I’m a published writer! How exciting is that!

Just over a year ago I was asked by the lovely Julia Barnickle to contribute to a selection of essays on the subject:


What if Life were meant to be Easy?


I jumped at the chance because:

a) It was a juicy topic I was excited to write about

b) I’m always delighted to expand the reach of my writing


All the essays from all the contributers were beautiful – and I loved reading them. Julia did mention a printed book but it wasn’t something I really paid any attention to.

Then after lockdown she compiled a second series of essays:


Lessons from Lockdown


And whilst I wasn’t originally part of this project I wrote a post that fit in with the theme (in truth I think I was inspired by all the essays – even though it wasn’t specifically for that).

Julia read it and asked if I’d include it in the Ebook she was compiling. Of course I said yes!

And now they’re in print!

You can buy them from Amazon.


Which makes me a published writer.


I never realised how excited I’d be at having something I’d written published. I danced round the room and immediately told my family who were very proud.

So here you are – my very first published writing – along with wonderful work from other talented writers.

If you’re interested in having more ease and flow in your life – I think you’ll enjoy them

And it’s spurred me on to finish my own book – which has been percolating for 18 months (indeed I’d written over 50,000 words although I think most will need re-writing!)

It will be published in 2021 – and you’ll be able to pre-order copies.


Watch this space.

Click on the images below to order a copy of each book: