So here we are, exactly one week into December and the craziness of Christmas.  Every year I tell myself “next year I’ll be more organised and start preparing for Christmas sooner”.  And every year December 1st comes round and all I’ve done is start thinking about Christmas!

Although for some reason I feel much calmer this year – and I haven’t experienced any of the overwhelm I usually do (of course that could all change as Christmas draws nearer!)

Then, as if December isn’t busy enough, I go and sign up for a 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  Am I crazy or what?

I am currently on Day 4!

3 blog posts down (well 4 if you count this one) 26 to go!

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There was a part of me that thought I was totally nuts signing up for a tonne of extra “work” at a crazy busy time of year.  Especially as writing blog posts always takes me ages!

But there was also that part of me that knew I needed to sign up and to sign up now.  After all this has been something I’ve wanted to do for over a year.  But I’d fallen down the trap of “I’ll do that one day”.  And in truth, lack of time is rarely the issue – when we don’t have time for something it simply means that that particular thing is not a priority for us (more on that tomorrow!)  And, as I’m someone who always walks my talk, when the idea popped into my head earlier this week, I knew it was time for me to look at my own “one day” wishes.

And deep down, I know that blogging is the most aligned way for me to grow my business.  I want to be able to share valuable content regularly and build up a loyal following of people who love reading my writing and then go on to work with me.

I want to share content that:

  • makes you think,
  • has you pause and take a look at what is going on in your own life,
  • gets you prioritising the areas in your life where the real transformation lies,
  • inspires you,
  • makes you laugh,
  • brings tears to your eyes…

And most of all I want to create content that has a ripple effect and leads to lasting transformation in your life.

Now I understand precisely why it’s taken me so long to take action on this!

I’ve set myself a HUGE task.

How can I accomplish all that in every blog post!

No wonder I spend a whole day writing a post – I’m trying to make each and every post perfect!

Talk about pressure!

Of course I kept burying my head in the sand and leaving this particular challenge till “later”!

But it’s only now I can see that.  Through blogging and through sharing the inner workings of my being!

If I hadn’t not signed up I would never have had these insights.

You see I’ve known for a while (and I believe this to be true for most people) I gain clarity through action.  As I take a step forward and experience the response, I gain more and more clarity of where I’m headed and why I’m here!

And it’s through practice and experience that we gain mastery!

I will never become a brilliant blogger if I rarely blog.

I will never be able to share the gazillion ideas and insights in my head if I spend 4 times as long editing a blog as I do writing it!

And in just 4 days I have been blown away by the response – people are commenting on my posts!

For the past 2 years no-one EVER commented on one of my posts  – it was like my writing ended up in a black hole!    Although I rarely shared my posts so I guess that’s hardly surprising!

And in truth I’m loving the discipline of sitting down to write every day.

Did I actually say I’m loving the discipline?  Me?  Loving discipline?

Oh my goodness I really have changed – first of all I discovered I love early mornings (after years of telling myself I was a night owl!)

And today I’m loving discipline!

What next?

Maybe I’ll start loving routine (ok let’s not get carried away …)

So, over the next 26 days I’m going to be posting a daily blog.  If you’d like to be notified when they’re live click on the link below which will transport you to my business page on Facebook and “like” and ”follow” me. You’ll then be notified when I post the link each day.

And if you resonate with what I share do please leave me a comment below – I love to get feedback.  This not only sparks ideas for new blog posts it also satisfies my natural curiosity as I hear about your insights and experiences.  And of course it makes me feel good and encourages me to write more!


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