It’s time.

Time to change the paradigm of sales

Selling is a portal to an abundant life – not a necessary evil or a means to an end.

Selling, when done with love, is beautiful and serves your clients at the deepest level.

Selling is at the heart of any business – and how you sell your services must honour you

(if it feels icky, you’re probably selling in a way that’s not in alignment with your soul)

It’s time.

Time to stop “earning” a living

and instead receive the gift of abundance which you were born into.

Time to open your heart to marketing in a way that’s aligned and in flow,

instead of something to dread and procrastinate on (and the more we care, the more we procrastinate)

It’s time.

Time to rise up and say yes to your soul’s longing

Time to release any fear and step forward with faith and courage

Time to let go of everything that no longer serves you.

This is an invitation to join me on an adventure.  An adventure filled with love, abundance and joy.

None of us know where life will lead.

None of us know the extent of the magic that awaits as we build a business that aligns with our soul.

And none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.

Which means the time is NOW (clichéd but true).

The past 12 months has seen me birth a movement.

It started out as an idea.

It came to life with the creation of an online programme.

It’s now time to venture into the next evolution:

With the birth of a book:

But not just any book.

This book is not about the words, the content or the structure.

This book is about the energy of the written word.

It’s the energy of Sacred Selling that leads clients to seek us out and want to work with us.

Which means this particular book cannot be written in a vacuum.

Sacred Selling craves connection.

Connection not with like-minded people; nor with people walking the same path.

Connection from people from all walks of life.

When we’re on a transformational journey we’re impacted by the energy of Sacred Selling.  Which is why:

I am holding space for 33 Magical Beings to join me on a Pioneering Adventure

To be a part of this book as it’s lovingly written and created.

To be an integral part of it’s creation – with the essence of you infused through the words.


Your life will be touched in magical ways when you take a leap of faith and join me on this Sacred Adventure.

What’s in it for you?

Magic, Adventure, Fun …

Insights, Learning, Connection …

And so much more …… 

It will be a one of a kind adventure.



On one level we focus on selling:

Sacred Selling:  Selling that’s led by the Divine and the whispers of your heart.

On another level we focus on YOU:

Powerful, beautiful, divine YOU –  living the magical, amazing life you dream of.

Your Pioneering Adventure spans Five Chapters:

Say yes to adventure, magic and possibility

Book your ticket on a journey like no other.

Meet your fellow pioneers in a sacred space as we each prepare for the journey.

Gather with your fellow pioneers as we raise the gangway and set sail together.

Connect with:

The Energy of Sacred Selling

Connect with:

Your fellow Pioneers

Connect with:

YOU, Your Desires, Your Intentions

Read the book chapter by chapter and receive coaching and guidance from me as you go.

 We will be diving into each of the 8 main chapters, exploring them in detail.

Learn the concepts

Integrate them into your life and business

Experience the magic that unfolds

Anything is Possible in the Magical Unknown

When we have faith, trust and certainty within ourselves, the unknown gives us nothing to fear.

Indeed it’s an exciting, magical,  wonderland.

In this chapter experience its magic for yourself.


Sacred Selling:  The Content

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Sacred Foundations

Sacred Selling is a spiritual journey and strong foundations are essential. And not simply understanding them at an intellectual level – it’s about integrating them into  everyday life.  So when life throws you a curveball (which is will) you won’t flounder and feel lost at sea.  Instead you will have the agility to adapt and pivot – emerging through it even stronger.

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Sacred Myths

There are many beautiful teachings on spirituality and personal development.  Yet amidst these teachings are myths and illusions that hold us back and keep us in frustration and lack.  It’s essential that we know what they are and how they show up and sabotage us in everyday life (they can be very sneaky and seductive) so we can let them go and experience the freedom we crave.

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Sacred You

Your dreams, your desires, your personality, your unique expression of love is what draws clients to you. Yet we’ve all been conditioned to conform, to be a good girl, to toe the line, to squish ourselves down so we don’t outshine others. Along the way beautiful you has been lost. It’s time to reclaim you and integrate your unique essence into your business.

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Sacred Money

Our patterns play out the most when it comes to money. This pillar will reveal the truth about money and what your fears and feelings of “not enough”  really signify. This chapter covers the practical and spiritual tools to transform your money story – leaving you feeling abundant and wealthy – with enough money to cover all your outgoings – AND a surplus to build your financial future.

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Sacred Selling

Sales are the lifeblood of your business.   You need a simple system that not only feels great it enrols your dream clients with ease. I believe selling transformation is magical.  There’s this beautiful moment when a client says “yes” and your heart fills with love as you visualise the difference this decision will make to them.  You know their lives will be impacted in a deep and long-lasting way. This chapter covers the mindset, energy and psychology of sales.  And includes an aligned step by step process you can tailor to fit you like a glove.
It’s time to feel confident and congruent when you connect with your dream clients.

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Sacred Marketing

If you currently hate marketing diving into this chapter will change that. Discover the process of aligning your marketing with your:

  • Unique Essence
  • Sacred Offering
  • Clients’ desires

You will see how the marketing process itself serves your clients at a deep level. Never again will you ask “where will I find my dream clients?” Instead you’ll have a steady stream of awesome people who are excited to start working with you. Giving you more time to focus on doing what you love – writing, creating, taking days off…

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Sacred Support

Support is available to you all the time.  Support from the Divine, support from those we love, support from others.  Yet often we’re unable to receive this support because we have a hard work story and like to be in control. This chapter dives into the process of letting go of needing to control everything and learn the art of receiving. This alone will transform your experience of business.  

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Sacred Reflection

In today’s fast paced world, we are striving so hard to achieve our goals, to “get there”, to be a success.  It is easy to forget to look back and see how far you’ve come and how much growth you’ve experienced on your journey so far.  In this final chapter dive into the art of reflection – and see how amazing you truly are.

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Signed Copy of the Book

You will of course receive a signed copy of the book when it’s published on 21st September 2021, which will include a personal message from me.

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Your name in the acknowledgements

Sacred Selling is as much about the journey and the creative process itself as it is about the end result.

When you join this journey you become part of the book – your energy, your essence and your beautiful soul will be infused into every aspect of it.

Your name proudly displayed in the acknowledgments forevermore.

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Live Gatherings

During our time together we will connect via zoom for a deep dive into the energy of Sacred Selling

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A Sacred Space

There’s nothing more magical than a Sacred Space where you  don’t have to wear a mask, where you can share how you feel without judgement.  A space where you can be seen and heard exactly as your are.

Throughout our adventure together we will have our own beautiful, sacred space to connect and travel together on our Sacred Selling Journey.

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Coaching from Me

As we journey together, questions will come up, patterns will surface so throughout I will be there to to answer them and give you insights and feedback on your experience.  

Never before has this been available at this level of investment but I’m excited to offer it as this book is born.


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Sacred Processing

Processing our emotions and unpicking the mechanics of events that cause us frustration and angst is a huge part of Sacred Selling. 

In the book I cover the step by step process to do this.

On the journey I will share details of experiences that trigger and challenge me and the specific steps I take to heal.  This will support you in feeling less alone, give you courage to follow the whispers of your heart and help you heal. 

Investment  £97

Unable to join the journey but would love to receive a signed copy of the book when its published on 21st September 2021?

Got some blocks around selling and growing your business?

Not sure what’s holding you back?

Become a Sacred Selling Pioneer and upgrade to receive a Breakthrough Session.  We’ll delve deep into the sabotaging patterns and limited stories that are keeping you stuck. 

After this session what’s holding you back will drop away and you’ll be able to move forward with ease and grace. 

Ready to experience the Magic of Sacred Selling?