When you think of freedom and ease with money do you imagine:

  • never having to worry whether you have enough to pay your bills
  • having enough money to buy all those little extras
  • Consistently earning enough to live the lifestyle you desire
  • having a profitable business that supports and nourishes you
  • feeling an ease around money knowing there is always enough

Is that what you long for?

Is your experience anything but that?

Well I want to let you into a little secret:

Experiencing ease and freedom around money has nothing to do with how much money you actually have.

Rather, it’s all about your relationship to it. 

Your business could be turning over £10 million yet still experience fear around money – maybe even more so because on the surface you have a lot to lose.

When it comes to money we have underlying patterns that play out.

Maybe you’ve already noticed that as you start earning more money, you start spending more money?

That new client just paid, and you feel a sense of joy and freedom – finally you can invest in that software package.

Maybe you’ve invested in high level coaching and your income rises.

It feels amazing.

Until it doesn’t.

When I took my business to 6-figures I was so proud.  Finally, I’d “made it”.  I could stand tall with all the high earners.  I could take my place at the success table.

I shared my phenomenal results in all my marketing – it happened so fast that I had impressive figures.  I invited people to follow in my footsteps.  And it worked, lots of people signed up to work with me.

What I didn’t share was:

  • How much I spent on coaching to help me hit my goal
  • How much my “dream team” cost me every month
  • The amount I spent on online software and support systems that I needed to expand and grow
  • The fear I felt every single day wondering if enough sales would come in to pay my expenses
  • Mounting credit card debts
  • The relentless need to constantly sell, sell, sell simply to stay afloat
  • The bitter disappointment and rejection I felt when prospective clients said no

What I put out in my marketing and what I felt within were very different.

And I wasn’t alone.

I was privileged to be part of high-level mastermind groups and I would see my own experience play out everywhere.  People way more successful than me, with higher turnovers grappling with the same issues.


It seemed we were all on this treadmill of more, more, more – presenting one face to the outside world and experiencing something very different inside.


It sucks – and I believe it’s the reason Imposter Syndrome is so rife.

If your inner reality feels different to how you’re showing up you’re going to feel like a fraud – worried that you’re going to be “found out” any minute.

When you sell transformation, truth is one of your highest values.  That means every time you present something that’s even slightly mis-aligned, or you share the truth but miss out a key component, it feels dishonest.

Because it is.  You’re going against the essence of who you are

I used to share that I sold £44,485 in sales in just 8 days.

Fab figures right?

What I left out was that whilst it was 8 days on the phone selling – those 8 days were spread over several weeks.  They were also sales I made for another coach.  I didn’t take home £48k – I only took home a percentage of it – a fab percentage – one that I was delighted with.  Yet it still felt dishonest even though the facts I shared were true.

And I’m sharing this story because we’re swayed by figures.


We believe generating more money is the solution to experiencing more joy in life.


When we have more money, then we’ll experience freedom and ease.


It never worked that way for me.  I’m guessing it won’t work that way for you either.

The most crucial piece of experiencing freedom and ease with money is to see this.

More money is not the key.


Our relationship to money is the key.


That realisation hit me like a brick 18 months ago.

I suddenly realised that I had to learn to love and cherish the money I already had before more would come to me.

I had to engage with it, honour it, dance with it, appreciate it.

Focus on what I had.

Be creative with it.

Laugh with it.

I enrolled the whole family on my journey.

We spent 3 months in “Austerity Measures”.

I cut ALL unnecessary spending.  I said no to my kids whenever they asked me for anything – no matter what it was.

We took my car off the road and stopped paying for school dinners.

Yet throughout this whole adventure there was no sense of hardship.

I treated it like a game.

“Austerity measures” became the in joke in our house.

I became very creative with money.  I had a budget and I discovered it was fun choosing how to spend it.

I saved my birthday money and went shopping for new clothes with a friend.  I had a budget of £45.  I found some gems in charity shops and was amazed at just how far a limited budget could stretch when approached with creativity and joy (and a friend who was great with clothes).

The whole experience was fun.

My relationship to money was joyful and felt abundant.

And what struck me more than anything was how quickly things shifted.

It didn’t take years to dig us out of a hole – it wasn’t a never-ending journey.

It took just 3 months.  3 months to shift 30 years of deeply engrained money patterns.

That blows me away.

It’ also something I’m very proud of.

And that I can share our Austerity Adventure without feeling ashamed.

Up until that point I had never appreciated just how crucial money management was for an abundant life.

Indeed, the more creative you are, the more fun you have in conjuring up income generating ideas – the more money you make.

It’s the same with money management.  I brought lightness and fun to the journey – I treated it as an adventure rather than a stick to punish myself with.

Sacred money is something I go much deeper into in my Sacred Selling System (there’s so much more to share).  Sign up for a Sacred Sales Audit if you’d like to find out more.