And in the blink of an eye February arrives.

The snowdrops are out in full force; their cheery, dainty tear-drop flowers heralding spring.  This year I’ve felt very close to the change in seasons and the shift in energy that comes with them.

And whilst there’s still a whole month since spring officially arrives, I think I shall adopt the ancient Celtic seasons with the start of Spring marked by Imbolc – a Celtic festival that symbolises the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

“The word “imbolc” means “in the belly of the Mother”, because the seeds of spring are beginning to stir in the belly of Mother Earth” (Corina Nika, Melite 2023 Planner)

It is only now that I am starting to feel excited about 2023 – tuning into its magic and what wants to come through.  I spent January hibernating, going on long walks, swimming in freezing cold water, turning inward and making new friends.

Until now I hadn’t appreciated how magical January was – as there was this tiny nagging voice at the back of my mind that said “you need to get out there, you need to create your marketing plan, you need to be visible, come on Melina”.  Yet it was faint, barely noticeable, so much quieter than previous years – more like the hum of a fridge than a foghorn.

I can feel just how much more I am honouring the seasons and my intuitions – running my business in a way that is nourishing and nurturing – rather than jumping on the New Year, New You bandwagon.

It’s funny I remember one year sending out invitations for Strategy Sessions in early January.  It was a campaign I’d run early in the year and had been a huge success.  I used the exact same copy – tweaking it slightly for the New Year and sent it out, eagerly expecting similar results.

And …….

Nothing ……

Just like new growth wasn’t ready to emerge, neither was I meant to be in full promotion mode.

At the time, I thought it was because my message was getting lost in a sea of New Year, New You messages, but now I see it was my own internal seasons gently informing me that January is not a time for pushing.  It’s a time for nurturing, baking, curling up in front of a cosy fire with a good book, feeling tingling and alive whilst plunging into icy water, replenishing for the year ahead.

But now, it’s February and I’m excited.

Feeling into 2023.

It’s the year of the water rabbit in Chinese zodiac and I’ve just been down a rabbit hole (no pun intended) researching what this means.  And it’s not helpful for this email.

It’s all too easy to go off track, to chase after bright shiny objects, to get side-tracked.

But it’s just as easy to re-centre, to return home to what’s important and meaningful.

You simply pause, take a breath and tune in.  Ask yourself “what matters?”  “What’s important right now”?

For me 2023 is a year of grounding.

A year of embedding strong foundations.

No big launches, no new programmes, no new hare-brained ideas (ok I can’t guarantee the latter)….

2023 feels very solid.

How does it feel to you?

What are your intentions for 2023?

What magic would you love to unfold?

Do hit reply and let me know – I’d love to support you.

Whether it’s to help you on your journey with mentoring and guidance – or to simply say “Yay, that sounds awesome” and send you oodles of positive vibes that it will come to fruition.

And whatever you’re up to this weekend may you create space to nourish and ground.

Sending you a big bear hug.

Melina x

PS:  It can be tempting to feel we have to show up in a certain way in our business – be more “business like”, say things a certain way, find the words that resonate with your audience….

I think it’s time to knock that one on the head and let your personality shine through.

Let people see what lights you up, broadcast those quirky aspects of yourself.

It will draw your dream clients to you.

And yes, there will be people who don’t like you for it, who will judge you.  Let them go with love – they’re not your people and they will make lousy clients.

So even though we may have never met, I still want to send you a big bear hug as I am so appreciative of you being in my community.