A Sacred Six Figure Treasure Hunt

Is it your time?



Your time of expansion and abundance?

A time you look back on and think “wow”?

Is your mind full of dreams?  Dreams of a rich, vibrant and magical future? 

Are you excited about what’s unfolding in your life, wanting to harness all the good and build on it? 

If you’re reading this and your cells are screaming “YES”, we’re on the same page.

Every time I tune into the energy of 2022, I feel its magic.

Despite the hardships, despite the tragedies, despite the heart-breaking events unfolding on the world stage.

Admist everything that is unfolding, there’s an abundance and joy flowing through 2022. 

It’s a six year.  In numerology a six year supports the expansion and success of businesses whose values are rooted in service.

There’s an energy of expansion.

An energy of six.

Do you feel it too?

Is six calling you?

Drawing you in?

Whispering that 2022 is your year for hitting 6 figures?  And yes, there’s still time.

As you’re reading, are you feeling a bubble of excitement?

Is the adventurous seeker in you doing summersaults?

Are your eyes beginning to shine as you tune into possibility?

When we think of sales, marketing and growing a business, we tend to think it has to look a certain way. You have to do x, y and z. You have to get your copy right, you have to find the right people to market to, you have to have a plan, a system, funnels, lead magnets.

Of course, systems and structures are important.

But what’s more important is tuning into the energy of the divine flowing through you. Connecting to that part of you that knows ANYTHING is possible.

Then grounding what comes through into practical systems and structures.


Which is why I’m soooooooooo excited about the invitation I have for you.

You are invited to join me on a treasure hunt.

A Sacred Six Figure Treasure Hunt.