Sacred Selling


Dear Spiritual Entrepreneur,

Do you long for the day when you have a steady stream of the most perfect clients flowing to you each and every month?

Does the thought of selling make you feel icky?

Do you lack confidence when it comes to selling your services and fear rejection?

Sadly, selling has got a bad reputation over the years: we think of double glazing, cold calling and salespeople who ram their products and services down your throats – whether you want them or not.

However, when we come home to the heart of what selling really is, it truly is the most beautiful, magical experience – one that your clients and prospective clients will cherish forever.

The origin of the word “sell” comes from the Old English word “sellan”, meaning “to give, furnish, supply, lend”.  There is nothing sleazy about it at all.

Unfortunately, many sales trainings focus on “overcoming objections”, implementing scarcity, and harnessing psychological tactics to persuade people to buy.

It’s no wonder so many spiritual entrepreneurs hate selling – your very being rebels against what you’ve been taught as it’s so misaligned with your core values.

I’m on a mission to change all that and transform your experience of sales.  Instead of selling feeling icky and difficult it becomes the most beautiful, natural part of your whole business – something you look forward to because of the impact it makes in people’s lives on every level.

When you align your sales process with the essence of your products and services, selling becomes joyful, impactful and easy.  You feel amazing as clients say yes.  Your clients are delighted because they know their lives will be transformed.


Sacred Selling


Selling isn’t just about the sales conversation itself.  There are three key areas to focus on to generate an abundance of sales:


Your business must be aligned to you.  It must be aligned with your values, the way you like to work, aswell as your strengths and your lifestyle.

Your products and services must be aligned.  They should play to your strengths and how you best operate.  When they do, you feel blessed when you show up to serve because it feels like play, not work.

Your pricing must be aligned to the depth of transformation.  Maybe you sell yourself short and don’t charge enough.  Maybe you’ve been encouraged to price high but you cringe whenever you think about it believing “no-one will pay that”

If any of these pieces are out of alignment, sales will stop flowing – or every sale will feel like pulling teeth!

When they’re all in alignment – everything flows and sales flood in.


Your Sales Process

Do you have a step-by-step sales process that you guide people through?

Or is it a bit hit and miss and most of your clients come via referral or “out the blue”?

Not having a repeatable system for generating sales leads to anxiety and fear: you worry about whether you’ll have enough revenue to pay the bills next month; you’re concerned about your savings running out.  This can erode your confidence and lead to self-doubt.

No matter what you’re selling, it is vital that you have a repeatable step-by-step system that consistently brings in new leads and clients.  It gives you:

  • Confidence to be yourself and stay in integrity rather than following a rigid sales script no matter what
  • Ease around money as you can confidently predict your sales month on month
  • A repeatable system which you can use yourself – or hire someone to do the selling for you

Promotion (aka marketing)

Do you constantly question where you can find people to buy your products and services?

Is “lead generation” something you know you must do, but don’t?

What makes marketing so difficult is not having a clearly defined sales process so marketing becomes “spray and pray”, and disappointment when no matter what you do, nothing seems to work.

However when you have an aligned offer, plus a step-by-step sales process you guide people through, promotion and lead generation becomes easy.

It becomes obvious where you can promote your services and people will sign up.


Do you want to transform your experience of selling?

Join me as I guide you through my winning 3 step framework.

Focussing on Sacred Alignment, the Sacred Sales Process, and Sacred Promotion you will learn:

Sacred Alignment

How to overcome invisible fears and blocks that keep you stuck and blocked

How to align your business to your values, strengths and lifestyle

How you know when you’re misaligned – and what to do about it

How to craft an offer you feel great about – and present it in such a way that people say “yes”

How to shift your inner games so you can confidently ask for higher fees – and get them

Sacred Sales Process

My simple 3-step framework that enrols clients with fun and ease

How to deeply connect with prospects and serve them at the highest level

How to structure a “sales conversation” which sells and allows you to be authentic and detached

How to ask for the payment in a way that feels good and isn’t pushy, scary or uncomfortable

Why I never “overcome” objections such as: “I can’t afford it” or “It’s not the right time” but instead create a sacred space that avoids them completely.

Sacred Promotion

How to find people quickly – and have them say yes without you having to build a relationship over time.

How to get as many leads as you need even if you’re just starting out and do not have a big list

How to promote your business without using social media

How to get the word out on a small budget

How to access the right people in sufficient numbers without spending all your time on marketing

Programme Structure

The core programme spans 6 weeks and for each of the 3 key areas there will be a week of training, followed by a week of integration.


The training is delivered in bite-sized chunks via an online portal.  Training is a mixture of audio, video plus written materials. 

The training is not linear – i.e. it’s not a 90 minute training each week.  Instead it’s several different ieces of content relating to the module.  It’s designed to feel like a magical journey with twists and turns rather than a traditional training programme.

The training pertaining to each module will be delivered on a Monday and you can either work through it in one block – or do it in bite-sized chunks – whatever works best for you.

Please allow 2 – 3 hours for each training module.

Implementation and integration

This programme is NOT theory, it’s designed to get you clients. 

If you have any questions I’m on hand to answer them plus you get three thirty minute coaching with me – one after each module – so I can help you apply everything you’re learning to your specific business. 

 Once you register you’ll be sent a link to my online calendar to schedule these calls at a time that’s convenient for you.

Programme Schedule

The programme is on your schedule so you get to choose when you want to start. 

Once you start it follows the following schedule:

Week 1:  Core Content – Sacred Alignment

Week 2:  Thirty minute coaching call with Melina for support and guidance on Sacred Alignment

Week 3:  Core Content – Sacred Sales Process

Week 4:  Thirty minute coaching call with Melina for support and guidance on your Sacred Sales Process

Week 5:  Core Content – Sacred Promotion

Week 6:  Thirty minute coaching call with Melina for support and guidance on Sacred Promotion

Sound Good?

About Me

In case you don’t know me, I’m Melina Abbott and I’ve been in business since 2004.  I started out as a Marketing Coach – back in the day when coaching was in its infancy.  With the backing of an International Business Development Organisation, I set off – still working full time and bringing up a 2-year-old.  Within 8 weeks (taking days off and working Saturdays) I enrolled my first client.  That gave me the courage to quit my job.  I’d done it – I was so excited to do something I loved and be there for my little boy. I ticked over for several years – I loved what I did, I worked hard and got clients but the big success I dreamed of was elusive.  At the same time, I also began my own transformational journey. 5 years in I recognised I was playing small, so I invested in several high level mentoring programmes.  My business took off – within 2 years I went from £13,512 to £44,763 to £111,533.

I’d made it!

Yet I still felt unfulfilled, my “not enough” story still played out, I felt like a fraud, I kept slamming on the brakes and half the time I wanted to curl up on the sofa and have the world stop!

I’d worked so hard, achieved my dreams yet it didn’t give me what I craved.  How could I continue to teach people how to sell and make more money when it hadn’t given me what I longed for? I stopped teaching sales, I retired all my online programmes and stopped marketing. I went on a journey of discovery. It was a time of frustration, beauty, messiness, adventure, bliss, angst, excitement, hopelessness, joy and every other emotion all rolled into one! But in that time of exploring, allowing and accepting I came home to me.  I guess you could say I had a spiritual awakening – one that took 3 years! It became clear that my talent at sales and marketing and my ability to teach it in a way that resonated with people wasn’t a “waste”.  Rather it was the key to my own transformational and spiritual journey AND  that of my clients. It was time for me to blend the very practical, numbers based, masculine sales systems and processes, with the intuitive, intangible, feminine realm of spiritual transformation.


Sacred Selling was born!

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