When I first started out in business 15 years ago I joined an international business development organisation.  I learnt all about Direct Response Marketing and it blew me away.  Although I’d been working in sales and marketing for 7 years I felt like I knew nothing compared to what I was now learning.  I was so impressed I wanted to share it with every single small business owner who’d listen.

Excited and raring to go out, I started calling people inviting them to have a consultation with me.  Within 8 weeks I got my first client and was confident enough to hand in my notice at my full time job.

However my experience was different to some of my colleagues who joined at the same time as me.  They would say “I know how to help a business make more money and get new clients when I’m working with them, what I’m not good at is getting clients for myself”.

I didn’t get it.

We were taught a step by step system to get clients – the same system we in turn taught our clients.  The way I saw it was: if they couldn’t get clients for themselves then how could they do it for another business?  All we needed to do to get clients was to implement the very thing we were teaching.

Years later as I moved away from helping bricks and mortar businesses and started working with coaches and healers, I saw the same dynamic playing out:  coaches and healers who could make such a difference in people’s lives but who were struggling to get enough clients to generate a good income. What they’d have loved was a fairy godmother to come along and do all that nasty sales and marketing for them so they could spend all their time serving clients.

When I taught them how sales – and in particular sales calls, when done well, were actually hugely transformational for prospective clients regardless of the outcome – it shifted everything for them.  I also gave them a structure to follow that supported the Transformational Sales process.

For many years I was a successful sales coach, taking my business to beyond 6 figures, moving into my dream home, going on dream holidays….  However I still wasn’t experiencing the freedom I craved and I noticed the same patterns playing out regardless of how much I up-levelled (and whilst everyone told me this was normal – I wasn’t ok with it – I knew there was a way to break free from the patterns and stories completely).

I continued searching and had a profound spiritual awakening in 2014.  It wasn’t a one-off experience – it was a journey – an extraordinary journey – at one point a couple of years in I felt like there were a gazillion light bulbs going off in my psyche all at once – it was amazing and I wanted EVERYONE to experience this bliss.

And a part of this journey was turning my back on sales and marketing as teaching sales felt very “old paradigm” – instead I wanted to invite others on a path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment (but not labelling it as such because I never stepped into ownership of it).

I made lots of offers and re-branded several times but never gained any traction.  Throughout I did wonder where my gift with sales and marketing fit in – if at all, as I wasn’t using it to market my spiritual coaching business instead I was breaking all the rules – with total awareness that I was breaking them.

It also felt to me like every man and his dog was a spiritual or transformational coach – and whilst I believed that my offering was entirely different it sounded very similar to everything else out there and I struggled to share what I did in a few words.

My husband would joke with his friends about not knowing what I did – but the truth was I didn’t have clarity either.

And a lack of clarity makes marketing VERY difficult.

After several years of very deep inner work, plus a session with an amazing clairvoyant I finally came to see where the sales piece fit with my overall offering.

For a long time I’ve known – that deep, inner knowing where you don’t know how you know, you just know – that if we’re selling any kind of transformation our business and our income are deeply intertwined with our own personal growth and transformation.

Our clients – or lack of them – are a reflection of where we’re at on our evolutionary path.

Which means if we want more clients – the first place to look is within.

Do we have the right systems in place?

Is our message clear?

Are we in alignment with the message?

Is our business a means to an end or an integral part of our life (ie would we still do it if we didn’t have to generate income)?

Are we trying to squish ourselves into someone else’s blueprint?

Are we still in love with our business or has the passion gone?

For me it was pretty obvious – I didn’t have any systems in place and my message was all over the place.

But it was more than that – the lack of clarity was an outer indication that I wasn’t showing up fully.  And that I’d turned my back on the very thing which had the power to transform everything for me.

Teaching sales IS my business.

It’s my own unique expression of the spiritual and transformational journey I’ve been on.

Ignoring it was like ignoring a part of myself –I was in effect trying to run a business wearing a straight jacket.

But for me sales isn’t about teaching what I call the mechanics of sales – how to get leads, how to convert those leads – for me it’s all about the energy of sales – the spiritual side of selling.  It’s the exquisite transformation we ourselves experience as we take others on a journey of expansion.  As we grow and evolve so do our clients – and our business.

In my 22 years of experience in sales (15 running my own business) I’ve found nothing more magical than selling transformation.

So I’m bringing this piece once again to the forefront of my business under the umberella of Transformational Sales.  Already opportunities are opening up which I couldn’t see before.

I’m very excited and looking forward to sharing more.

Much love,