This morning I was asked what I’d miss about my home if we were to leave.

My immediate response was “I’ve never really thought about it because until I’m in that situation I don’t know how I’d be – so there’s no point in thinking about something that’s not relevant”.

But as I reflected on the question, I started to think of all the things I loved about my home:

  • The location, the fact that I loved in the country and there were several walks on my doorstep
  • The utility room with its large sink where I wash the dog (she’s only little)
  • The family bathroom which is huge, and beautiful (ever since I was little I wanted a large bathroom that was light and airy).
  • My lovely office with a view of trees where I can watch the transitioning of the seasons.

When we think of our future and what we want our businesses to provide for us, it’s easy to forget everything we already have. 

We’re busy focussing on what we want (and don’t yet have) and take what we do have for granted.

When we first moved into our current home 7 years ago, I remember walking through it and experiencing a delight and a joy that I get to live here.  I loved it – everything about it.

Yet over the years as I became accustomed to it –  it lost its newness, parts of it became shabby, every winter I resented the money I spent on heating (it’s large, old and badly insulated) – I began to long for a new home:

  • A home where everything matched and there weren’t 7 doors in our kitchen – each of them different.
  • A home that was well insulated, where the doors fitted.
  • A home with a smaller, more manageable garden.

As I noticed myself paying more attention to everything I didn’t have (and wanted), I realised that it doesn’t matter where we live, what we have, how successful our business is, how much freedom it gives us – there are ALWAYS going to be things that could be improved – things that we don’t like, things that we wish were different.

It’s the nature of being human – we want what we don’t have.

When we get what we want, it soon becomes part of every-day life and we start taking it for granted.

I was grateful to be asked that question this morning – and focus on everything I loved about my current home.  To be in the energy of appreciation and gratitude.

When we think of growth – and abundance – we tend to think of the big things:

  • the 3 day workshop where our whole life shifts.
  • the big launch – where we make as much money in a week as we did the previous year.
  • the high ticket offering – where just one sale generates a month’s revenue

Yet big wins are ephemeral – they come and go.  We constantly look to the next big win to fuel and sustain us.

Bigger, better, more, more, more.

It’s exhausting – and unsustainable.

True transformation happens in the subtle, in the little things, in the everyday.

That’s where we create lasting change – where our total experience of life shifts.

So when I was creating a free offering for my Sacred Selling System, I didn’t want a free report, an e-book, or an instant download, or a short video or webinar.

I wanted something to reflect the depth of the work – something that wouldn’t be consumed instantly, leaving you thinking “that was great” but you never did anything with it.

So instead I created a 9 day journey.   A journey you access online and in your own time.  A journey of transformation where you go within and reflect.  A journey of insights.

It’s not a how-to, or the “secret you’re missing” – there are a gazillion of them already!

It’s a journey of connection and alignment:

  • Connection with you
  • Connection with the Divine
  • Aligning your business to what makes your soul sing

I’m super excited to share it with the world.

If you’d like to find out more you can do so here:

Sacred Selling: A Journey into Divine Abundance