content for it.

I’ve been in creation mode – just not blogging!

And it’s been bugging me so today I decided to dig deeper and find out why.

I think we humans have a tendency to jump into action before we truly understand what drives our behaviours.  However, when we take the time to explore, we discover some fascinating insights.  It often results in us changing our behaviour with ease – with no pushing or forcing whatsoever.

Indeed, sometimes we don’t even have to understand why.

Simply noticing and articulating our behaviour is hugely powerful.

If I think about the blogging challenge, there were several reasons why I was able to complete it successfully:

    • I was committed – I had 30 days and 30 blog posts to write – my mindset was geared up for that task.
    • I was on a journey with others – they supported me by reading and commenting on my posts and I supported them by doing the same – and I learnt a lot in the process as the blogs were great.
    • There was a structure and a training that accompanied each day – Sarah Arrow has created 30 days of fantastic content sharing all things blogging and giving you a structure to follow
    • I had a start and end time – it was finite – 30 days

If I look at other challenges I’ve done – walking, doing FB lives, swimming – the same things apply:

    • I was committed
    • I had the support of others
    • There was a structure
    • It was for a finite time

After the blogging challenge finished, I made a commitment to write and share two blog posts a week – one reflecting and exploring like this one, and one teaching some aspect of selling transformation.  Yet I only had 1 of the supportive structures that work so well for me:

    • I wasn’t committed because I didn’t do it (commitment requires action)
    • There was no programme, no supportive group cheering me on and doing the same
    • There was a structure (I planned to share one blog on a Tuesday and one on a Friday)
    • There was no finite time – this was forever.

Of course, I could put supportive structures in place by enrolling others who want to do the same or something similar.  Yet I want this to be part of daily life – not something I do for 3 months and then drift off.  Plus running a group takes energy – I have to lead it – not merely participate in it.  And whilst I can see the many benefits of that it’s not where my energy lies right now.

And seriously, do I really have to enrol a cheerleading group every time I want to implement anything new in my life?  It seems a bit extreme.

But, I’ve learned a lot about commitment over the past few years.  Committing is not something we do once and then forget all about.  Life is constantly evolving – we need to evolve with it.  When it comes to commitment, we need to re-commit daily.

We also need to be true to our energy and our priorities.  It would be easy for me to beat myself up for bailing on my commitments (something I used to do a lot).  Yet if I look at my priorities:

My priority for April was to launch the Sacred Selling System.

My priority for May is to deliver the Sacred Selling System and to support my students.

My priority is not blogging – despite it being something I want to do.  Whereas in March daily blogging was my priority.

When something is not a priority it’s easy for it not to happen.  Yet we don’t always acknowledge that because we’re too busy trying to be superwoman and do it all.

So I sit here today and ask myself what will support me in blogging which feels fun, it’s an adventure, and it’s something that I know I can commit to given my priority for May is delivering the Sacred Selling System?

I can commit to weekly blogging plus a bonus 2.  So 6 blog posts over the course of May..  To support me I’ll create a tracker so I can monitor it – it will involve stickers – because they’re fun and unleash the playful little girl who gets motivated by stickers!

I’ll ignore the little voice that tells me 6 is not enough – that I should do more – because I know that voice is NOT supporting me.

What commitments do you want to make for May?

What will support you in accomplishing them?

Do share in the comments below.