Many years ago, I used to give myself a hard time for not following through on implementing systems which could be run on autopilot.  It was the era of creating passive income and the “lap-top lifestyle” was the in thing:  make money while you sleep, or whilst sitting on the beach sipping a pina colada; work a few hours a week and earn 6-figures.

I had the skills to implement a passive income revenue stream.  I had digital products I could sell.  I had all the software I needed and was being mentored by experts who were already successful in this area.

All I had to do was implement.

Yet time after time I would launch an online programme – and stop.

The launch generally went ok – enough of a success to make the whole project viable.  Yet for one reason or another I never built on that success.  Instead I would let it peter out and a few months later I’d launch something else.

The pattern repeated for years and all the while I would beat myself up as being useless because I didn’t seem to be able to get my act together.

What I never explored at the time was why.

Why was I constantly on the launch treadmill?

What was driving that behaviour?

In the Sacred Selling System (my flagship programme) we explore what we truly want – not the dream, or what our ego thinks we want – but actually what our heart longs for.

We also dig deep into the patterns that sabotage us from having what we truly want.

Reflecting on my launch – stop era, I discovered three things playing out:

1.  My personality doesn’t suit a “rinse and repeat” business

At my core I’m an explorer – I love nothing more than trying something new and seeing what happens:

  • Walking a path I’ve never been down before without a map to see where it leads.
  • Driving down a narrow country lane and seeing where I end up
  • Driving through a snow drift wondering if I could make it home and avoid having to go the long way round
  • Not knowing how a launch will go but having fun launching something new

Running a business on auto-pilot had no interest for me at all.  Following someone else’s formula had no thrill for me.  I wanted to try something new and see if it would work.  Launching was always exciting because it was new – and it was always exciting to discover if people would buy or not.

In truth I was beating myself up for not doing something I didn’t want to do.

It’s easy to look back and see how crazy that was – but at the time I didn’t have the self-awareness I do now.  I really thought passive income was the answer to my prayers – it would give me the time and money to do what I loved to do.

I didn’t know back then, that business meant so much more to me than making money – or even making a difference in the world.  Being in business fuelled my curiosity and was an outlet for my creativity.

2.  I had a deeply entrenched “not good enough” story

A voice in my head would appear and say “you’re rubbish you”.

Every time I didn’t follow through on a “rinse and repeat” system I would beat myself up – thus magnifying that story.

When I launched the Sacred Selling System in April – I had years and years of baggage of seeing myself as someone who “didn’t follow through”.   And so at the back of my mind I was concerned the same thing might happen?  What if I launched this and gave up?  This felt different – but so have other things I’ve launched.  I blogged about it and discovered a crucial difference.

You can read my insights here:  Launch Insights – A Game Changer

3.  I believed there was a “missing piece”

I used to believe that experiencing success was the end goal – that once I’d reached 6 figures all would be well in my world.  For years I searched for the missing piece – that one golden nugget that would transform everything.

But instead what I discovered was that the missing piece doesn’t exist.  Indeed, letting go of sabotaging patterns and discovering our life purpose is not something we do once – it’s a journey.  And it’s one that’s integral to our business evolution.

The me who launched the Sacred Selling System last month is not the me who launched programmes 6 or 7 years ago.  I no longer carry the same baggage.  So many of the patterns that used to play out have dropped away – including “not good enough”.  Remnants remain but it no longer stops me in my tracks like it used to.

I can also see that the Sacred Selling System is so much more than a sales system.  It’s a voyage of discovery and along the way sabotaging patterns lose their grip.

I could beat myself up that it took me so long to get to this point.  Or I could look back and appreciate every moment of that adventure.

I’m pretty sure you can guess which option I’m choosing.

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