Six Figures is considered by some, ‘the Holy Grail’ of business success.  That first tangible milestone that says “you’ve made it”.

When I first hit six figures, I was so excited.  I’d done it!  I was a success story; people were inspired and wanted to follow in my footsteps.

Yet several months after achieving that incredible milestone, I felt bereft;
“Now what?”
“Is this it?”
“Surely there has to be more to life than this.”

Instead of living “happily ever after”, I felt as trapped as ever!  I was on this roller-coaster of more, more, more and always bigger and even better.  It was exhausting.


Instead of experiencing the freedom I craved, I felt as though I constantly had to prove myself.

All around me mentors and coaches were putting a stake in the ground; “Follow me – I’ll give you my step-by-step plan to take you to six figures and beyond!”

Myself included.  I had a lot of success selling my six-figure blueprint, and it was fun for a while.  Yet despite my clients experiencing great results my feelings of self-doubt, and imposter syndrome wouldn’t go away.  I was afraid I’d be “found out” at any minute – and always felt one step away from disaster.


Eventually I burnt out.  Not full-on burnout where my physical health suffered and I couldn’t do anything.  Instead, I experienced emotional burn out.  Turns out wearing a mask is exhausting.

Deep down, I knew that pushing through or trying to “figure it out” wouldn’t take me to where I wanted to go.  Not that I even knew where I wanted to go.  I felt totally at odds with the business world I’d known for over a decade and questioned whether I even belonged there.

So I stopped.  I retired all of my online programmes, let go of most of my clients and became somewhat of a hermit.

I wandered in the work-related wilderness for several years.  On the surface, it may have seemed that I was flailing around, but deep down I had total trust that I was on the right path.  That all would be revealed if I kept following my intuition and heeding the whispers of my heart.


Somewhat surprisingly I found myself returning to sales.  But a totally new way of teaching sales – one that embraced the whole of me.  I called it Sacred Selling and married the very practical nuts and bolts of selling with our collective spiritual and transformational evolution.

Sacred Selling is so powerful and effective, but more than anything – because it grew from a place of deep authenticity – I no longer experience feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome when I’m teaching and sharing.  It’s been quite a journey.

Once again, I now find myself being called upon to support people on their own six-figure journeys.

And I’ll be honest – a part of me is terrified.  I know that because I keep putting roadblocks in the way.  I share and then retreat.  I’m in and then I’m out again.  I convince myself it’s not the right time, that I need to focus on growing my community, or selling more books.

But the wise part of me knows that all of these things I tell myself I “should do first” are merely delaying tactics born out of fear.  They shield me from facing my biggest fears – the fear of rejection, the fear of looking stupid if it doesn’t all work out, the shame of failing, and most of all the shame of being seen to fail.

To put yourself out there and say “This is me, this is what I’m about, this is my vision – will you join me on this journey?” is the scariest thing in the world.

What matters to us makes us vulnerable, and we’re terrified of failing.

So we convince ourselves we’re happy in our bubble – that it’s not so bad.  We’ve got responsibilities and we can’t simply drop them on a whim.  We tell ourselves we’ll do it next year when circumstances are more favourable.  More often than not though, this is fear masquerading as logic.

And deep down we know there’s only one way to move through fear;

Take a deep breath, and step forward.
And then do it again, over and over.

It’s deeper than “feel the fear and do it anyway” – which has always felt very head-based to me and has a sense of pushing through regardless.  It feels like abandoning my intuition, rather than honouring it.

For me, “taking a deep breath and stepping forward”, whilst the words sound the same, the energy feels very different.

When we take that deep breath, we are connecting with the divine – tapping into something much bigger than us.

We embody the energy of who we are becoming while tapping into the wisdom of who we have been, and we step forward from that place.

It fills us with a deep sense of trust and the fear melts away.

When we tune in; we can feel it.

We know that whatever happens – it’s the right thing to do.  Even if it doesn’t work out.

Because we know that if it doesn’t work out, there’s something even more magical on the horizon but we’d never experience any of it without taking that very first step.

For you, that first step might be to share your dream with a loved one, or even just dare to write it down in black and white, or it might be to sign up to work with a mentor.

Only you know what your next step is.  My next step is to share this invitation.  To invite you to join me on a magical journey; to step into the magic of Sacred Six Figures in 2022.

If what I’ve shared today resonates with you, and your whole being is saying a curious “tell me more” or an unmistakeable “yes please”, why don’t you take the next step and explore how this might happen.

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Remember you never have to have it all figured out – you simply have to keep taking the next step.  When you do, magic happens.

Much love,