When you hit roadblocks, do you see them as irritating obstacles you have to plough through, or do you see them as divine interventions whispering that something’s not quite right?

I’ve been fascinated by this for a while and haven’t come up with a definitive answer as I think it depends on our unique journey and how we feel about it.

I hit a roadblock recently and thought I’d share my process around it in case it’s helpful.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a training on creating a community experience around challenges.

I’ve always loved challenges – they’re short and focussed and it really appeals to my explorer energy and my sense of adventure.

Immediately after the training, I decided I wanted to run a challenge before the end of the year.  Something short, around 5 days focussed on some aspect of sales.

But when I looked at dates nothing leapt out.

I kept oscillating over pricing.  Is it free or paid?  If it’s paid should I do “Pay What You Choose” or a set amount?  If a set amount, what?

It’s so easy to help others with their pricing – yet I tend to play Pricing Ping-Pong when it comes to my own offerings.

The idea got parked.

Until …..

I got another nudge.

I looked again at the dates.

No, they still didn’t align.

Leaving it until January didn’t feel right.

November was out due to other commitments.

And in December there didn’t seem to be a clear week that was far enough away from Christmas.


Then it hit me.

I could do a 3-day challenge.

Short, sweet – easy to integrate.

It still allows plenty of time for Christmas prep.

Most of all it ties in really well with my own diary.

Plus the dates align astrologically with the final day being the last full moon of 2022.

It feels good.

It feels aligned.

And for me that is the green light.

How it feels.

Pushing through has a particular energy – it feels tough – like walking through treacle.

Alignment feels light, vibrant, exciting.

So if things feel tough, give yourself space – put it on the back burner for a few days – let go of having to make a decision.  When you come back to it, explore whether it has to be that way – or could it look a little different?  By altering it slightly how does it feel?  A fluttering of excitement or heavy and bleurgh?  Trust how it feels and follow the energy.

And keep your eyes peeled for my Sacred Selling Challenge on 6th, 7th & 8th December.

Much love,