How much should I charge? This is a question that gets asked a lot, and one many people (including me) agonise over!

No matter what business we’re in – whether we’re selling shampoo, clothing, consultancy, coaching – or even doing Airbnb – there’s a huge price range.

Do we pitch our business at the high end, low end or somewhere in between?

One of my favourite quotes when I taught sales was “if you’re not losing 20% of your business on price you’re too cheap!”

Yesterday I shared the blog post I wrote way back in October 2013 – when I wasn’t as familiar with the nitty gritty of my patterns as I am today – nor just how much they played out with pricing.

Being a coach, I was brilliant at helping others price their products and services.

But when it came to my own business I had this huge internal battle over what I should charge.

I tended to price my coaching programmes at the higher end of the spectrum, but in doing so, I was on tenterhooks the whole time – waiting for that phone call saying “I haven’t gotten value from this programme, I want my money back”.

I had lots of clients on a payment plan, and all too often they were unable to keep up with their payments. Of course I blamed myself – after all they’d hired me to help them make more money so when they couldn’t pay it had to be my fault because I was coaching them badly!

And at the time, whilst I could see there was a pattern I had no clue how to shift it. I thought it must be me and that I was taking on the “wrong” clients.

For my first 11 years in business – despite getting rave reviews and great testimonials -this feeling of being on a knife edge NEVER went away. It was constantly at the back (or forefront) of my mind and I lived in dread of people either demanding their money back, or bad-mouthing me as being a “rubbish coach”.

Heck, I was even so concerned about letting one particular client down, I wanted to offer them their money back after a month of working with them! Talk about a “not good enough” story!

Thankfully I didn’t and it turned out they not only totally loved working with me, they became my greatest cheerleader. Had I stopped working with them early on I would have given them a huge disservice.

And of course, when I was in the midst of these misgivings I’d beat myself up for feeling that way!

It was exhausting!

I didn’t realise just how exhausted I was until I burned out and had to stop selling completely.

And that was a great blessing! Because it gave me both the time and space to explore the underlying patterns that were driving my life.

Since then I have been noticing and digging deep to discover the root cause of my patterns and limiting stories and pull them out at the root. If you go back and read my blog posts over the past 3 years you’ll probably spot the patterns playing out as I shared many of them in real time.

How do we shift patterns?

Through noticing, allowing and articulating.

Effectively doing the total opposite of how we’ve been taught.

We’re taught to fight:

Fight for our dreams,
Push through,
Make it happen.

But when it comes to uprooting patterns we have to take a different approach – a much gentler, more graceful approach!

I’m making this the focus of my entire business (I am definitely an expert in uprooting patterns) and in January I am leading an online retreat to shine a light on the sabotaging patterns currently playing out – and how to shift them.

You can find out more here:

Eliminating Sabotaging Patterns and Limiting Stories