Something that comes up a lot in my coaching calls and Sacred Sales Audits is a desire for clarity.

When we have clarity it’s much easier to focus and act because we know where we’re headed.

I love that my clients walk away with more clarity and step forward with courage and faith.

I also find it ironic because getting clarity is something I’ve struggled with.

I remember a few years ago yelling at God in frustration – “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it”.  But God took no notice and left me floundering in the desert.

But now, as I reflect on clarity I realise I have a totally different relationship to it.

I’ve discovered that clarity is not something we find and once we have it we move forward.  Instead:

Having clarity is a state of mind – it comes and goes.

Some days we are clear and life flows beautifully.  Other days we’re in the fog and we’re not sure where we’re headed.  On those days we question whether we’re on the right path at all.

In the same way we don’t live in a state of perpetual happiness, neither do we live in a state of permanent clarity.

Having worn glasses since the age of 8, I became aware of how sometimes I would see more clearly than others.  I originally thought it was down to my prescription, or whether I was wearing glasses or contact lenses.  The I realised it wasn’t that at all – it was actually the quality of the light.  On certain days I saw everything sharply with extraordinary definition.  On other days the edges would be ever so slightly fuzzy.

This morning for example – whilst it’s a beautiful sunrise with a sharp frost and blue skies, the atmosphere is hazy.  Clarity is diminished.  Another day, another sunrise will bring vibrancy and clarity.

It’s the same with business – clarity ebbs and flows.  In a dense fog we can only see a few feet in front of us – but we can still move forward.

I’ve noticed a pattern, particularly amongst spiritual entrepreneurs, of feeling stuck due to a lack of clarity.  It might be with our messaging, where to find people, or what marketing will work for us.

But the truth is a lack of clarity isn’t really the issue.  It’s simply masking a deeper issue:

We’re scared – scared of failing, scared of being vulnerable, scared of success, scared of upsetting the people we love, scared of being abandoned, scared that our work isn’t wanted., sacred of……

Facing our fears takes courage.  It’s easier to sit behind a veil of confusion.  It might be frustrating but it’s familiar – it’s safe.

Of course there are times when we really do need clarity – when we need to sit quietly and let the fog settle and allow clarity to come to us.  In these times our spiritual practices will support us hugely.

But how do we know whether it’s a lack of clarity or fear masquerading as a lack of clarity?

  • Time – how long have you spent asking for clarity, trying to find clarity? Have you spent several months searching?  Years going nowhere?
  • Repetition – are you constantly asking the same question, or a variation of it? Are you struggling to get clear on your dream client?  Constantly creating new programmes and events to find the one that your clients will resonate with?  Struggling to reach your dream clients?  Does it feel like you’re going round in circles?
  • Seeking help. Are you constantly looking for resources to help you gain clarity?  Reading articles, hiring mentors, having introductory consultations only to walk away because it’s not quite the right time – or the right person?
  • Feeling lost.  Are you in limbo – not knowing which direction to head? Frustrated?  Beating yourself up because “you should know better”?  Do you teach this stuff and should have figured it out for yourself by now?

If many of your answers are yes, it’s likely that a lack of clarity isn’t the real issue.

It’s fear – fear of being visible, putting yourself out there, afraid of what others will think of you…

The fear is being triggered by your core wound to keep you from feeling pain.

It took me a long time to see this.  I was convinced it really was a lack of clarity – not fear at all.

It was only when I saw the truth and looked my fears in the eye did clarity appear.

How do you release the fear and gain the clarity you seek?


1.  Acknowledge the truth.

Acknowledge that you’re scared.  Know that it isn’t logical, nor rational.  Nor does it come from your adult self. It’s the child within you that’s scared.  At some point she got hurt – and she NEVER wants to feel that pain again.  This is her way of protecting herself.


2.  Dig deep

Explore what is it you’re afraid of.  Journal, meditate, ask your angels – do whatever spiritual practice you need to connect with yourself so you can hear the message of your soul.


3.  Feel the feelings.

Feeling brings healing.  When you run away from pain it will keep coming back in numerous guises.  Each time you allow yourself to feel the pain, you heal a little more.  Every time you heal a little more you are able to step further forward in trust and faith.  As you do, your business grows and clients appear from out of the blue.


4.  Take action.

Do the thing you long to do that you’ve been resisting.  It might be:

  • to publish a blog post
  • reach out to that super successful coach to see if she’ll interview you for her podcast.
  • launch that programme that your soul keeps whispering to you about
  • put your prices up
  • say no to certain clients
  • let go of that piece of business that doesn’t nourish you.

Whatever the action – take it – even if your knees are knocking and your heart is in your mouth.

5.  Have compassion

Recognise that what you’re doing is huge. On the surface it might look like a tiny step – you see others doing it all the time, you tell yourself it’s no big deal.  But it’s HUGE – running a business selling transformation requires the whole of you.  There is no place to run or hide.  You are leading the way.  You are supporting others to heal.  You must walk your talk on every level.  It’s scary.


Have you noticed how sacred and scared are virtually the same?


It’s no coincidence.  God has a quirky sense of humour.  The more compassionate you are – the more graceful your journey.  And practising compassion is exactly that – a practice.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes – until you no longer need to practice – it’s simply part of who you are.


6.  Get support

Going it alone is hard work – we’re human, we’re wired for connection.  Find a mentor, find a supportive group, create a group yourself.  Having support means you can be vulnerable in a safe environment.    And if you’d like to explore how I might support you on your journey then book a complimentary Sacred Sales Audit.