Is a lack of time something that stops you doing all the things you’d love to do? 

Often we’re so busy doing everything we have to do – going to work, running a busy, endless meetings, bringing up a family, cooking, cleaning, supporting others – that’s there’s no time left to do the things we long to do.  Things we want to do for ourselves – read a book, relax, go for a walk, get out in nature exercise, go away for a weekend, attend a retreat, take that training….

We keep going longing for that day when everything will shift – when our business is successful and we can hire people to help us, when we go on holiday and we can finally relax, when we can give up work and focus on our business full-time…

When I was “time-poor” I always looked forward to Christmas – because then I’d be able to relax without feeling guilty that I should be doing other things. 

And when my children were small I longed for the day that they wouldn’t need me so much and I’d have more time to focus on my business.


And then I, somewhat unwittingly, embarked on a transformational journey and discovered that my experience of “not enough time” was nothing to do with my circumstances.  Rather my circumstances were a reflection of my inner world.

For example – I still had tons of work on over Christmas and wasn’t able to relax.

When my daughter started school and I had 2 extra days a week to focus on my business, I was still mad busy and not achieving everything I wanted to do.

I started to see with crystal clarity that my experience of “there’s not enough time” remained constant – whatever my circumstances.  And I became very aware that it wasn’t a lack of time that was the problem – it was my relationship to it.

I saw that every time I said “I don’t have time”, I was re-affirming the belief that time was limited – that I was a victim to my circumstances and I was in fact giving my power away.

“I’d love to do that but I’m sorry, I don’t have time….”

Indeed in the Western world being busy is revered as a sign of success, a badge of honour.

Go to any networking event and you’ll be asked “are you busy”?   So long as you answer “yes” you’re in the club – the busy successful club.

Interestingly no-one ever asks are you happy?  Or are you fulfilled?  But I digress!

Earlier this week I recorded a video to share one simple shift which will totally transform your relationship to time.

You can watch it here: