A few years ago I wrote a series of blog posts that focussed on gifts.  It was during the Christmas period so was very apt.  I wrote about:

The Gift of Appreciation

The Gift of Abundance

The Gift of Kindness

The Gift of Judgement

There were twelve gifts in total.

But one gift I never wrote about was The Gift of Space.


A beautiful, magical expanse of openness where anything is possible.

Where businesses are dreamed up out of nowhere.

Where inspiration for new products and services bubble to the surface.

Where we let go and listen to the whispers of our soul.

Space is essential.

Not only for us to thrive physically and emotionally.

Space is essential for our business.

Without it our businesses stagnate.

We often think of space as being this huge expanse of nothingness:  like space itself as we gaze upon the clear night sky.

Or sitting on a deserted beach looking at the ocean stretching beyond.

Or being atop a mountain in awe of the panoramic view.

Without a doubt, these are exquisite moments that nourish our hearts.  Moments we tap into each time the memory comes up.

But there’s another aspect of space that’s just as important.

Maybe more so.

It is the space within.

A nourishing place within your being that gives you strength and energy.

A vital part of your life force.

Giving yourself the Gift of Space is probably the greatest gift you could ever receive.

And it not only benefits you – it ripples out to each person you touch.

As you truly connect to you – you gift others permission to do the same – thereby supporting them on their own healing journey.

It’s so powerful.

Yet often we resist its magic.

It feels selfish.

We’ve been brought up believing we must put others before ourselves.

We tend to look to look outside of ourselves for guidance and wisdom – seeking advice, looking for a tried and tested system, not trusting our own inner authority.

Yet the most powerful guidance comes from within.

Connecting to the part of us that simply knows.

We cannot define how we know; it’s rarely logical, or comes with a clear and cohesive argument.

We just know.

For me it’s been a journey of learning to honour that deep inner knowing, ignoring the chatter that bubbled to the surface every time:

“what if I’m wrong”, “what if this is a mistake” “I need to do more research”, “what if someone’s upset with me”…..

Usually accompanied by a knot of anxiety in my solar plexus.

I can feel it now as I type.

A reminder of all the times I’ve written from my deep inner knowing but on reading it through I deem it “rubbish”, “too much”, “too focussed on me and not on my reader”.

But sending it anyway knowing I must – regardless of how it’s received.

Trusting the process.

Trusting that there is at least one person that needs to read what I’ve written.

Trusting that my words connect with a part of you that longs to be seen.

We all connect to ourselves in different ways at different times.

For me, the connection is strongest when I write or walk in nature.

And when I’m working, helping a client connect to themselves and create a business that lights them up – doing deep, transformational work that doesn’t feel like work.

Other times my inner knowing is revealed when I talk things through with a mentor or good friend.

When I’m sitting in circle with powerful women.

When I pull a card and journal on what comes up.

Maybe you connect through prayer or meditation.

Or sitting in your garden – giving yourself space to simply be.

Spaciousness can come from all the above or something else entirely.

There is no one thing that creates space.

And what we need at any given time varies.

But the more we listen, the more we tune into the whispers of our soul, and act on those whispers – the more we know – and trust – exactly what it is we need to move forward.

So what is your inner knowing telling you right this minute?

What step can you take to act on it?

Trust it.

Take the step.

Even if it makes no sense.

Until next time.

Much love,