I am so glad you’ve found your way here.

The world is calling out for entrepreneurs like you.

Entrepreneurs who operate their businesses from a place of love.

Pioneers who aren’t afraid to veer off the tried and tested path.

Visionaries  who are stepping up and stepping out.

Courageous coaches who are saying no to marketing blueprints rooted in scarcity and lack.

Miracle healers who desire a marketing system built on connection and compassion.

Selling Transformation


Selling transformation is different to any other kind of selling.

It’s energetic.

People buy because they feel something.

They buy because they want to work with YOU.

They’re not really buying your programme, or the results—in truth, they’re buying into your vibration, your energetic resonance.

They know, often without knowing how they know, that you will take them to where they need to go.

Clients who buy transformation, buy with their soul, they buy with their heart, they buy with their gut, and they can smell misalignment a mile off. They won’t label it as such; instead they’ll give you one of the usual objections—time, money.

Which is why, selling transformation is not like selling washing machines, or coffee, or gadgets.

Selling transformation requires that you fully embrace and embody the energy of what you’re delivering.

This means that your primary focus as a Transformative Business Owner is less about the words you use, or the systems you follow, or the strategies you implement, but more about how aligned these pieces are with the Divine Energy that wants to flow through you – what I call your True Essence.

It means throwing away the marketing rule books and connecting with people at an energetic vibrational level.

It means connecting the experiences you’re having in your business with the rest of your life because EVERYTHING is connected.

When you sign up to sell transformation your business holds the key to your spiritual and personal growth.  It’s your mirror—it will always reveal where you’re out of alignment and when it’s time to step it up a gear.

And that’s where I come in:  to be your guide as you align your business expansion to your spiritual growth; to hold the mirror as you truly witness your courageous, beautiful, adventurous self; to shine a light on the deeply rooted patterns and stories that still play out and are holding you back.

If you’re looking to step up and step out with your Transformation Business and you want an abundance of clients to work with then I’d love to talk to you and see how I am able to support you.

If you’re ready to outgrow the level you’re currently at and fully embody the next phase of your business journey, I will be by your side. Shining a light in the shadows, aligning you to your soul’s wisdom, and grounding your beautiful vision with the steps you need to take to make it nourishing and profitable.

I’m excited to walk this path with you.

Much love,


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