Sacred Six Figures


It ‘s time

Time to let go of “not enough” and “too much”

Time to let go of surviving.

Time to let go of those harsh voices that are constantly berating you, making you think you’re failing.

Our culture has you believe that you have to be moving forward, achieving great things, constantly on the go with a plan.  The rhetoric is you must know exactly where you’re headed otherwise you’ll fail.

If you have a clear vision and a clear plan – that’s great.

But when you don’t, it’s all too easy to believe that there’s something wrong with you.

That you have a fundamental flaw that if you could just fix it then everything would shift.

So you go on a journey of exploration, trying to find the one thing that will fix the flaw so you can get on with your life.  

Only to discover it doesn’t work, for you.

Maybe you don’t implement, maybe the training doesn’t resonate with what you’re trying to do, maybe the mentor doesn’t get you.

Whatever happens you’re left feeling worse than before – because now you’ve invested – and been burnt.

Where do you go from here? 


 You go within.

Re-connect to you.

Re-connect to the part of you that knows exactly what you want why you’re here on this planet at this time.

Re-connect to that joyful soul who’s longing to come out to play.

It’s hard to hear that part of yourself amidst all the noise of society and the harsh voices in your head.

The voice that points out your failings and tells you where you’re going wrong.

The voice that pipes up in glee every time you make a mistake.

The voice that tells you you’re rubbish.

The voice never tells you what you’re brilliant at.

What you excel at effortlessly.

What you do so well it feels like fun – not work.

That’s the place to look – to focus your attention. 

There’s nothing to “figure out”. 

You’re not failing.

There is nothing wrong. 


 It is simply time to re-create your life.

To fully feel into the life that lights you up – that has you excited when you wake up feeling great to be alive.

A life that has you smile in glee as you’re walking down the street for no reason whatsoever – other than simply being here at this time.

A life you love with a business that supports you.

A business that brings you joy.

A business that you feel blessed to work in each and every day (ok there might be the odd day that you really don’t want to face – but they’re few and far between and generally once you get going you find it quite fun after all).

A business that moves you from surviving to thriving (clichéd but true).

It’s time for you to fully step into and embrace the whole of you.


Yes, even those parts of you that you’ve been trying to squish away – thinking that if you ignore them for long enough they’ll eventually go away.

They won’t.

It’s only when you embrace them, that you can harness their power – and so much goodness comes from that.


 Are you ready?

Ready to embrace the incredible being you truly are.

The magical, beautiful, abundant being who is here to make big changes and create a life and business that reflects you.

All of you.

Divine You

Human You

Messy, Mixed-up, Imperfectly Perfect You

Ready for the journey of a lifetime?

A journey of Abundance, Freedom and Transformation

Are you feeling that bubble of excitement? 

Poised to fly knowing that you’re fully held and fully supported?

Ready to welcome it all in.

Fasten your seat belt:


Sacred Six Figures here we come!

A 6 month transformational journey spanning three phases:

  Phase One:  Re-Connecting to You

  What do you truly want?

   Not what you think you want – or what you should want – or what other people are working towards.

   What do you really want?

When did you last give yourself permission to really feel into what makes your soul sing?  Maybe you have, but haven’t yet allowed it to filter through into your business?

During this first phase we’ll really focus on your unique guiding light – because once you’re clear on this – creating a business you love, that you’re motivated to be in and are excited about it growing becomes easy.


Phase Two: Aligning your Business to You

In phase two we focus on aligning your business to your unique essence. 

We’ll create:


Aligned Offerings – ones you can’t wait to share with the world. They’ll feel vibrant and exciting and support your clients in a deeply transformative way

Aligned Sales Processes – processes that feel congruent and in tune with you. Ones that feel fun and easy to run with

Aligned Visibility – Promotional campaigns that feel juicy and exciting. Campaigns you’re excited to put out there – ones that make it easy for you to show up every day


Phase Three:  Grounding

In phase three we focus on grounding and implementation.  Nothing new to learn, nothing new to create – simply embedding everything you’ve already created. 




 The journey is not linear

Whilst there are 3 phases, they will not be spread equally over the 6 months.  We are working to a Divine timescale not our own and so each phase will take as long as it takes.  We may never get to phase three.

And that’s ok. 

The key is alignment.  Once you’re clear on what lights you up and you use that as your guiding light with everything you create, business becomes easy. 

There will be no more second guessing, no more debating what is “right” – you simply have total trust in your path and are excited to act. 

Believe me I’ve been in your shoes – I remember the frustration of now knowing what I wanted, where I was headed, what I needed to focus on, what my niche was or what programmes I should offer.  Every time I landed on something and started to move forward – I’d discover a glitch.

Or I’d launch a programme, deliver it and then lose interest.

I thought I was a hopeless case – languishing in no-man’s land – doomed to be here forever desperately trying to figure the way out.

Phase one was it – letting go of having to figure it all out and simply following what my heart longed for – over and over.

Many times I wanted to give up, to disappear to a desert island and not have to face the world ever again.

Yet my commitment to a life and business – that really served me and those around me never wavered – although I can only see this now in hindsight – back then a lack of commitment was something I would beat myself up for.

It’s not an easy journey – but I believe it’s the most rewarding one you’ll ever take.


 What’s included:

Online Deep Dive Session

Deep Dive SessionWe kick-start your Sacred Six Figure journey with a 3 hour deep-dive to tune into what you truly want:

  • What do you love doing, what lights you up?
  • What aspects of your business make your heart sing? What feel bleurgh?
  • Are you longing for something completely new?
  • Is there an offering you’ve been longing to create but it’s never the right time – or you don’t think anyone will buy it?
  • Is there something you long to do – and know it’s the next step – but it terrifies you?
  • Is it time to expand and push the boundaries of what’s possible?
  • Is it time to step back and focus on YOU – not your business?
  • Do you need to simply continue what you’re currently doing but in a more aligned, intentional way?

We’ll spend 3 hours focussed on you and what you truly want, tuning into your inner longings and deep-seated desires.


Fortnightly Coaching Calls

To reach dizzying heights whilst remaining grounded and centred, structure and continuity are vital. 

After your Deep Dive session, we’ll schedule fortnightly calls to ensure you are supported and have accountability. 

You have 12 scheduled calls in total.


Private VIP Retreat

Imagine having time totally for you.

44 hours where you don’t have to be anywhere, do anything but simply connect to you, your business and what you truly want to create.

Time away from the hubbub of everyday life.

Time away from responsibility.

Time away from the demands of everyone around you.

Time for you.

A gift to you.

Can you feel the peace descend as you read?

Join me in beautiful Shropshire to be nurtured and nourished as we focus on what’s next for you.

Your retreat can be scheduled at any time during your Sacred Six Journey.


Spiritual Growth

Your business goals, your dreams, your vision is the outer journey – it’s what we’ll be working on as we voyage together. 

Where the magic really lies is in the inner journey – unearthing the patterns that are still playing out, letting go of what no longer serves you, seeing how everything that unfolds is in service of a Divine Journey.

This is the foundation of Sacred Six Figures and one I am honoured and delighted to support and guide you on.


Space Holding

You have entered a powerful vortex of love and divine energy.  It’s carrying you along as you cross mountains and deserts, oceans and rivers.  You will feel it throughout our journey.


Guidance on Systems, Sales and Promotions

As you grow and evolve, I will support you in putting in the systems and structure you need.  This is based on my 25 years working in sales and marketing – 18 of them running a successful online business.   


Feedback on copy

New programmes, new offerings, web pages, proposals all require copy to be written.  If you need feedback on anything sent it to me for review before going live.  Sometimes I will record an audio or video sharing recommendations.  Other times I will edit and re-write parts for you.

Please do not take what I advise as gospel – it’s your copy and it’s important that you love it and it feels like you.  You know your clients and your audience – and the more you write, the more you will trust your own words.

And of course, the way to see if what you’ve written is “good” is to test it and see what response it brings.


Total Support

I am here to support you totally throughout your journey.  You can contact me personally throughout our journey and get support and guidance outside our regular calls. 



Deposit of £2,400 followed by 6 payments of £600.


 Excited and want to find out more?

Book an Exploration Call and let’s talk to see if it’s a fit.