On March 1st I started blogging about Sacred Selling.  To settle on this as my business brand has taken many years.  There’s been a lot of soul searching and letting go, oodles of trust as well as opening up to magic and divine flow.

I am laying the foundations of something truly sacred and finally feel at peace with the work I am bringing to the world.

I thought it would be helpful to create a summary of what I’ve been sharing.

Our Sacred Process

When it comes to doing anything we go through a process – and our process is unique to us – we’ll often do things in a particular way.  Knowing our own process – and the places where we get stuck and are likely to sabotage ourselves – is hugely supportive in our business journey and a way we can easily fast-track our success.  I share more about the way this works and my own process in this post: https://www.melinaabbott.com/sacred-processes/

How our core wound shows up in Business

We don’t see the world as it is – we see it through a lens. Everything we experience runs through a filter based on our past, our beliefs, our patterns and our wounds.

When we work on healing our wounds; and stop engaging in behaviour that exacerbates them; our experience of life shifts. This results in other people treating us differently and things that cause us anguish and frustration no longer happen. A part of me thinks it happens like magic but it doesn’t – it’s underpinned by a huge amount of inner work.

I share all about this inner work here:  https://www.melinaabbott.com/how-our-core-wound-shows-up-in-business/

Be the change you want to see in the world

A lot of business marketing is based along the lines of “I burnt the midnight oil learning this so you don’t have to”.  It appeals to entrepreneurs because we want the short-cut.  If we can get there faster by walking in someone else’s footsteps then why wouldn’t we?

Yet this rarely works when it comes to selling transformation. As transformational leaders we’re pioneers – forging our own path.  We need to experiment – find our own groove.  We have to embody what we teach and I share more in this post:  https://www.melinaabbott.com/be-the-change/

Sacred Rules

Do you learn and follow rules? Or do you prefer to throw away the rule book and do your own thing?  The truth is it’s rarely an either/or situation.  Rules serve to support us – we’re not a slave to them.  Rules make our life easier, our journey quicker – and most importantly enable us to live in harmony with each other.  However, adapting rules and tailoring them to our unique essence gives us a super advantage in business and this is the subject of this post:  https://www.melinaabbott.com/sacred-rules/

How to Eliminate Procrastination and Self-Sabotage

In this post I share my 4 step process for dealing with Procrastination and Self-sabotage.  I also share a rather fun story of my own experience:  https://www.melinaabbott.com/eliminate-procrastination-and-self-sabotage/

How to gain clarity when you’re feeling lost

I find clarity over-rated.  It comes and goes.  I’ve come to realise it’s a state of mind.  Some days we are clear and life flows beautifully. Other days we’re in the fog and we’re not sure where we’re headed.  However I’ve also come to see that a lack of clarity often isn’t the real issue at all – instead it masks something deeper:  Fear.  Fear loves to hide behind a veil of confusion.  In this post I share how to tell whether it’s really a lack of clarity or fear masquerading as a lack of clarity:  https://www.melinaabbott.com/how-to-gain-clarity-when-youre-feeling-lost/

The Sacred Selling System

As a Spiritual Entrepreneurs our work is our life.  And our life is our work.  We can’t separate the two like we can selling widgets.  When we sign up to sell transformation we’re entering into a sacred contract with the Divine.  Our business becomes part of who we are – and it’s the key to our spiritual evolution.

If you’ve never truly aligned with the marketing strategies and sales techniques that you’ve been using it’s probably because they’re out of integrity with who you are and what you’re offering.

The Sacred Selling System transforms all that – it’s a way of selling your services that’s totally in alignment with your unique essence whilst incorporating the timeless rules of sales.  Read more about it here:  https://www.melinaabbott.com/introducing-the-sacred-selling-system/

And that’s it – my round-up so far.  If you’ve enjoyed reading them do share them with your friends and follow me on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/melina.abbott/

Much love,