Many years ago I gave away a free report called “How to attract new clients in 7 easy steps”.  The first three steps were:

Step one:  Get clear on who you are targeting

Step two:  Understand what they really want

Step three:  Give them what they want

All the marketing I implemented and taught revolved around clients’ needs and wants.  It’s the foundation of most marketing courses – and it’s vital to integrate it into our business.


However, when it comes to selling transformation there’s a vital piece that’s often missed out:




What do you want?  How do you want to work with clients?  What do you want to sell?

Without understanding who you are, what warms your heart, what you love to do, how you work best with clients, it will feel like you’re on a treadmill.

You might feel:

  • Lost
  • At the beck and call of everyone else
  • Frustrated that people don’t understand you
  • Exhausted putting offers out that no-one buys
  • Attracting people who take advantage of you – who pick your brains and do all your free stuff but never become clients

I used to experience it as though I were a tennis ball in a great big tennis court with no gravity.  There I was floating around, trying to find my way and then being hit back and forth, here, there and everywhere and ending up flailing around with a focus that kept shifting.

It was exhausting.

And all the while what floated through my head was “give them what they want”:

  • Can’t afford my prices? That’s ok – here’s a way you can work with me at a lower cost.
  • Can’t speak during the daytime? That’s ok – I can meet in the evening.
  • Can’t afford to pay my invoice this month? That’s ok – let’s extend the payment terms – how much can you afford?
  • It’s not the right time? That’s ok – you can do it in 6 months.

I’m sure you have others you can add to the list.

It’s great to be flexible and able to adapt to suit people’s needs – especially with the challenges we currently face – but it’s so important that YOU are the one piloting the ship.

That you are so solid and grounded within yourself that when you are hit with that tennis racket you stay rooted and always come home to what’s true for you.

And this isn’t an intellectual piece.  You don’t generally think your way into this.  It’s not something you decide and from then on in you’re grounded and solid (although it’s always possible that that might happen).  Instead,

It’s a journey of exploration.

I got to be so good at moulding myself and fitting in to any environment that I lost who I was at my core.  I didn’t know what I wanted.  I just knew I couldn’t go on living the way I was.

I was exhausted, burnt-out – unable to serve others because I had nothing left to give.

Things had to change.  But I didn’t take myself away to meditate for 6 months – to find myself.  Like most people that simply wasn’t an option.  Instead,

I came home to myself through my business.

When we’re tired and depleted it’s great to go away on holiday – to forget all our worries, and our troubles and switch off for one or two weeks (or longer).  To come back refreshed and raring to go again.

But when we’ve lost of ourselves, when we’re no longer connected to our heart and soul, instead of returning invigorated – it’s like we’ve never been away.  On our return, our troubles are just as huge and we’re as frustrated as ever.

To truly come home to ourselves we must do it in our everyday life.  And our business is the perfect mirror for what’s out of alignment with who we are at our core.

When we truly honour who we are, what we stand for and step into our greatness over and over – then clients will show up out of the blue:

  • We get an order for that online programme we haven’t sold in months.
  • We create a new programme and we’re so excited – the first few people we speak to say yes
  • Whatever we’ve been struggling with starts to flow – it becomes easy and takes a fraction of our energy

And it comes not from our marketing, or because we’ve hit on the perfect price – it comes from a deep connection to ourselves and the Divine.

We trust ourselves and so have more confidence.

People feel it and are drawn to us.

Our marketing flows and feels effortless.

We’re not concerned about putting it out there or whether people will buy – because we know the perfect clients will step up to work with us.

Our clients step up because we’ve stepped up.


Today more than ever we are being called to tune inwards:

  • to explore our heart’s desires
  • to acknowledge our gifts and honour them by using them daily
  • to share how we truly feel and let others into our inner world creating those deep connections we crave
  • to recognise and acknowledge our fears but let them go, reassuring them that we’ve got this – they don’t need to keep us safe any more
  • to do things that light us up and have us shine brightly – because by doing so we give others permission to do the same

Serving your clients and giving them what they want will always be at the heart of what you do because it’s who you are.  You do it naturally.  You don’t have to work hard at it – you just have to be you.

Indeed when you stop trying so hard and show up in alignment with your vision – marketing becomes easy.

Connecting to YOU and the Divine within you is at the heart of my Sacred Selling System.

Click on the link below to find out more:

Sacred Selling System