Marketing is something many spiritual entrepreneurs dislike.  I’m guessing you would much rather spend your time serving clients than trying to find them?  Indeed, you’d probably love a fairy godmother to come along and do all that icky marketing for you.

However, marketing – along with sales – is the life blood of your business.  Unless you can consistently bring onboard new clients your business will struggle – or you’ll experience feast and famine.

However, if we take away all the marketing strategies and all the latest “must implement” gimmicks and strip it back to what marketing actually is – it’s very simple.  Indeed, I believe that for spiritual entrepreneurs, marketing is a natural extension of who we are.

When we come home to ourselves and market in a way that’s aligned to our essence – clients show up.  Especially when we pay attention to how closely integrated our marketing journey is with our spiritual journey.


So what is marketing at its core?

It’s Connection, Communication and Being of Service.



If you’re selling transformation you need to connect with them at a soul, energetic level.

I’ve read a lot of marketing copy in my 15 years of business and much of it sucks.  Not because it’s badly written or says the “wrong” thing – but because it doesn’t create a soul connection with your audience.

How do you create that soul connection with your audience?

First, you must connect with you.   Then you market in a way that aligns with your soul.  You discover this by paying attention to what you love as a buyer. What marketing resonates with you?

For me I love fun marketing.  I love marketing that’s a little bit different – marketing that’s outside the box, it’s playful – it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s light-hearted and quirky.

So, I watch what people in my industry are doing, I pay attention to what I buy, and why I buy it.

Whenever I come across a marketing idea I love – I adopt it and integrate it into my own business.  But I don’t just copy it – or do it exactly the same – I adapt it – I add my own flavour to it (usually chocolate).

Marketing is about being daring – trying out new things, experimenting, testing.

You never know if something will work for you until you try it.  And that’s what makes it fun.

However there is one thing you must ALWAYS do whenever you come up with any new marketing idea and that’s:

Put yourself in your client’s shoes.


Ask yourself: “How would I feel if I were to receive this?”

I do this automatically, but for many this doesn’t come naturally – so add it as a step in your process and consciously ask the question.

If you think “ew” – then please don’t implement it – try something else instead.  If you’re not sure – test it anyway – you might just be surprised at the results.


Getting your message across.  Saying things in the “right” way so people sign up.

Many years ago I had a programme called Customers-on-Tap.  I’d created a sales page but I wasn’t getting many buyers.  Then along came an opportunity to hire a professional copy-writer at a no-brainer price.  He said he could see various points where my copy could be made more compelling.  Perfect.

When he presented me with the finished copy I hated it.  It wasn’t my voice and it was very formulaic.  It included all the marketing “rules” but nothing of me.  And that’s what people were buying – me – my spin on a timeless system of generating clients.

You must infuse you into your marketing.


And it’s best to do this within a tried and tested structure. That structure is:


1.  Have a compelling offer

People must not only want what you’re offering – they must be willing to spend money on it. And what people spend money on is dependent on what they value.  I once saw a pair of shoes in Florence that I totally loved.  They were 4000 euros.  There was no way I was willing to pay 4000 euros for a pair of shoes.  Yet I was happy to spend 10 times that amount on coaching.

I spend a lot of money to live in a beautiful home – yet I drive a car that’s 19 years old.  Space and living in the country is important to me – a new car isn’t (and I love my yellow beetle – even if she is an old lady and a bit battered).

You don’t need to find clients with the money to buy your services – you need to find the people who value your services and want to buy them.


2.  Create connection.

You must build rapport – your client needs to gel with you and your brand.  Be bold – share your personality.  I used to go to Zumba classes –because I loved the teacher.  She was enthusiastic and passionate about her craft.  Her personality and passion shone through and her energy was infectious.  Your dream clients need to be able to connect with you – you are what makes the difference and has them say yes or no.  The more “you”, you are, the more your perfect clients will resonate with you and sign up to your offers.


3.  Paint a picture of the end result (aka sell the benefits).

Your clients don’t want to know they’re getting 6 masterclasses and a Facebook group.  They want to know they’ll be enrolling clients with ease.  They don’t want to know the details of the diet – they want to know they’ll fit into that bikini ready for summer (even if they can only sunbathe in their garden).  To find the words that will resonate with your clients – listen to what people tell you they want.  Then use their exact words in your copy.


4.  Invite them to take the next step (aka have a call to action).

It must be aligned with your offer.  When you do this – think about your customer – what is the journey they need to go on to become your client.  For example, if they want 1-2-1 coaching, they’re going to want to speak to you.  In that case your next step will be a conversation with you.  There’s no point in having a buy now button – they won’t sign up.  They need a link to your diary to book at time to speak to you.

If you’re offering an online self-study programme then you can invite them to “buy now”.  However, your copy has to tell them everything they need to know and answer all their objections (a big ask if you’ve never spoken to prospective clients and don’t know what they want).   That’s why I’m such a big fan of sales conversations.

And remember price is subjective – to some $97 for an online programme might be cheap as chips but to others it might be the most they’ve ever invested in themselves so it’s a big deal.  They may want to speak to you briefly to get reassurance they’re doing the right thing.  So include a way they can easily do that – maybe have an “any questions” box on your page if you prefer not to give out your phone number.


Be of Service

As I said earlier – clients are the lifeblood of a business.  No clients = no business.  That doesn’t mean you must bend-over backwards and do things that are not in alignment with who you are.  However, it’s important to always come from a place of service.  Does what you’re doing add value to your client?  No?  Then don’t do it.  It can be easy to get hung up by what other people offer and add in loads of extras because you think it will make it more attractive.  Often it won’t – and can actually have the opposite effect – your client might feel overwhelmed and not buy.

However, if you always come from a place of service – in a way that’s nourishing for you – and you integrate timeless marketing principals – your business will thrive.

Of course, there are many moving parts to all this.  So if you feel what you are offering is wanted and you are coming from a place of service but still not getting the clients you want; then we need to talk so we can identify where the bottle-neck is.

When I shared I wasn’t getting many sales for my Customers-on-Tap programme – it wasn’t the copy that was off.  The issue was not enough people were viewing the copy.  And no amount of time or money tweaking the copy would get me more clients.  Instead I had to focus on getting more people to look at that sales page.

It’s all too easy to waste a lot of time fixing something that’s not broken – please don’t do that.  Book a Free Sacred Sales Audit so we can identify where the problem is and transform it.

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