I’ve been reflecting on what makes someone great at selling and marketing a lot recently.  I would often suggest things to clients and peers and they’d say “ooh that’s a great idea”.

And if I think of all the campaigns I’ve implemented – some have been a great success and others have bombed totally.

So what’s the difference?

Is the success down to the offer itself – making it crucial to have a great product or service?

Or is it in how it’s executed?  How you present it, what you say – what imagery you use?

Maybe it’s both?

Yet I’ve known people implement blueprints to the letter – yet still they’ve bombed.  Which must mean the offer is no good.  But if that were true why are other people selling it successfully?

So what if we were to let go of all the step-by-step training, the blueprints and the experts telling us we need to do it this way?  And instead strip great campaigns back to their essence.

What’s underneath every great campaign that makes the difference?

I believe it’s two things:

  1. Empathy
  2. Imagination


If you’re naturally empathetic, you’ll find it easy to put yourself in your clients’ shoes.  You’ll understand how your clients’ think and feel.  You’ll be able to see things from their perspective.  Which means you’ll be able to write and present yourself from their perspective.  They’ll read your words or watch your video, or listen to your podcast and know that you understand them.

Because you do.

You won’t have to say anything that feels icky or goes against your values because you’re not trying to present yourself as someone you’re not.  You simply have to show up as you, whilst tuning into your clients.  Because when you communicate from that place clients resonate.  It’s vibrational.

Have you read copy that sounds amazing – really compelling – it says all they right things and the words are amazing – but you’re not feeling it?  Yet someone else thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread?  It’s because they’re connected energetically whereas you’re not.

This is GREAT news because it means you can let go of having to learn to say the right thing – and getting frustrated when you don’t remember.

Instead, you can be you and put all your focus and attention on connection.  And as an empath – that’s something you do brilliantly.

You’ll discover that the more you feel into your heart and tune into what your clients are feeling and thinking – instead of constantly asking “how can I sell more”, “where will I find clients” – the more success you’ll have.


If you’re speaking – or writing – to a prospective client whose life experience is totally different to yours, you probably won’t know how they feel – because you’ve never experienced it yourself.

But you can imagine.   You can think “how would I feel in this situation”, “what would I think?”

Will it be the same as how they actually feel and think?  Probably not.

But whilst our experience might be different, we’ve all had feelings of despair, of loss, of joy, of delight.  When we get to a certain age – we’ve nearly all experienced the euphoria of falling in love, of feeling deep grief and loss when someone close dies.  Which means we can tune in and imagine how they might be feeling.   And if when we’re talking to someone 1-2-1, we can ask which will deepen our compassion and understanding.

As an empath you’re naturally good at asking questions because you’re genuinely interested in others.

So when it comes to marketing your offers, you can imagine how you would feel if you were the recipient of a particular offer or campaign.  Would you love it – or would you hate it?  What would make it even more enticing?  Tune into to how you’d feel receiving it.

And pay attention to how specific marketing campaigns make you feel.

Do you love it?  If so, look for ways you can use it into your own marketing.

Do you hate it?  Then not only avoid it but look to see if there’s any element of it in your own marketing.  If there is stop doing it.

As an empath you have a vivid imagination.  And imagination and marketing go hand in hand.  Doesn’t it makes sense to embrace these natural gifts and integrate them into your business?

So, if you’re an empath who’s felt that you’re never going to master this whole selling piece – think again.

Selling and marketing is something you are almost certainly naturally gifted at – you simply need to see it from a different perspective.

Because when you embrace the timeless rules of selling and tune them to your way of being – selling becomes effortless – and fun.

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