I believe the way we learn and grow is evolving.

That we’re moving away from the information age with its how to’s, checklists and blue-prints.

That we no longer want to listen to others tell us what we should do or how to live our lives to be “successful”.

Instead, we want to listen to the whispers of our own heart – to forge our own path and live life on our terms.

And so we’re looking to teachers and guides who will help us do that.

Teachers who know they don’t have all the answers but who share their wisdom in a way that has us connect to ourselves, to our own heart and soul.

Guides who gift us golden nuggets, not in a prescriptive “this worked for me and will work for you” way, but in a way that allows us to take what resonates and leave behind that which doesn’t.

If you’ desire freedom, fun and fulfilment in every area of your life and a business that nourishes your soul aswell as your bank balance, then it would be an honour and a blessing to support you on your journey.

I went from zero to $40k in 3 short months in my business when I chose to work with Melina at a high end level. 

“Working with Melina has been such a journey. Not only did I sell my first $5k and $10k package – I sold them multiple times.

It’s a weird feeling once you’ve actually done something that only was a mere possibility in your mind’s eye. Looking back it’s difficult to even imagine the person I was being before I could go out and do that.  

I had it in me all along, the opportunities were there all along – I just needed someone like Melina to see me as God would see me. A being capable of achieving what was in my heart. Melina’s ability to put things in perspective for me if things ever got chaotic, really helped me navigate the challenges that I did encounter.  

When you do something new; you’re bound to come across situations, experiences and interactions that are unfamiliar – having Melina support me through that process just felt restful. Melina always knew what to say and when – that made all the difference.  

At times I’d be in a session; a sobbing mess just letting go of parts of me that didn’t serve me anymore and I felt so safe in her presence. She would work her magic and all would be good in the world again.

I would take some more action that was aligned with my truth and rock more of my world. I experienced being loved for just the way I am, and supported from a really grounded loving space which enabled me to take action and get results.

That feeling of being supported by a mentor who wants nothing more than the best for you and your world is priceless. I could take bold action and take bigger risks because I knew I had access to Melina to brainstorm and help me be grounded – to navigate what I needed to do next, both from my heart and strategically where I wanted my business to go. 

I went from zero to $40k in 3 short months in my business when I chose to work with Melina at a high end level. 

I could quit my job to focus on my business full time because I knew I had the support of a fabulous mentor. Her dedication and commitment to her clients is second to none. I had never experienced it in the past – often feeling misunderstood or unacknowledged by some mentors who just ‘didn’t get me’ .  

Melina’s gentle yet powerful presence is hard to escape when she’s holding you in a sacred space waiting for your highest good to unfold from whatever triggered you or made you fearful… 

And then she’s got this laser like brain that just hones in on exactly what’s required when it comes to talking strategy and numbers and business goals.   

I effortlessly filled my first workshop – something I had wanted to do for a long long time. When the timing felt right – I implemented and it’s paved the way for me to birth a new programme which is so right. I hired support – something I had wanted to do but was too scared.  

Best of all, Melina meets you where you’re at and takes you where you want to go. She works with your strengths and enables you to focus on what you’re good at. Just let her know where you want to go and she’ll take you there. 

I would talk to her even if you’re not completely sure because being in her energy will allow you to tap into that part of you that really does know what you want.

Working with her has been such a blast! So if you feel called to work with her – do whatever you need to do to find out how.”

Nadhira Razack , Conscious Woman in Business

“First of all I wanted to say how much I appreciated the time you spent with me on Tuesday and in maintaining my focus afterwards.

Your approach, warmth and doggedness was simply stunning and has given me a focus and clarity that I’ve not had for years (possibly even ever). You were that good!

As a coach the best moments are when you can say “today I changed someone’s life” – well YOU can say that for sure. Thank you.”

Neil Kirby

The Red Rubber Ball Company

“The most wonderful thing about Melina is that she has an incredibly generous spirit and truly wants to see her clients succeed.

Every single time I hear her speak or schedule a call with her, I get a renewed sense of purpose and motivation, and I’’m ready to continue “full steam ahead”.

If you’r’e looking for a coach with the wisdom of experience and the warmth of a good friend, I can’’t recommend Melina more highly!”

Maria Saracen

Maria Saracen

“I must say “wow”, I’m impressed.

Melina is direct, intelligent and able to probe and teeze out the deeper issues when working as a coach which is and continues to be very helpful in developing awareness.

She is consistent in her approach and builds trust through her genuine desire to help.

She is quitely spoken yet packs a punch when it comes to making an impact.

I would recommend Melina without hesitation if you want results and clarity”

Anne Marie Moore