Do you see yourself as a “work in progress”?

Whenever I hear someone say that about themselves I want to scream “no you’re not.  You’re an extraordinary, amazing human being.”

When we look at a little baby or a young child we don’t see them as a “work in progress” – we see them as an amazing miracle of life.

But as we get older, we learn to take on this role of constant improvement – often seeing ourselves as a “work in progress”, and striving to be the “best version of ourselves”.

But what if we’re always the best version of ourselves in any given moment?

And what if the point of life isn’t for us to become the best version we can be – but instead it’s simply experience life?

Experience it in all its glory – the good, the bad, the ugly, the painful, the righteous, the shame, the beautiful, the magnificent …

The rich tapestry of life – full of magic and awe.

I used to believe I was fundamentally flawed.  And so I started on a mission of constant improvement.  I believed that “one day” I’d “get there”.  One day I’d be Miss Accomplished and super successful and live happily ever after.  But no matter how hard I worked or what success I achieved I never made it “there”.



I shifted my focus away from constantly trying to change, fix and improve my life.

And started viewing my life as a beautiful unfolding story.  

With twists and turns, challenges and set-backs, magical moments and awe inspiring events.

Each time I get triggered, or things don’t go according to plan, or I want something other than what I have – I look at these events as though they’re part of my beautiful unfolding story.  Knowing that in all great stories the hero has to overcome many challenges and obstacles in his path (otherwise it’s an incredibly boring story!)

When I used to strive to be the “best version of me” and I would constantly “fail” and let myself down. 

But when I started to see myself in a similar way to how I view nature, things shifted.

When we look at an oak tree, it’s magnificent.  It’s magnificent when it’s 1 foot tall, 10 feet tall or 100 feet tall.

We don’t look at it and think – ooh that tree would look so much better if the green of that leaf was darker, or that branch was longer.

We don’t look at it and see any shortcomings.

We appreciate it for its magnificence.

And so, doesn’t it follow that when we start to appreciate ourselves for our magnificence – instead of focussing on fixing the parts that are “wrong” with us (we’re not tall enough, pretty enough, smart enough, experienced enough, talented enough, trained enough, accomplished enough …) it allows more of our magnificence to shine through?

We stand tall, vibrant, magnificent and our natural gifts and talents start to radiate out.

For me when I look at what’s underneath a “work in progress” – I see a very subtle (and sneaky) way of reinforcing a “not enough” story.

Underneath it what we’re actually saying is that we’re “not right” just the way we are and “one day” we will be.

However in truth we’ll always be constantly evolving and growing – we’re never going to be “finished”. 

Is it time for you to see yourself as the extraordinary being that you are instead of a “work in progress”?