Sometimes you just know it’s time:  time to stop faffing around and do the very thing that’s been percolating for months (maybe even years).  It’s time to stop talking about it, thinking about it, meditating on it, journaling about it, asking others what they think about it or looking at what’s holding you back.  Instead it’s time to roll up your sleeves, and get implementing.

Of course, inner work, healing work, creative work is essential – it forms a firm, solid foundation – and is vital for the work you’re here to do.

Reading books, getting information, creating the perfect environment, getting yourself in the best space physically and emotionally is hugely supportive.

But when it comes to bringing anything into the world – whether it’s a business, a programme, a mission, a new idea – there comes a time when you must give birth (metaphorically speaking of course).

That requires action – aligned action.

You have to roll up your sleeves and take the next step in birthing your beautiful creation and sharing it with the world.

As I’ve been writing my first book – The Art of Selling Transformation – I’ve been in a creative cocoon, gathering together all the golden threads from the past 22 years of my life.  I’ve drawn on my extensive experience of sales and marketing, transformation and spiritual growth and blended them into a beautiful new process for selling transformation.

I’ve named this process the:

Sacred Selling System

It’s not a step by step blueprint (there’s already a gazillion of them out there) – although there are steps.  Nor is it the “missing piece” (there is no missing piece just the illusion of it).

No, the Sacred Selling System is a foundational framework.  It gives you the freedom to sell transformation that is in total alignment with who you are.  As you’ve probably discovered selling transformation is not like selling anything else – you’re birthing new life into the world – something that has never been there before.  Something only YOU can bring forth.  Sure you might be offering something that is available elsewhere – maybe you’re certified in a particular coaching system, or you are building on the work of others, or you’re launching a tried and tested system in your local area – but YOU bring a very unique flavour to your offering – something that someone else selling the exact same thing cannot possibly bring.  I call it your Unique Essence

Your marketing, your sales – everything you create must be aligned with your unique essence – and not just at an intellectual level – if you’re selling transformation you have to embody it.

Your work is your life.  And your life is your work.

You can’t separate the two like you can selling widgets.  When you sign up to sell transformation you’re entering into a sacred contract with the Divine.  Your business becomes part of who you are.

When you sell transformation your business is the key to your spiritual evolution.

Not only your own spiritual evolution – what you’re building will form the foundation of the transformational industry for many years to come.  Future generations will build on your work – that’s why you feel such a strong calling to it and why it’s so frustrating when others don’t get it or when you hold yourself back.

It’s why you’ve never truly aligned with the marketing strategies and sales techniques that are currently out there.  That feeling that something is “off” or “icky” is spot on.  It’s because the method you are using to sell is out of integrity with what you’re offering.

The Sacred Selling System transforms all that – it’s a way of selling your services that’s totally in alignment with your unique essence whilst incorporating the timeless rules of sales.

It’s been the cornerstone of my business and what I’ve taught clients for 15 years but it’s only in the past few months that I’ve packaged it up into this particular framework, and I’m looking for people to road test it for me.

If you’re looking for a sacred way of selling and having a system that fits you like a glove then sign up for a complimentary Sacred Sales Audit and we’ll explore if it’s a fit.