Abundance – a beautiful word meaning:

a very large quantity of something

Whenever I think of abundance I always think of the air that we breathe.

You see we often strive for abundance or wealth, or financial freedom, yet if we had no air to breathe we’d be dead within a few minutes.

Which means we are already abundant – simply because we are breathing!

Yet all too often we don’t see this as we are trapped in feelings of limitation and lack.

Now before we continue please note this is not a blog post to beat you over the head and tell you to “be grateful for what you have”.

Or as I would tell myself over and over “pull yourself together Melina, what have you to complain about?”

When we’re frustrated and fed-up it’s important that we honour those feeling but it’s even more important to see the truth.

And that is: there are so many areas of our life where we are hugely abundant.  And we have to see how abundant we already are before we can receive more abundance.

And we begin with our breath.  How freely and easily we breathe.  Just think of when you have a cold and you’re all bunged up.  How wonderful it is when your cold clears and you can breathe easily again.

Can you feel the abundance of the air that you breathe?  It never runs out no matter how many breaths we take.

When someone else is breathing around us, it doesn’t mean there is less air for us.  They are not taking our air when they breathe in.

If something that is so essential to life is in such an abundant supply – where else are we abundant?


We turn on the tap and water gushes out – an abundance of water – again something that were we to go without for more than a few days, we would die.

In many parts of the world there are water shortages and people have to travel many miles simply to collect water (and often it is dirty and makes them ill) – yet we can turn on a tap and have as much water as we want.

Such abundance – yet how often do we appreciate this abundance when we turn on the tap?


We have an abundance of food with which to nourish ourselves – we do not have to toil the soil or go out hunting to get food to stay alive.  We simply go the shops and buy what we need.  Such abundance available day and night.


I am sitting in front of a cosy log fire, so welcoming on a cold winter’s night.  I didn’t have to go out and chop a tree down and wait several years for the wood to dry out – I was able to order logs from the log man who delivered them right to my door.  Indeed even the log fire is not necessary for me to stay warm these days, as I have central heating – instant warmth at the flick of a switch.  Pure abundance!


I have a wardrobe full of clothes.  I don’t have to knit jumpers or sew my own garments – I can simply go to the shops and buy the clothes I need to keep me cosy.


I am surrounded by people who love me – people who will care for me if I’m ill, will hold me when I’m upset and will love me through thick and thin.


I am blessed to live in the countryside surrounded by fields and trees.  But even in cities there are pockets of nature everywhere – beautiful parks and gardens with wildlife that thrives in an urban setting.

Wherever we look there is abundance.

And the more abundant we feel and the more abundance we can see and appreciate, the more our abundance grows.  Likewise when we focus on our limitations and what we lack, that is exactly what we will receive more of.

Indeed how can we be blessed with more abundance if we cannot even see how abundant we already are?

A new mother looking into the eyes of her new born infant doesn’t feel lack – she feels blessed to be holding a beautiful baby.

Of course we go through challenging times and days when it feels that the whole world’s against us.  But the more we can look at our blessings and what we do have – the more blessings and abundance will come our way.

Sadly we are conditioned to crave more – believing that what we do have isn’t enough.  And so we join the “more race”:  more wealth, more success, more abundance, more joy, more love.

And that becomes a never ending cycle – because there will always be more to strive for.

Do we really need more to experience the abundance we crave?

Do we ever reach that point where we feel we have enough?

After all there is ALWAYS the next level.

As an infant growing in our mother’s womb all our needs were met.

And yet after we’re born and grow into adults we become discontent with what we already have believing that we need more – so much more to be successful and happy.

Yet in truth we are alive – we are abundant.

In every moment we can breathe in abundance.

Breathe it in now – doesn’t it feel amazing?