There’s an art and a science to having a Six figure business that:

  • lights you up from within,
  • has the support structures you need to enable you to work in your zone of genius
  • puts cash into your financial freedom pot each and every month

Join me for Sacred Six Figure Treasure Hunt where we’ll delve into:

Your Core Business

Are you super excited about what you’re putting out in the world?

Do your offers light you up?

Do they feel aligned with your soul?

Are they priced in alignment with your money goals?

Are you working in your business in a way that nourishes you?

Do you work in your zone of genius each and every day and have support for those things that drain you?

Let’s delve into your offerings and business model and ensure it’s in alignment with your soul purpose AND gives you financial freedom.

Your Sales Process

Do you feel confident and at ease that your business will generate the revenue and profits you need each and every month?

Do you make it super easy for clients to find you and work with you?

Are you consistently promoting your business in a way that’s fun and brings a steady stream of new enquiries?

Do you love the whole sales process?

Does it work for you energetically?

We often think the sales process has to look a certain way – that it’s important to focus on it each and every week, but if you love to start things and aren’t great at finishing them, you probably rebel against routine. Anything that’s the same week-in/week out will leave you cold and you’re less likely to follow-through.

It’s vital that your whole sales process works for the way you’re wired so we’ll explore what that looks like – for you.

Energy and Mindset:

Do you feel something is holding you back?

That if you can just get that one thing sorted, then everything will fall into place and you’ll be living the dream?

That you’re on a quest - and very close to getting there?

We’ll probe into what that “one thing” is – and why traditional ways of getting there haven’t yet worked.  Then we’ll pinpoint where the treasure you’re seeking really lies.

You’ll walk away feeling inspired and empowered with the beginnings of your own unique Sacred Six Figure Treasure Map

I normally charge £197 for one of these consultations but this month I have 3 to give away for free.

If you’d like to be considered for one of them click on the link below to apply.

Why am I giving these away for free?

We’ll have 50 minutes together.  50 minutes where we’ll tune into what’s possible for you.  We’ll draw the outline of your Sacred Six Figure Treasure Map.  You’ll step into the frequency of Six Figures – and see your  golden, unique path ahead.  What’s more, you’ll be soooooooooo excited about the magic that awaits. 

However, an outline map is a teeny tiny part of the whole process.  Where the gold resides is in the implementation and integration.  When you implement your patterns play out, limiting beliefs and sabotaging stores rear their ugly heads, challenges and obstacles block the way. 

I love nothing more than guiding the way as you walk this path – shining a light on the patterns you don’t see, mentoring you as you add the foundations and structure to your Sacred Six Figure business.

There was no way I’d have hit Six figures without guidance and support.  My mentor believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, she was my tether when I was flailing about, and she’d walked in my shoes – she knew how I felt because she’s been through it herself. 

If we gel and you resonate with everything I have to say, it’s likely you’ll want my guidance and support as you courageously traverse this path.  I’ve been doing these consultations long enough to know it’s the most magical way of sharing what I do and how I work, then inviting you to take the next step on your Sacred Six Figure Journey. 

And if you don’t go on to work with me we’ll have had an awesome conversation, filled with insights and golden nuggets.

Whatever happens it’s a win/win.

Are you ready to embark on your Sacred Six Figure Adventure?