I’ve launched a lot of programmes during my 15 years of business – some have been exciting and fun – some have been stressful and disappointing.

However launching the Sacred Selling System has been an entirely different experience from previous launches – everything about it feels different – more expansive, more spacious, more fun, more grounded, more solid and more sustainable.

I therefore thought it would be helpful if I shared 2 key pieces that created this feeling of ease and lightness – and have made this launch the success it is.

The first hasn’t changed in 15 years.

The second piece is new – and I actually only discovered it through writing this post.


1.  Expectation is a killer

Most sales experts and business mentors will teach you to set an intention and go for it.  It might be a monetary amount or a certain number of people registering for a programme.

That’s never worked for me!

When I look back at all my successful launches – those where lots of people have signed up and where I’ve felt great – the launch was always accompanied with the attitude of:

“I don’t how this will go but I’m going to have fun creating it”

The launch wasn’t a means to an end – the launch itself was the whole point.  Everything about the whole process lit me up – I was excited about what I was creating.  The learning and joy were in the creation – not the result.  Great results were a bonus.

And I couldn’t fake that curiosity – it had to be true and come from my heart.

Whenever I set an intention – and was attached to that intention – I didn’t reach it.  Instead I was bitterly disappointed that I didn’t hit my goal – I thought I’d failed, here was more proof that I was rubbish.  Instead of moving me forward it exacerbated my not good enough story.

It was only when I got wise to this pattern – and took steps to release it (something I teach in the Sacred Selling System) did that pattern dissolve.


2.  Foundations to build upon – not a one-hit wonder

Looking back, I noticed that my best launches were those where I was creating something new.  And there’s a huge amount of work that goes into creating something from scratch.

There’s the launch:

  • Writing a great sales page – the copy, the look and feel of the page, making it all work technically.
  • Writing all the promotional emails and social media posts
  • Creating a buzz
  • Enrolling joint venture partners
  • Creating videos
  • Doing a webinar.


Then there’s the programme:

  • Structuring it in a logical way
  • Creating training materials
  • Creating supportive pdfs
  • Creating accountability
  • Delivering it in a way that keeps people engaged
  • Having the right software to deliver it
  • And loads more


I would do all that work – and then abandon it for something new several months later.  I’d repeat the whole process all over again – never getting any traction and never building something sustainable.  It’s hardly surprising this is my first big launch since I burnt out 5 years ago.

And I have experienced some trepidation as I’ve been promoting the Sacred Selling System.  Whilst I am excited and enthusiastic and feel that Sacred Selling System will be around for years, at the back of my mind I’m wondering if this will go the same way as my other launches.  Will I get bored and want to create something new in 6 months’ time?

I feel different now, but what if this is just more of the same?

Maybe Miss Flaky will show up and say “I’m bored of this – let’s do something new”.

Until I sat down to write this email – I had been ignoring that little voice – but it was there at the back of my mind.

And it was almost certainly stopping potential clients from buying.

Through writing this email – the voice has disappeared.

I can see that everything about this launch is different to previous launches.

  • I am not launching a group programme.
  • I am not delivering the training via live masterclasses.
  • Instead I am creating content which will be hosted on an online platform and drip-fed over a period of 8 weeks.
  • Q & A is an integral part of the programme – but not through a live zoom call where you have to be available at a certain time. Instead students get to ask questions via an online form which I answer via weekly audio – they’ll get their own question answered and hear other people’s questions and answers.   I’ll then create an indexed library of all the Q&A.
  • Twice a year I am running it as a group – and all students gets to participate at no extra cost, as many times as they like, for as long as I’m running it. I think this is what I’m most excited about because it gives you the best of both.  An online programme that you can do at your own pace PLUS a twice-yearly vibrant group where you get to participate with others.
  • You join when you’re ready – no scarcity marketing “buy now before the doors close” (I’ve spent a small fortune on so many of those offers and the training remains unopened).

Everything about this launch feels expansive and vibrant.

And I’ve realised that I am creating it with longevity in mind.

In truth, this is a 3-year adventure.

A 3-year journey of exploration.

I am curious to know whether it’s possible to sell a high-end online programme (at a fantastic price) simply through email and blogging (maybe vlogging and video too) – without using any scarcity techniques.  Will people buy when they’re ready or do they need that extra little push to buy now?

This launch is just the beginning.

Seeing that I’m embarking on a 3-year adventure is a game changer.  My fear that I’ll get bored and abandon it for something new has totally gone.  I can now totally trust myself to stay the course.

The Sacred Selling System is so much more than an 8-week online programme.  For the courageous souls who are up for it – it’s a 3-year transformational journey.

That shifts everything and excites me a LOT!

There’s such a beautiful depth to Sacred Selling and I’m honoured to be teaching it.

Would you like to join me and be supported (in a delicious way) for the next 3 years?

All the details are here:

Sacred Selling System

Phew, I never planned such a long blog post.

That’s testament to just how excited I am.