I was inspired this morning reading a delightful newsletter from Jen Le Marinel (who hosts amazing woodland retreats) when she shared:

“Life is busy. We need to make time for the things that matter for us.”

It’s all too easy to think “one day” or “I’ll do that when….” And before we know it another year has gone past.

For me, as my children keep getting older – my son will be 21 and my daughter will be 16 in a few months and it seems like the travel bug has returned with a vengeance.  That coupled with my new found obsession with wild swimming has created a desire to venture off at the drop of a hat to explore new areas of the UK.  With an online business and children who can stay home alone for a few days makes it possible, and it’s got me thinking about buying a camper van.

Ok, full disclosure – it’s become something of a obsession.

The upshot of my obsessions is that I move mountains to make them happen.  I’m also impatient – which means I want it NOW!  Although such venturing will have to wait until after 19th June when my daughter finishes her GCSE’s.

But waiting comes with other advantages – like gifting me two months to generate the cash and find the perfect van.

Writing to you has also got me wondering whether there’s a way I could incorporate it into my business.  I wonder how popular Back to Basics VIP retreats would be?

Anyway, I digress – there is a reason to this pre-amble which is entirely related to business.

You see I can feel the fire in my belly for this camper van.  I’ve seen this fire many times before (interestingly it often relates to travel).  And when I’ve got this fire, whatever I’ve set my heart on usually happens.  Not because I’m lucky – or a brilliant manifester – but because I’m unwavering in my desire.  And I’m willing to think outside the box and look at ALL the ways this desire could come to fruition – because there’s always a way.

I then play full out to make it happen.  I follow all the nudges.  I let go of the how – and the when (sometimes kicking and screaming).

I create a plan (even if it’s only in my head).

I see myself already having the desire – for example I see the photos of me with the van by the beach – about to go swimming.  I feel the excitement as I’m sat in the passenger seat heading off for our first adventure.  I feel the trepidation of being in the driving seat manoeuvring down narrow country lanes.  I feel the anxiety of trying to park it.

There is no doubt in my mind that this desire will become a reality – what I’m less clear on is when, the type of van and the level of investment.  But I trust that will become clear as I keep taking the steps.

But this fire in my belly for the camper van is fuelling me to get out and market my business.

You see, most of the entrepreneurs I work with aren’t motivated by money.  Of course, they want to make enough, they want to live comfortably, they want to live in a beautiful home, to travel, to buy gifts, to give to charity….

But often it’s an idea, at some point in the future – and it’s not tangible in the here and now.

Which means it’s easy to put off doing the scary stuff – like.… being visible: picking up the phone to follow-up with a client: sending out that extra email mid-launch; contacting that famous podcaster asking to be interviewed; connecting with a journalist to see if they’ll feature you…..

All of that important (scary) stuff can wait; after all it’s more pressing to hang the washing out (it’s sunny); the accounts need doing (it’s near month end); better check emails (there might be something important);  ooh, I’ll “just” bob on social media and see if there have been any comments on my latest post; I could really do with that coffee – it’s been a busy morning…..

Sound familiar?

Focusing on “making more money” is too intangible to move beyond fear and procrastination.

So, to stop procrastinating and move beyond fear is to have a focus that’s either:

“I have to do this, it’s non-negotiable” – it might be to put food on the table, buy shoes for your kids, repair your broken-down car, fix the boiler ….


It’s something that you really want – something that gives you a fire in your belly at the excitement of it.

Got something?

What is it?

And if you’d like some help in making it happen (I’m brilliant at coming up with creative ideas to bring a dream to life) then book an Exploration Call and we’ll dive in to see how I might be able to help.

And stay tuned because I’m on fire as to all the ways I can be of service and help you to sell more – which in turn will generate the revenue I need to purchase my camper van – and I’ll be sharing these over the coming weeks.

In the meantime have an amazing Friday and wonderful weekend.

Much love,