It’s March 1st – St David’s Day and the first day of meteorological spring.  I think it’s one of my favourite days of the year.  It’s so full of promise.

Today the sun is shining majestically.  After the rain, wind and floods the sun comes out to warm our hearts and light our soul.

March 1st is also the start of a 30 day blogging challenge I’m undertaking.  A part of me thinks I’m nuts:  having done it once before, I remember how much work is involved.  And a part of me is celebrating – deep down I know it’s the next leg of my journey.

When I did it back in December 2018 (like December isn’t a busy enough month) it was about me finding my voice.  It helped ease the fear of what my readers might think and gave me the courage to write from my heart.  As the days went on writing became easier and my posts didn’t need as much editing before I shared them.  It was very much a personal journey – and enabled me to connect more deeply with who I am.

This time I see it as more of a business journey – a way to share more about Sacred Sales and include excerpts from my new book – The Art of Selling Transformation.

Maybe even Blog my Book (something I learnt from the wonderful Dale Darley).

Of course, no matter what my intentions are, in truth, I don’t know how this journey will unfold – nor what will emerge from my fingertips.  But I do know it will bring unexpected gifts.

It will also unearth another layer to my Sacred Process – something I can use in business to help me grow and to serve my clients at a deeper level.

And that’s the topic of today’s post:

Our Sacred Process

Whenever we do anything – whether it’s a challenge, growing a business, launching a new product – we go through a process.  A process unique to us.  I believe a version of this process underpins everything we do.  So, challenges from our personal life can be mapped across to business and vice versa.

I’ve learnt a lot about my own process over the years.

I know that at the beginning of any new adventure I’m excited, full of enthusiasm, raring to go.  Then part way through I hit a wall – I get fed up, I’ve had enough, it’s too hard, I want out.

It’s at this point I have a choice – I can succumb to the pain and opt out – or I can push through and continue despite the discomfort.

I’ve done both over the years.

In time, I learnt that opting out strengthened my “I’m rubbish” story.  When I opted out the voices in my head yelled:

  • You’re not committed
  • You don’t have what it takes
  • You’re useless

However pushing through didn’t give me peace or make me feel fulfilled either.  I would feel resentful, hating what I’d signed up for, wondering what the point of it was – believing it wasn’t serving me.

As I started paying attention to my process I noticed these mechanisms at play.  I witnessed how I signed up for lots of things, not commit fully and feel rubbish when I didn’t follow through.  All of which served to strengthen my not good enough story.

Seeing this as a mechanism – rather than an innate flaw in my being – gave me compassion:

  • Compassion for the me who was committed to freedom.
  • Compassion for the me who was committed to breaking free of limiting patterns.
  • Compassion for the process itself.

I started making different choices.  Instead of succumbing to the vindictive voices, I ignored them.  I pushed through.  But I pushed through with love for myself instead of resentment for whatever I’d signed up for.  If I did fall off the wagon I got back on a couple of days later without beating myself up or making a big deal of it.

And this time I’m preparing for the mid-way point.

I’m doing this challenge with a group knowing that the group energy will help me fly further and higher.  I’ve asked for support in the form of an accountability buddy that I can check in with daily.  Even though right now I don’t think I need one.  Today at the start of the journey I think I’m invincible – I don’t believe for one second, I’ll fall down.

But I do remember the last time I fell.  It was during a 40-day book writing challenge.  We were told to get an accountability buddy, but I felt so committed I didn’t feel I needed one, so I didn’t bother.  I hit the wall and missed a few days of writing.

I didn’t re-start for months.

This time I’m not taking that chance.  I’m preparing myself.  Through knowing my process intimately, I am setting myself up for the best chance of success.

Here’s to a very fruitful and nourishing 30 day blogging challenge.