Over the past few months I’ve been having a lot more calls – especially sales calls.  Having not done any for several years it’s been really fun getting back into it.

However this morning I had a call scheduled – and despite sending a reminder, the person I was due to speak to, didn’t show up.  For the 2nd time!

I’m very laid back and easy going and I understand things crop up – someone might forget, an emergency might happen, they might be held up elsewhere – so if someone misses a call I’m always happy to re-schedule although it does flag a few warning bells –  as how the sale process flows is an indication of how an ongoing business relationship will go.   When a client fails to show up to the sales call it’s likely they’ll be re-scheduling calls, won’t have time to do their homework and won’t get the transformation they came for – and then they’ll either beat themselves up for not taking action or blame us by saying they didn’t receive what they signed up for.

As a coach it’s heart breaking when our clients don’t get results and impacts us deeply.  Even though our clients are responsible for their own transformation, as their coach we become invested in their growth – we take a stand for their greatness – and when we see them not living up to what’s possible for them it hurts.  That’s why it’s vital to work with people who are committed to their own journey.

My initial reaction when this potential client didn’t show up for the second time was irritation – I’d set aside 2 hours of my life to be of service and they don’t show, nor have the courtesy to let me know there was an issue.  Once I can understand – but twice …. well….

Of course there might have been an emergency but ….

However as I sit here reflecting (and celebrate the fact that I have an extra hour in my day) I feel compassion.

I don’t know what’s going on for that person, or anything else that’s happening in her life – she may be facing some very challenging times so growing her business is way down on her priority list.

And that’s exactly it – despite signing up for a strategy call growing her business is not a priority.

And I see this over and over.

We say we want something – we tell ourselves it’s a priority; that we’re committed to it – yet our actions tell a different story.

For example, for many years I told myself I was “committed” to financial success – I wanted to have enough money to do what I wanted, when I wanted.

So I played full out to grow my business and increase my income.

And increase it I did – I tripled it 3 years running – and surpassed the golden 6-figure mark. I’d “made it” – success at last.

But in truth I was no better off financially – I’d invested heavily in mentors to help me grow my business and whilst my income had indeed increased, so had my expenses.   Although outwardly I’d “made it”, inwardly I was constantly worried about generating enough income each and every month to pay for all these additional expenses.

As I hadn’t done anything to curb my spending, my debts continued to accumulate – but always within manageable limits waiting for that magical “one day” – the “big win” when I’d be able to pay off all my debts in one fell swoop.

However as long as this pattern continued I could never experience the financial success I craved – because money management is a crucial part of financial freedom.

So whilst I said I wanted financial success, I was really only paying lip service to it – because I didn’t want to look at my spending.  Only when I recognised that the “big win” was actually a trap – and by believing this would happen “one day”, it meant I didn’t have to do the real work that would actually transform my relationship with money forever.

For me true financial success, meant tracking every penny in, every penny out – and being very conscious and mindful of where our money was spent and for a while limiting it to essentials only – something I’d resisted for years.

Looking back, I can see there was little point in building my business, or growing sales when no matter what I generated, the money poured out faster than it came in.

Interestingly I only really saw how deeply this pattern had hooked me AFTER I’d taken steps to change it.  Often our patterns are so deeply embedded that we can’t see how our everyday habits and behaviours are causing the very thing we don’t want.  That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to our actions  as they tell us what we’re really committed to.

Thanks to all the actions I’ve taken, I am now thriving financially and have a solid foundation so I can focus on growing my business and generating more income – knowing I can trust myself to nurture and take care of my money – not so long ago I’d have probably told you I was “rubbish with money”!

Incidentally when it comes to transforming anything in our lives – whether that’s some aspect of our business, or our health and wellbeing – the strategies themselves are often quite simple.  For example:

  • To be financially free we need to invest 10% of our income each and every month.
  • To lose weight we need to eat less and exercise more,
  • To get more clients, we need to generate leads and convert them into paying clients

And of course, I know it’s not always that simple.  But often we’re so enmeshed in our patterns and our stories that we cannot see how they’re driving our lives.  And in truth it’s our underlying patterns – not our circumstances – that keep us stuck.  It took me years before I was willing to take on my financial health.

So if you’re not where you want to be yet please don’t give yourself a hard time – instead pour on a HUGE dose of love and compassion.  And if you know deep down it’s time for the pattern to shift – forever – then do book a Discovery Call with me so we can explore what’s really going on and get to the heart of those sabotaging patterns.