As I’ve been talking to people about their businesses this week, what has been coming through is what works – and what doesn’t.


Offering a certain programme and generating few (if any) sales.

Testing out new marketing campaigns and it not really going as desired.

Launching something new and it going brilliantly first time round, but not getting anything like the same results on “rinse and repeat”.

What I’ve noticed is that underneath is all is an undercurrent of “what’s missing”?

What have I not figured out yet?  What do I need to do to transform things? 

We go on a quest to find the missing piece.

It’s particularly prevalent in business.  What’s missing?  What do I need to do to reach the next stage?

Sound familiar?


Have you also noticed that the feeling that something’s missing rarely goes away for any length of time?  That, as soon as you reach one milestone (or get close) – the next one is on the horizon – another level, another goal.  And then the whole “what’s missing” starts afresh.


I call this:

“Line in the Sand” Syndrome


This quest to “get there”.

And once we “get there” our lives will be better.

We’ll have more time, more money, more freedom – whatever that looks like for us.

Yet as we know only too well, lines in sand disappear.  They get washed away by waves, blown away by wind, or accidently (maybe even deliberately) obliterated by other people.  No wonder it feels we can never reach it.  We’re constantly having to redefine it.

Even if it’s in a place sheltered from wind and rain and we do cross it before it disappears, our joy and success is often short-lived.  Life happens, our health suffers or we have this sense of futility wondering “is this it?”

Even when we’re aware of this dynamic and know – and trust – that life’s a journey full of ups and downs, we still seem to be on some quest or another.  And it tends to play out in business.

If you’re reading this nodding inwardly, totally resonating with what I’m saying, keep reading.

Because I want to let you into a little secret.

A secret that will totally transform your experience of this quest for the missing piece.

A lot of the time, this quest is accompanied by frustration and angst.  We struggle as we try to figure it out.  We seek help, and sometimes the help we get is exactly what we need at the time.  Other times we get burned – we invest in mentors that get us into debt but don’t seem to move us forward.  In our darker hours a feeling of hopelessness can seep in as we lose confidence and think “we’re never going to get there”.

It’s time to transform that.

But NOT by abandoning the quest.

When we desire more – more joy, more abundance, more love, more success, more space, more fun, more freedom, more adventures (you get the picture) – being on a quest is hugely supportive.

The quest itself lights us up, puts fuel in our belly and acts as a launch pad for the divine job we’ve been given.

The quest is our guiding light.

NOT the end result of that quest.

I am going to say that again because it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo important.


The quest is our guiding light.


NOT the end result of that quest.


Can you feel the power in that?

It’s easy to think we have to fill our programme, hit our goal and permanently be the superstar others believe us to be.

And when it’s looking like that might not happen it’s easy to fall into a pit of fear; worrying that others will look at us and think “well she’s not very good is she?  I don’t want to work with her if she can’t sort her own shit out!”

You may not hear those words but I’m sure you’re familiar with the energy of them.

But when we connect back to the truth – that the quest is our guiding light – we let go of any fear. 

We tune into the learnings.  We look back and see our extraordinary growth.  We remember the bigger picture and connect to our deep knowing that we’re part of something much bigger than us – and we’re playing our part beautifully. 

If you’re on a quest – and your more includes more money – then make sure you check out my Treasure Hunt – designed specifically for seekers like you.

Much love,



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