When it comes to creativity I really don’t recommend writing a blog post at 9pm at night (unless of course you’re a night owl and super productive at this time.)

However I do recommend you offer people what they want – and this was the topic of one of my posts last week:

5 Keys to sharing your message leading to dream clients

But how do you know what prospective clients want?

You test your offerings.

People will let you know which ones they want by signing up for them.  If they don’t, you know it needs tweaking.

I started my business back in 2004 – right at the beginning of a recession.  I thought the report I was offering back then was perfect as it was called “How to increase your profits in a recession”.    I thought it was a sure winner.  Alas no – whilst I did have people sign up it wasn’t nearly as popular as I was expecting.

A year or so later I wrote a report called “How to Attract New Customers in 7 Easy Steps”.  And that was so much more popular.  I didn’t realise how popular until I offered a free workshop on that topic through my local chamber of commerce and 50 people registered in a few days.  The norm for similar workshops was 6 – 8 people.

I’ll never forget the excitement and buzz I felt when that workshop was promoted.

A few days ago, I felt a similar excitement when I shared the chapters of my book – The Art of Selling Transformation.  Someone responded with:

“Yes Please! Love the chapter titles, I WANT THIS! Can I sign up now?”

Lots of other people have told me they want to read and recommend it.

Yet still I am procrastinating writing it.  So I know nothing will spur me into action like accountability and I’ve decided that whilst I’m writing the book, I’m also going to create an online course.  That way I can help the people who need this information now – and I can get feedback on all the concepts making the book even better.

Whilst the book will still be called The Art of Selling Transformation, the online course will be called the Sacred Selling System – as it will be much more practical and hands on.  They will both include the same topics which are:

  1. Sacred Foundations
  2. Sacred Myths
  3. Sacred You
  4. Sacred Money
  5. Sacred Marketing
  6. Sacred Sales
  7. Sacred Support

I’ll be launching it in April and over the next 7 – 10 days I will go into further detail on each chapter so you can get a flavour for what I’ll be covering in the online programme in case it’s something you’d like to do.

Stay tuned.

Much love,