It’s been a while since I’ve been up before everyone and sat with a cup of tea and my laptop writing.

Indeed, I got out of the habit after I finished writing Sacred Selling.  I started waking later, then we got two kittens who were awake wanting to play as soon as I surfaced.  Trying to keep them quiet, out of the kitchen and away from our dog was a battle.  I felt like I’d been through the ringer before my day had even begun.

So, I stayed in bed.

But this morning, despite a very full-on day yesterday and a longing for more sleep, I awoke early, inspired to write.

And here we are.

However, the longing to write wasn’t accompanied by a specific topic.  There was nothing burning I had to share.  What was swirling around my mind were insights about my own process and journey. Nothing concrete to share about sales and marketing.  Nothing to teach.  No pearls of wisdom whispering.

Then I remembered how much I love to read another’s insights:  seeing behind the scenes, hearing how they’re feeling, witnessing the journey they’ve been on, getting a peak at the insights they’ve had.  Through them, I learn.

I can relate it to my own life; see where I have similar feelings and thoughts, where I differ.

I learn so much from it.

Over and over people have told me how much they enjoy my writing, that they love my ramblings.

So why had I stopped writing?

As I reflect here, I realise I hadn’t fallen into the pit of “not good enough”, doubting people would want to read them.  It was more I had nothing to write about.  The few times I did write, I tried too hard to make it valuable for others – that I had to relate my process to some aspect of Sacred Selling.

It felt contrived, forced.

And I’m smiling now as I type, noticing how I’d stepped away from Sacred Selling.

That Sacred Selling is transformation through the playground of business.  It’s energetic.

It’s about letting go of old patterns and stories and stepping into the incredible and magical being that we truly are.

It means expressing ourselves in a way that is unique to us.  A way that only we can.  Trusting and knowing that this particular expression of us is what draws our audience to us.

There are a gazillion people who can teach you how to sell.

Not so many who will take you beyond the surface of sales to embrace the essence of a sacred business journey.

It’s not the sales themselves that give us the buzz.

It’s the magical feeling that generating those sales gives us.

A feeling that goes beyond that euphoria of “nailed it”.

Beyond the excitement of all the wonderful goodies that you could spend that income on.

All too often the feelings that come from selling are temporary – the excitement quickly wears off.  We need more and more, and bigger and better sales to get those same feelings.

And so, we step on to the treadmill of more.  Until we begin to wonder is this it.  Is this what life’s all about?  Surely there’s got to be more to life than this?

And I’m here to tell you there is.

So much more. 

When we let go of the “not good enough” and the quest for “the missing piece” and start seeing our business journey as a magical playground where we get to dance in the delights of new experiences.

When we begin to play – exploring what resonates with us and our clients, doing marketing that lights us up, letting go of trying to figure out “the right thing to do”.

Instead of constantly asking “how do I find the clients that will …” And instead focus on marketing activities that light us up, that bring us joy, that feel fun and easy to do.

Of course, with this easeful way of marketing, you must have a sales process that converts.  Without it, you’ll be doing a whole load of marketing – which people will love – but they won’t buy.  You’ll end up feeling deflated and your “not good enough” story will have a huge party.

As I look back, I can see that for the past few months, I’ve had this underlying sense of not enoughness:  I’m not doing enough, I need to be more visible, I’m wasting time.

I’d stopped doing many of the things that light me up: I’d stopped writing early in the morning, I wasn’t walking as much, I was sat at my desk for hours.

I kept thinking “I must start getting up earlier”, “I must walk more”, “I must take a break” – yet nothing changed.

But not doing things that light me up weren’t the cause of the ennui – they were symptoms of something deeper.

We assume that if something is not working, we need to change our circumstances – or do something different.  And sometimes we do.

Yet often, simply seeing the truth of what’s underneath our circumstances – the root cause of what’s going on, things shift naturally – no willpower required.  It feels effortless.

I’d fallen back into old patterns and by seeing how they’d hooked me good and proper I was able to release them.

The result:  I’m up early, feeling excited, inspired to write and share.

The journey I’ve just been on through my writing is a process I write about in the first chapter of Sacred Selling.  You can download it for free here:

Sacred Selling Chapter One

Until next time,

Much love,